LED LINE is creating an expert company with the goal of offering the highest level of efficiency across all areas that impact the cooperation with business partners. The company aims to streamline decision-making processes, provide assistance in selecting optimal assortments, and deliver products and components with the best price-quality ratio. Their approach aims to generate greater profits while ensuring a high level of security for every purchase and investment.

Interview with Mateusz Sztemberg, Sales Director (Export) at LEDIN Group.

Easy Engineering: Which are your best-selling products or solutions?

Mateusz Sztemberg: One of the most important concepts at LEDIN is that we do not just create products, but we also offer solutions that are developed in response to market needs. I believe this is one of the main reasons why we are able to build long-term relationships with our clients – they know they will receive a comprehensive service that is tailored to their specific requirements. We constantly strive to improve these services.

Our products are divided into two series: LITE and PRIME. The LITE line is designed for private use or for public utility facilities, while the PRIME line has been specifically designed to function in the demanding environments typical of facilities such as industrial plants. One of our best-selling products is a set of two types of industrial luminaires: LED line PRIME Phantom UFO and LED line PRIME Linker available in various variants.

E.E: Why do users choose your solutions?

M.S: As previously mentioned, our clients trust that our services provide comprehensive solutions comprised of high-quality products. However, what attracts new users is our specific and practical offers. We only create the best solutions, and our Light Research and Measurement Center has been helping us achieve this for several years. This laboratory enables us to test the quality of products and select appropriate parameters for innovative solutions.

Our company has been operating in the market for 14 years. During this time, we have gained knowledge and experience that have allowed us to establish ourselves as lighting specialists. The LED line team receives ongoing training in lighting technology, luminaires selection, and lighting design. We can see that our clients appreciate the level of expertise that comes with such a professional approach.

E.E: What special features do your solutions have?

M.S: Our solutions offer high durability, a long service life, and are environmentally friendly. We offer our products in various versions, allowing our customers to receive personalized solutions tailored to their specific needs. For example, our LED line PRIME Phantom UFO industrial luminaires are available in three power variants (100W, 150W, and 200W) and three light distribution angles (60°, 90°, and 120°). The luminous efficacy is 180 lm/W. The IP65 tightness class ensures high protection against dust and moisture, making these products rugged enough for industrial environments. Additionally, the integrated sensors allow for adjusting the power of the LED lamps based on the amount of sunlight entering the room, in line with the idea of Daylight Harvesting.

Our LED line PRIME Linker luminaires are designed to provide lighting for medical, industrial, warehouse, and food facilities. We use materials that increase impact strength during production, which also improves durability and resistance to physical damage. These luminaires are available in several power variants: 21W, 39W, 40W, and 55W, with a luminous efficacy of up to 150 lm/W. Moreover, they use a power supply system with a wide input voltage range of 220-240V, making them suitable for use in industrial plants or medical facilities equipped with a large amount of advanced equipment where voltage fluctuations are common.

Mateusz Sztemberg, Sales Director (Export) at LEDIN Group.

E.E: Tell us a short tutorial of how a task is done more efficiently with one of your solutions.

M.S: A good example of this is the aforementioned Daylight Harvesting. One important aspect of efficiency is the use of the minimum number of resources for the implementation of processes. Our sensors receive a daylight signal from the environment and automatically adjust the amount of light emitted by the LED lamps. We use Merrytek sensors in our solutions, which can generate real energy savings of up to 45% of the costs used to operate the luminaire.

E.E: How did your solutions improve efficiency for the users overall?

M.S: When it comes to our customers, it’s worth mentioning the possibility of creating a comprehensive solution built of products with different variants. The ability to choose different powers and angles of exposure allows for the creation of a practical installation adapted to the layout of the plant or workstations. In my opinion, the reliability of our solutions plays an important role in this regard. A long lifetime without failures guarantees operation for many years.

E.E: Give us some examples of projects in which your solutions were used?

M.S: Among our achievements are warehouse and office spaces, as well as public utility buildings. We have completed many interesting projects and cooperate with esteemed installation companies throughout the country, being a recommended LED lighting partner in the industry. We are fully prepared to collaborate on any investment. Clients choose LED line because our offer is optimized for the best quality-to-price ratio and complementarity of solutions. LED line’s expert team prepares offers, designs, and fully implements the lighting systems required by the investor. As we carefully select the products that make up our offer, we can offer an exceptionally long warranty.

E.E: What solutions were used in these projects?

M.S: In our projects, we have used the entire range of products from our offer. However, recently, customers have shown a strong interest in our LED line PRIME High Bay UFO industrial luminaires, which have a high luminous efficacy of 180 lm/W, as well as the previously mentioned LED line PRIME Linker, which is available in various variants.

E.E: What was the feedback from users?

M.S: Users are satisfied with the solutions. The greatest advantage for them is efficiency, which results in financial savings. This is due to the high luminous efficacy of the products, as well as the durability of the materials and the reliability of the comprehensive solution. Users also appreciate the comfort of using the lighting installation which is comparable to the natural daylight.

E.E: How can users work more sustainably with your solutions?

M.S: Sustainable work is an essential and current topic. In the context of our solutions, we can discuss it in two ways. Firstly, it is worth mentioning sustainability in terms of financial benefits for the company. A reliable lighting installation eliminates expenses related to failures or the need to replace some elements of the installation, and high light efficiency ensures excellent visibility with the lowest possible energy consumption.

Sustainable work should also be looked at in terms of applicable environmental standards. Organizations want to be more and more environmentally friendly, which is why they choose eco-friendly solutions. Our solutions are just that. LEDs have a much longer lifespan than ordinary bulbs. The aluminum used for the production of the covers allows for effective dissipation of heat emitted by the LEDs, extending their lifespan, and the high tightness class protects against the effects of dust or moisture. The diffusers made of polycarbonate guarantee resistance to damage. All this means that our solutions allow you to extend the life of the lighting installation, optimize energy consumption, and reduce the amount of waste.

E.E: What are your forecasts for the first half of 2023?

M.S: Contrary to appearances, traditional light bulbs are still used in many places, although LED light is common. However, we notice an increased interest in innovative solutions based on LED technology. Customers, especially those choosing solutions for large industrial, warehouse, or public utility facilities, pay more and more attention to the lifetime of LEDs and the durability of luminaires – parameters that will reduce the carbon footprint. Slogans characteristic of the standards of modern lighting projects, such as “Daylight Harvesting”, “Human Centric Lightning” or “Wellbeing” are also becoming popular.

The entire LEDIN team is working diligently to create innovative, optimal solutions in 2023 and the following years.

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