Flow Robotics A/S makes automated liquid handling accessible in labs of all shapes and sizes with the easily adaptable pipetting robot, flowbot® ONE. 

The Lab of the Future

Many labs across the world are beginning to automate with the main market segment being biotechnology- and pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, diagnostics laboratories & CROs, and research- and academic institutes.

Traditionally, lab automation has been used almost exclusively in high-throughput labs simply because it was expensive and difficult. However, as automation becomes mainstream, robots must become more accessible. 

That is why Flow Robotics has developed the liquid handling robot, flowbot® ONE. The robot removes all the barriers of automation so it is affordable, easy, useful in all kinds of labs, and adapts easily if you need to transform your lab in the future. It also enables researchers to keep their samples safe by using UV light for disinfection.

How flowbot® ONE optimizes lab performance

flowbot® ONE takes over many of the repetitive and tiresome manual pipetting tasks for applications such as e.g., PCR, qPCR, ELIZA, NGS, Normalization, sample dilution etc.

This reduces the work-related injuries that come from working in fixed positions. It also increases throughput, accuracy, reduces human errors and stress, and enables lab personnel to engage in other more valuable activities.

Diagnostics lab Unilabs in Copenhagen implemented 5 flowbot® ONEs in their lab for screening of sclerosis patients to help optimize the work process and get results faster.

“The process for one assessment takes a little less than 30 minutes and we are completing 10-12 assessments every day. It’s an improvement of 40 % more samples screened. We could not have done this without the flowbot® ONEs,” explains Dana Svraka, Medical Laboratory Technologist at Unilabs.

flowbot® ONE in details

Flowbot® ONE is a plug and play solution with 12 positions on the deck. It has a high precision and is carefully designed to be as flexible as possible. 

The software is a web application that can be used in any browser. It does not require programming skills and can easily be adjusted if a procedure changes in a lab.

The flowbot® ONE is available with UV light to make clean-up processes efficient and effective. This will lessen contamination, keep samples safe, and ensure cleanliness. 

Flow Robotics’ focus remains on developing easy and intuitive software and making automation technology accessible for all. 

The company is always looking for new ways to expand and meet the challenges of tomorrow with future-proof technology, making it simple to switch between one application and another.