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Metirionic team holds 10 years of experience in wireless ranging and strong expertise in Distance measurement with Bluetooth® and BLE. The company ensures fast and accurate distance and angle measurement solutions for any scenario: point-to-point/-multipoint measurements, tracking and radar (e.g. passive object detection).

Interview with Attila Roemer, CEO of Metirionic.

Easy Engineering: Which are your best-selling products / solutions?

Attila Roemer: Metirionic added value relies on two business lines:

MARS (Metirionic Advanced Ranging Stack) is a proprietary technology that enables distance and angle measurement in radio networks. MARS is an End-to-End fully modular Middleware whose modules can be fully tailored to match any critical application requirements running on IEEE and Bluetooth.

Architecture Consulting and wireless engineering services are also a demand of our customers focused on IEEE, Bluetooth, UWB, CWFM RADAR, WirelessHART, IP500, ZigBee or 6lowPAN. We work to achieve particular IoT/RTLS needs for several components of the FW stack, from specification, development and testing to product launch. 

To get more insights, watch our 2-minute video about Metirionic Wireless Ranging Technology:

E.E: Why do users choose your products / solutions?

A.R: MARS is chosen among other measurement techniques because of its reliability and capacity to cover longer ranges. In critical applications, time is crucial, so our customers need to ensure that the asset/person is detected in the least time. Therefore, long range and higher accuracy are the two factors that matter most to our customers. 

Our wireless engineering services are mainly chosen at the early stages of new wireless product development. To gain expert RF knowledge at the early stage is key to ensure that the final product will be successful. 

E.E: What special features do your products / solutions have?

A.R: Through 10 years of experience, Metirionic has acquired deep expert knowledge of radiofrequency and signal intelligence to optimize any architecture stack and at the same time has collected knowledge to create a proprietary product MARS. 

MARS is a unique solution to determine angles and distance measurements in radio networks. It is implemented through high level algorithm and signal processing in the frequency domain. MARS Ranging Modules are based on secondary radar that relies on a PSFM (Pulse-Stepped Frequency Modulation) approach. Which makes it resilient to complex scenarios and can provide higher performance in critical applications. Moreover, it can be fully integrated through MARS API interface.  

E.E: What products / solutions were used in these projects?

A.R: Enabling reliable wireless ranging information in a handheld device for rescue

Public forces like police forces, firefighters or rescue agencies use handheld, wireless devices in their operations that help to enable enhanced vision, unmatched situational awareness, and accountability for everyone on scene. 

These devices are taken by the whole crew to the field to support their activities indoors and outdoors. Knowing the exact location of the whole crew and the target during a safety operation is key to optimizing the rescue strategy and its performance. 

MARS (Metirionic Advanced Ranging Stack) runs at 2.4 GHz on wireless and provides real time information of their location and therefore provides the best assistance to save people lives. Reliability is key in critical rescue applications and therefore a reliable architecture must be in place in order to ensure safe operations.

Electronic fencing in a factory via Metirionic engineering services

Within a critical infrastructure, monitor potential hazards and personnel, helping to ensure that workers are in the appropriate areas and working safely can be managed through a wireless ranging and an alert system. Inside a critical infrastructure like a manufacturing facility, the metallic environment can cause interferences and multipath phenomena that represents challenges for indoor asset tracking. 

Industrial applications must ensure the highest range and accuracy to ensure safety in the workplace. UWB or Bluetooth AoA are the main technologies used in these scenarios, however the reliability of current solutions might not be sufficient for certain critical applications. 

Metirionic team helps to fully characterize and review the design of the system architecture, identify the strengths and weaknesses based on performance requirements and provide an expert set of recommendations that will ensure a reliable wireless ranging information in any critical environment. 

E.E: How did your products / solutions improve efficiency for the users overall?

A.R: The correct performance of a wireless ranging solution relies on providing accurate and reliable information of the positions of key assets. This clearly impacts strongly on industrial efficiency and safety.

  • Increased safety and efficiency via monitoring key assets
  • Prevent accidents and injuries in the workplace by providing real-time visibility into risk areas.
  • Monitor potential hazards, such as machine operators, forklifts, and hazardous substances.
  • Monitor personnel, helping to ensure that workers are in the appropriate areas and working safely.
  • Track the location of assets, allowing managers to ensure that they are in the right place at the right time and not causing any safety risks.
  • Monitoring positions of key assets combined with alert systems improve efficiency, safety and it reduces costs associated with incidents and time-consuming inefficiencies. 

E.E: What are your forecasts for the first half of 2024?

A.R: Metirionic has just released MARS 2.0 that runs on Bluetooth. 

Bluetooth is one of the most widely used wireless technology standards globally, especially for short-distance data transmission and it is impacting industrial digitalization trends (IIoT) (safety, rescue, monitoring machinery in a factory, tracking the movement of goods in a supply chain or people during a tourist activity, etc).  

Ranging capabilities are now a requirement in industrial applications. Therefore, there is a growing market and upcoming opportunities to help develop Bluetooth solutions based on standards and proprietary implementations also. For which, Metirionic has a strong Bluetooth offering based on: 

  • Bluetooth Wireless Engineering Services and Project Services
  • Proprietary technology running on Bluetooth (MARS)

Take a look at Metirionic Bluetooth Offering.

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