Heinlein Plastik-Technik is a global leader in the development and manufacture of innovative primary packaging solutions with value-added benefits that have set the standard in the highly demanding pharmaceutical industries. Heinlein´s expertise is based on over 85 years of experience as a high quality supplier and reliable partner to the biggest names in the pharmaceutical market. Heinlein supplies customers on all continents with approximately 1 billion plastic components annually. The headquarter is based in Ansbach, near Munich, Germany. 

Heinlein supply primary packaging materials made of plastic, glass and elastomers worldwide. The company develops and produces customer-specific solutions with value-added functions that simplify the dispensing and administering of pharmaceuticals to enhance safety and reduce process costs. The products are used worldwide for a diverse range of solutions in the pharmaceutical and medical industries, for lifestyle products, as well as in the food industry and nutritional supplement segment. The company product portfolio includes specialty closures, containers, dosing systems and applicators. 

Heinlein’s manufacturing process, including development and construction, their own forming and mechanical engineering, is organized with an injection molding system and assembly line and has an overall area of more than 20,000 sqm. Innovative injection moulding technologies and in-line manufacture form the basis for the production of sophisticated primary packaging. With intelligently coordinated process workflows, their production is fully geared towards high speeds and compliance with the highest hygiene standards. They process the relevant pharmaceutical grade material with the necessary permits and have equipped their injection moulding machines with state-of-the-art camera systems, which inspect every individual closure.

The company’s machine pool comprises 41 injection moulding machines from renewed manufacturers such as Arburg, Krauss-Maffei and Netstal, some of which have already been fitted with hybrid drives or are fully electric machines. Manufacturing takes place under conditions with low microbiological contamination, or also in a clean room. The high purity of the materials, in combination with a hygienically and technically flawless material flow, is guaranteed by a system which distributes the plastic granules via closed stainless-steel pipes from the silos to the individual machines. Class 7 dust filter installations ensure the constant cleanliness of the pipe systems. The high integration level of these functions creates synergies and makes Heinlein a high-performing partner of the business segments listed above. 

Over 19 high-performance assembly machines ensure the highest manufacturing quality. With their in-line manufacturing process, the relevant parts are automatically forwarded from the injection moulding machine to the assembly machine. The assembly machines are designed and built in-house from standard components, which means that they are able to rapidly react to customer-specific requirements.

Whether it is a question of single components or entire product groups: Heinlein’s precisely coordinated technologies ensure a completely pre-assembled product upon delivery. Up to four parts can be assembled in a single work step. Before it is transferred to the transport packaging, each individual part is inspected with a high precision online camera system. In this manner, the company guarantees a high degree of quality and reliability, thereby creating the basis for process reliability during your further processing. All manufacturing, assembly and packaging process steps are subject to global quality assurance standards as per ISO 9001, HACCP, GMP 15378 and ISO 13485. Short communication paths guarantee the fast and reliable implementation of your requests as a customer. Heinlein’s partnerships with internationally oriented manufacturers of glass and plastic bottles, as well as their close work with providers of filling and sealing machines, make the company a partner worth recommending. 

TE-18/28 I Tamper-evident closure, one-part – easy to open and absolutely tamper-proof 

Easy to open, and the perfect visible protection when your product is first opened. This closure with a contemporary design is the ideal choice for ensuring product safety. Its function of verifying first opening is perfectly discharged when the ring is flawlessly broken off. They manufacture single-piece tamper-evident closures as individual components in a single work step using injection moulding. The tamper-evident ring of the closure is elegantly broken off during the initial opening, after which it remains clearly visible on the bottle shoulder during subsequent use. Clearly recognizable tamper-evident seal, leaving no doubt regarding whether the container has been opened before. Manual closing as well as semi- or fully automatic processing on filling and closing systems is possible. This closure is perfect for all contents which require a visible tamper-evident closure. The technical datas are: Materials Polypropylene PP, Polyethylene PE-HD usable for the bottleneck sizes: GL 18, 22, PP 28 S, PP 31,5 S. A big advantage is also that you can use the closures with all commonly encountered closing machines without high setting costs on the machine. 

CRC-TE 18/28 I Needs of Child Resistant Packaging 

Every year toddlers and young children are hospitalized or die through the ingestion of pharmaceutical and chemical products and substances. The packaging is the last defense against this and so must be as well designed as possible. Child resistant packaging has been developed in order to prevent that children get into contact with the contents of a bottle etc. that contains poisonous substances. There will never be 100 per cent safety, as adults should still be able to open the packages easily and quickly. However, it should be noted that child resistance is not in existence to release a parent or care giver from their responsibility for small children, but as an aid or last defense!

Our child-resistant closures with tamper-evidence or without provide an ideal balance between an innovative design, ease of operation, and the legally required level of reliability. Heinlein attaches great value to product qualification according to DIN EN ISO 8317 and US 16 CFR § 1700-20. Useable for all bottleneck sizes GL 18 and PP 28 S. The closures are also available with a special design for example company logo or customs symbols. As already mentioned above this closure type gives benefits in dimensional stability and los closing torques to the fillers/distributors.

New Generation of Pharma Packaging „Flipdropper®“ for GL 18 bottles 

Flipdropper® is a single-piece closure system with integrated drip function and addition first-opening recognition. What´s special about Flipdropper® – On initial opening, the tamper-evidence seal falls into a specially provided pocket. Difficult unscrewing is now a thing of the past! For the end-user, this saves time and effort, without compromising product protection. The integrated universal dropper begins its work as soon as the container is tilted downwards. Application areas are pharmacy and medicine, food supplements and lifestyle products i.e. essential oils. This product can be processed on all commonly encountered sealing machines. The company is particularly proud that this product has won the international packaging prize „Worldstar 2021“!.

Please contact Heinlein for samples. For more details, please visit the online showroom at www.heinlein-virtualspace.com

The new CRC – Pipette I A perfect match for CBD-Oils 

Heinlein is continually expanding the range of closures and use their strengths to develop innovative closure systems. Therefore, this new CRC Pipette can be used for multiple products in the pharmaceutical, CBD and aroma therapeutic industries. It’s a product for all liquids who need special safety requirements. The technical details about this product are: 

  • CR certified according to ISO 8317 / US 16 CFR § 1700.20 
  • tightness in excellent Heinlein quality 
  • printed glass pipette
  • volume: 1ml
  • oil-resistant bulb 
  • GL 18 DIN 168 bottles 

Heinlein Mission e – Sustainability borne of conviction 

As an international manufacturer of high-quality primary packaging for the pharmaceutical industry, the company bears a high degree of responsibility toward customers, business partners and employees. In keeping with the responsibility, they consider resource conservation and active environmental protection to be a key part of the company´s work towards sustainable management. The impacts of climate change and the expected scarcity of resources lead to changing conditions and stricter requirements in the area of energy efficiency and environmental protection. Heinlein has had an energy management system certified according to DIN EN ISO 50001 since 2012. The company uses the resulting findings to improve their own energy efficiency. Out of responsibility for the environment, Heinlein operates sustainably and question the environmental impact of business decisions before they make them. The company has already implemented the following measures or are currently working on their implementation:

BIOPLASTICS – Heinlein’s portfolio includes closures based on ecological raw materials such as bioplastics made from sugar cane, for instance. The material has a valid food grade approval. Further inspiration comes from partnerships with universities. They support Heinlein with scientific expertise in the processing of biomaterials for a wide range of requirements. 

WASTE AND THE USE OF RECYCLABLE MATERIALS – Avoiding waste is one of the company’s top priorities. If it cannot be avoided, they ensure the waste materials are recycled where feasible. The waste is transferred to a certified recycling company for recycling. Heinlein separates the waste products in accordance with their disposal concept. Fixed “waste islands” in the company make it possible to separate waste that can no longer be recycled from recyclable materials and to set the latter aside for subsequent recycling. This has allowed Heinlein to reduce their residual waste rate to five percent per year. 

CONVERSION OF THE MACHINE POOL TO HYBRID AND ALL-ELECTRIC DRIVE TECHNOLOGIES – Heinlein has always relied on resource-saving production techniques to keep the emissions from their production operations as low as possible. Such techniques include, among others, upgrading the injection moulding machines to modern hybrid or all-electric drives, which also correspond to the state of the art from an emissions point of view. 

ENERGY-SAVING INSULATION – As for the company’s own energy efficiency standards, they consciously go beyond the legal requirements. They used autoclaved aerated concrete blocks to insulate the exterior of the extension building that opened in 2019. The special thermal insulation capacity of aerated concrete is based on its low density and high “air content”. Autoclaved aerated concrete is characterized by its high strength and pronounced heat storage capacity as well as low thermal conductivity, making it possible to avoid the use of environmentally harmful insulation material. The energy-saving insulation boasts an outstanding heat transfer coefficient of 0.26 W/m²K. Moreover, autoclaved aerated concrete blocks can be recycled, as absorbent cat litter for example. 

ACQUISITION OF ENERGY-EFFICIENT REFRIGERATION AND HEATING SYSTEMS WITH HEAT RECUPERATION – The production is part of a closed cooling circuit. This means that a low demand of additional freshwater is needed to cool the rooms and machines. 

LED LIGHTING – Heinlein uses long-lasting, energy-saving LED lighting in all their production facilities and warehouses. 

ENERGY TEAM – TAKING RESPONSIBILITY TOGETHER – Seven percent of the company’s employees are members of the energy team, supporting (environmental) measures and (resource) savings in the context of Mission. 

LEAN MANAGEMENT – Heinlein is committed to recognizing and avoiding waste and errors in every area of the company. They have standardized processes to better structure and monitor them, ensuring continuous improvement. Heinlein highly prioritizes lean management training measures and programs that allow to encourage each of Heinlein’s employees to keep their eyes open, within their own area of responsibility and beyond, and to take the initiative whenever and wherever possible if they see potential for improvement. At regular “shop floor meetings”, the exchange of new ideas among the employees is encouraged, measures decided, and their implementation pursued

Whether on issues of energy supply or mobility, whether in the utilization of resources or in the development and manufacture of Heinlein;s products: they would like to make their contribution to maintain the ecological balance. As a logical consequence, the company always includes ecological factors in the assessment of all major decisions Heinlein makes.


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