Dafo Vehicle Fire Protection is a total risk management service provider guiding and assisting customers every step of the way.

Interview with Marcello Sanchez, Business Line Manager Mining at Dafo Vehicle Fire Protection.

Easy Engineering: Tell us about your products/solutions.

Marcello Sanchez: Fire suppression systems are essential in high-risk industries for several reasons:

Preventing Loss of Life: In high-risk industries such as Mining, Construction, Forestry, Material Handling, and Public Transport the potential for fires is significant. Fire suppression systems are designed to detect and control fires swiftly, reducing the risk of injuries or fatalities among employees and emergency responders.

Protecting Property and Assets: High-risk industries often involve expensive equipment, machinery, and raw materials. Fire suppression systems help prevent the destruction of these assets, saving companies from significant financial losses.

Preventing Environmental Damage: Some high-risk industries handle hazardous materials or chemicals. Fires in these environments can lead to the release of pollutants, causing environmental damage to nearby ecosystems, water sources, and air quality. Fire suppression systems can mitigate these risks by containing fires and preventing the spread of pollutants.

Maintaining Business Continuity: Fires can disrupt operations, leading to downtime and financial losses. Fire suppression systems can minimize the extent of fire damage, enabling businesses to resume operations more quickly after an incident.

Complying with Regulations: Many countries have strict regulations and standards in place that mandate the installation of fire suppression systems in high-risk industries. Compliance with these regulations is crucial for legal and insurance purposes.

Managing Specialized Risks: Certain high-risk industries, such as airports and mines, have specialized risks that require tailored fire suppression systems. These systems are designed to handle unique challenges specific to these industries, ensuring safety and containment in case of a fire.

Quick Response: Fire suppression systems are automated and can respond rapidly to a fire outbreak. This swift response is crucial in high-risk industries where fires can escalate rapidly, giving employees and emergency responders a better chance to control the situation before it worsens.

In summary, fire suppression systems are vital in high-risk industries to safeguard lives, protect property and assets, prevent environmental damage, maintain business continuity, comply with regulations, manage specialized risks, and ensure a quick response to fire emergencies.

Dafo Vehicle offers a wide range of tailor-made fire suppression solutions for all heavy-duty vehicles operating in high-risk industries independent of drive-train technology.

E.E: Which are the most sold products/solutions?

M.S: One of Dafo Vehicles’ most-sold products is the extinguishing agent Forrex.

Since the startup of this business back in 1976, Dafo Vehicle has used many different solutions such as Halon, dry powder, pressurized liquid containers, pressurized tube detection, etc. In the 90’s Dafo Vehicle developed the first wet chemical extinguishing agent on the market called Forrex.

The basis of Dafo Vehicle’s system is the suppression agent Forrex which is specially developed to suppress fires. Forrex is highly effective on flammable liquid fires like petrol, diesel, and hydraulic oils. The system combines the features of liquid and dry chemicals, includes unique and propriety tailormade solutions, and offers outstanding flame knockdown and unique protection against re-ignition as it will cool down the overheated engine parts in case of a thermal event.

• Proprietary blend – The Forrex is Dafo Vehicle’s own proprietary blend. The included surfactants improve the fluidity and fire-extinguishing performance of Forrex.

• Effective Flame Knockdown – Forrex is discharged through overlapping fields of spray which coats all areas of the engine and cuts off the fuels’ oxygen supply.

• High penetration capability – Forrex spray droplets are slightly coarse but still small enough to create an area liquid film cooling layer that absorbs the radiant heat. Forrex is also extremely effective at following the outline of the engine components in the risk area to ensure it reaches every part where the fire may be. This is particularly important for flammable liquid fires.

• Excellent cooling – Forrex effectively reduces the temperature on any superheated surfaces below the ignition points of any flammable liquid.

• Prevents reignition – increased heat absorption with the ability to cling on 3-dimensional surfaces and exclude oxygen.

• Environmentally friendly

• Non-hazardous, no risk for personnel during discharge

 Resistant to ageing

E.E: What are clients looking for when they want to buy products/solutions from your range?

M.S: A typical client is looking for safety in operation and high productivity. Best-in-class technical support, customer centricity, availability, and responsiveness. A collaboration partner to improve performance and production, stock availability, and short lead times. Many customers also require added value such as part planning, training, and documentation. They value the TCO (total cost of ownership) and circularity. 

E.E: On which aspects should clients focus when deciding to buy a product/solution?

M.S: It is important to find a trustworthy supplier for continuous sustainable operations. Someone who delivers products with high quality, and reliability, and follows the current regulations. That can supply a fire suppression system customized for your needs, that will be installed on time, is easy to maintain, and has a favorable TCO (total cost of ownership). Be sure to check if the supplier can offer risk assessment, training, documentation, and both global and local support. 

E.E: Why do clients choose your products/solutions over other existing ones on the market?

M.S: Dafo Vehicle continuously works to ensure that we have satisfied customers by always providing the best solution of fire suppression systems for the vehicle industry in accordance with current regulations. We aim to be at the frontline of technology. Our R&D department is constantly working on improving our existing product range. They are also closely following the market to support new customer needs.  

E.E: What products/solutions are you going to launch next year?

M.S: Right now, we have a focus on safety for semi-autonomous and autonomous operations, so we will hopefully have something new to offer in this segment for next year.