Haver & Boecker Niagara gained service partnership with one of the biggest suppliers in the rolling bearing industry – Schaeffler. The both global leaders designed together a common web catalog with new features, where they are presenting all of their innovative products. The visitors on the new webpage will be inspired from many innovative spherical bearings solutions, lubricants, service kits and other equipment supporting the maintenance of every processing machine and increasing its lifetime. The official launch of the new project is planned for the middle of April.

The partnership: Two global leaders are sharing the leading view on groundbreaking innovations and global customer orientation

Understanding the special requirements of vibrating screen technology, spherical roller bearings were developed to absorb the high loads, speed, acceleration and centrifugal forces better than ordinary roller bearings:

“Through our global customer network and more than 15 000 machines manufactured all around the world over the last 90 years, together we are able to bundle spherical roller bearings for all machines in processing plants including those of other manufacturers and guarantee the best customer service”, said Mr. Klaus Fennenenkötter, the Head of Construction Department at Haver & Boecker Niagara.

No matter where Schaeffler spherical roller bearings are used, they are characterized by their extremely high-performance capacity. The spherical roller bearings are designed for systems in which high loads must be supported and shaft flexing and misalignments compensated. They deliver extremely high performance and are developed to carry extreme loads. Higher dynamic load ratings ensure increased operational reliability and raise the average service life by up to 60%.

“As a global supplier in our sector, we linked our common vision for groundbreaking innovations and global customer orientation. The combined engineering expertise, in-depth knowledge and long years of experience of Schaeffler and Haver & Boecker Niagara will ensure the uncompromising quality of the customers’ rolling bearings that are improving the efficiency of every vibrating screen”, added the Sales Engineer at Shaeffler, Mr. Dietmar Nusch.

The engineers of the both companies are developing and testing every single part of the innovative bearing solutions according to the strictest quality standards. Every one of them stands for this with her or his name. Thanks to this service partnership, the both companies increased the batch size and optimized the production process to move perfection in roller bearing service. Customers around the world will benefit from shared innovative technology, more insightful consultations, greater availability and better delivery times by significantly reduced set-up costs.

The new web catalog: The service team is using innovative digitalization features to increase the delivery time of your spherical roller bearings

The new web page convinces with a powerful design and shares important information about the partnership. Scrolling through the different sections, the users quickly find out detailed overview of all service products used for maintenance of different types of processing machines. By clicking on the different products, the customer becomes detailed information about the bearing, including their unique numbers, technical specifications and other descriptions. For all of the products is notified, if the bearing is available on stock. Furthermore, the visitors on the web catalog profit from the innovative feature to send easily a request for the desired product. Receiving it, the service expert team of Schaeffler and Haver & Boecker Niagara will immediately process the request and the customer will shortly receive the required service equipment. If there is an urgent issue, the users can access the service team using the 24/7 opened service hotline:

“We have to use all of the new tools and sales channels that are opened for us thanks to the digitalization. You can just open the new page, find your spherical rolling bearing, check out its availability and send a request – the complete process just for a few minutes. This is incredible – saves so much time and cuts the delivery time in half”, shared Mr. Nusch.

Service Partnership & the New Web Catalog: All the benefits at one place

The new landing page presents detailed description about the flexible supply and storage agreement including the determination of the optimum annual requirement for spherical roller bearings (with bearings for third-party machines), liquidity-saving, as only the quantities that are delivered are paid, and the opportunity of special promotions by ordering larger packages. Lothar Gillenkirch, the Head of Service Department of Haver & Bocker Niagara, is sharing:

“For us there are no doubts: The larger the package, the higher the discounts. Working together with Schaeffler we create breakthrough bearing solutions that bring strong commercial value to clients and the benefits of technology to all. You determine your annual demand for spherical roller bearings and we will tie you a suitable attractive all-round carefree package. You can easily check it out by yourself: Just make your plan and order your first rolling bearing now”.

Better purchase prices; price stability for the duration of the agreement, fast access times; 100% original goods with no plagiarism possible and liquidity saving are just a few of the numerous advantages that customers gain thanks to this unique partnership between these two industry leaders. The new page is listing briefly all technical details, product advantages and information about special benefits, if the customers choose Haver & Boecker Niagara and Schaeffler as their dealer. These are involving additional quality tests, less ordering effort, quick and easy assessment of failed bearings, following the traceability of the bearings down to the steel, reconditioning of large-diameter bearings from an outside diameter >500mm and no remaining stocks or factory second.

We are sure that using the new landing page you will find out your desired spherical rolling bearing and other service equipment that will increase the lifetime of your vibrating screen and will improve the quality of your material just in a few seconds. The site contains also an integrated social media buttons for Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn to foster improved communication with the customers. Do not forget: “Power is gained by sharing knowledge, not hoarding it”, Maria Khan. Let this knowledge reach as many people as possible! Share the innovation of Schaeffler & Haver & Boecker Niagara: http://haverniagara.de/service-products & make your small but sure contribution to the perfection in rolling bearing service.