Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier was in China for a few days, and paid a visit to the Robotation Academy (officially opened in October 2017) in Foshan on the Friday. The HARTING Technology Group is a founding member of the Robotation Academy.

Dr Ellen McMillan, General Manager Greater China for the HARTING Technology Group, talked to the Federal President and his accompanying delegation about the HARTING Technology Group’s contribution to digitalisation in China.
“The smart manufacturing sector has sky-rocketed in China, and process digitalisation is increasingly important for this. HARTING can provide manufacturing companies with support for the monitoring and visualisation of production processes”, explained Dr Ellen McMillan.

HARTING has HARTING MICA on show at the Academy. MICA offers a quick and easy solution for introducing digitalisation processes to facilities and machines. HARTING MICA’s open modular system means it can be adapted to specific customer requirements with the relevant hardware, software and special interfaces. The city of Foshan in Guangdong Province has grown in to one of China’s leading industrial hubs. The Robotation Academy in Foshan is focused on offering courses, conferences and presentations on future trends in technology trends of the future for companies in Guangdong Province.