Energic Plus – one of the main private labels from the global spare parts distributor TVH – is at the forefront of innovative battery solutions, specializing in advanced LEAD (Flooded, gel agm and Nicd) battery regeneration technology. Our highly sustainable products are designed to extend the operating lifespan of industrial batteries, significantly reduce maintenance and energy costs, and enhance overall efficiency for our clients. We offer a range of solutions tailored to different industries, from forklifts and electric vehicles to golf carts, solar, telecom, data centers…

Enhanced Operational Efficiency

Our Energic Plus regenerator converts sulphation into density and restores battery capacity. This two-in-one device combines discharging and regeneration functionalities into one and offers many more advantages: it makes the desulfation process easier, requires less attention from its user and is fully automatic. Some of our newest features, such as multi-voltage/current usage and its compatibility with BMS make it an even more innovative product.  Discover all the details of this innovative product in our movie.

How do Energic Plus and its battery regenerators drive efficiency?

The battery regenerators drive efficiency in several key ways:

  • Cost Savings: By regenerating batteries rather than replacing them, our clients can save up to 70% on battery expenses. This not only reduces their operational costs but also minimizes waste and environmental impact.
  • Extended Battery Life: Our technology can extend the operating life of batteries by up to 100%, which means fewer replacements and less downtime. This is crucial for industries where reliable power is essential for daily operations.
  • Improved Performance and reduced electromechanical breakdowns: Regenerated batteries perform better and more consistently. This leads to improved productivity and reliability in operations, whether it’s in a warehouse, on a construction site, or in a logistics fleet.
  • Environmental Impact: Our products support sustainability by reducing the number of batteries that end up in landfills. By promoting reuse, we help our clients meet their environmental goals and reduce their carbon footprint.

The investment of a lifetime: real results, real savings

By extending the operating lifespan of existing batteries, Energic Plus solutions help businesses reduce the frequency and cost of battery replacements. This not only lowers the total cost of ownership but also minimizes downtime, ensuring that operations continue smoothly without the interruptions caused by battery failures. The investment in our regenerators is quickly offset by the savings on battery replacements and maintenance​. This results in a quick and thorough restoration, allowing batteries to perform efficiently for an extended period, typically adding 2-3 years to their operational life

Sustainability at the core

Sustainability is a core focus of Energic Plus. By regenerating batteries and extending their usable life, we significantly reduce the number of batteries that end up in landfills. This reduction in battery waste contributes to lower environmental pollution and conserves the resources and energy required to manufacture new batteries.

Additionally, our battery regeneration technology helps decrease the demand for raw materials needed for new batteries, further reducing the environmental footprint of battery production. By choosing Energic Plus, businesses not only achieve greater efficiency and cost savings but also make a positive impact on the environment through sustainable practices​.

And next to battery regenerators?

Energic Plus’ showpiece is definitely the battery regenerator, but next to that, they offer an extensive range of industrial battery chargers that are well known for their excellent reliability. In addition to the high-frequency chargers, on-board chargers and conventional chargers for traction batteries, we also offer you battery accessories such as measuring equipment, safety kits and connectors. With more than 20 years of experience, Energic Plus delivers unique products that make powering your equipment as easy as can be. Curious to discover the full battery & accessories range of Energic Plus and TVH? Discover our brand-new catalogue here.

Autor: Didier Bougarel – External Sales Advisor Energic Plus