Dacon AS produces maritime rescue products with a focus on man overboard recovery equipment. The majority of their products are based on a horizontal recovery of a person from water. The company produces high-quality products that are simple to use for all vessels in any type of maritime industry and operation.

Interview with Jeanette Teslo, Sales & Marketing Coordinator at Dacon AS.

Jeanette Teslo: Our Dacon Rescue Frame and Dacon Rescue Scoop are two of our most sold products. However, the Dacon Rescue Dummy is also a well- known training manikin that is quite popular amongst learning facilities and others.

E.E: What are clients looking for when they want to buy products / solutions from your range?

J.T: Clients need rescue equipment on board that fulfills the requirements imposed on their type of work. Each operating vessel on the water is required by local governments to follow rules and regulations regarding rescue products for their sector.

E.E: On which aspects should clients focus when deciding to buy a product / solution?

J.T: First and foremost, the client should aim to meet any governmental requirement. 

The type of vessel and operation usually determines which type of product they need.  Focus should be on a product that is easy and effective to use, without compromising the safety of others.  

E.E: Tell us a short buying guide for clients who want to purchase your products / solutions?

J.T: When reaching out to us or any of our distributors, we typically need to know the type of vessel or training facility. Dacon customize all rescue nets to each vessel. For bigger nets, i.e. Dacon Rescue Scoop, we ask for the vessel`s General Arrangement Drawing. This to ensure that we offer the best possible solution and fit. As vessels varies in design and operation, it is important to identify the best and most optimal solution is in place.

E.E: Why do clients choose your products / solutions over other existing on the market?

J.T: Many of our products are the original products.  We have high- quality products with a long life-time expectancy.  Our products are innovative and easy to use. 

Rescue operations require few handlers and does not compromise the safety of other crew members. Our man overboard rescue equipment are customized and we make sure it is the best option for all our customers. We emphasize horizontal recovery as the preferred recovery position (as advised by IMO) as it will not aggravate injuries. Our products come with guarantee and are DNV TEC certified.

E.E: What sets your products / solutions apart? What innovative / special features do they have?

J.T: Quality and customization. We offer a wide variety of lifting systems depending on vessel design.

E.E: What products / solutions are you going to launch next year? 

J.T: We are continuously improving our products / solutions with a focus on added value for our customers.

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