As a specialist for accurate-to-the-gram portioning and dosing, Handtmann already offers a wide range of dosing solutions for artisan small-scale application as well as multi-lane system solutions for fully automated industrial production. A wide variety of products from the sectors meat and sausage products, vegetarian and vegan, baked goods, dairy, confectionery, fish, pet food and many more are dosed accurate to the gram at all times. Then new DS 554 and DS 560 P models permit the dosing of a wide range of products directly into the packaging.

Multi-lane DS 560 P model for high line output into packaging machines

The multi-lane DS 560 P model offers a high line output in the dosing of fluid, low-viscosity, high-viscosity, pasty, inhomogeneous and chunky filling products, above all thanks to its coordinated interfaces to packaging machines. The intuitive, easy-to-operate and servo-controlled lifting and lowering device in combination with servo-driven flow technology with integrated cutting function in the valves ensures drip-free and weight-accurate dosing. As a result, the high flexibility of Handtmann valve technology with its unique selling point allows the production of very different filling products and various portion sizes with just a few simple steps. This saves time and costs and facilitates the permanent expansion of the product range to be able to respond to current market trends. 

Single-lane DS 554 model for fibrous and inhomogeneous filling products

The single-lane and flexible-in-use DS 554 depositing system comes into its own when dosing chunky, fibrous and inhomogeneous filling products with portioning accuracy to the gram. The two new systems are characterised by a high degree of variability and interface capability, innovative valve technology and intrinsic safety, but also by ease of operation via the control panel of the vacuum filler.