Invanta is an industrial safety company which has brought into market highly innovative approach. AI powered safety system has ability to recognize dangerous situations around industrial machines and trigger an immediate action. In collaboration with high-tech companies has been put in place very effective strategy that gets work safety in the first place when using robots, AGVs and other machinery.

Interview with Vít Rašovský, CEO and Founder of Invanta.

Easy Engineering: Tell us about your ranges of services / products / solutions. 

Vít Rašovský: Invanta brings a new generation of industrial safety. The system contains a camera to ensure clear video stream and coverage, computing unit with a neural network for image analysis and an electronic module that communicates with the machine. This solution is able to prevent injuries or fatalities of workers in industrial environment or close to the dangerous machines. Usage is wide but not limited to – robotic safety, personal protective equipment detection, face authorization, safety of AGVs or faint detection.

E.E: Which are the most sold services / products / solutions?

V.R: It is always an individual solution tailored to the client and their needs. Due to increase of robotization across all industries arises as well a need to make this environment exceptionally safe. Most projects with Invanta are related to robotic workplace safety. With ability to define necessary sections/areas and recognize exact presence of people or part of the human body allows the system to control robots based on these situations. 

E.E: What are clients looking for when they want to buy services / products / solutions from your range?

V.R: Clients are most often looking for a partner that will provide them with a solution for industrial safety that will solve the workplace safety completely or will take care of residual risks. This may be a specific industrial root safety solution or check of personal protective equipment. This check allows no access or triggers notification when worker does not wear prescribed PPE. More about invanta possible use cases here

E.E: On which aspects should clients focus when deciding to buy a product / solution

V.R: The features clients are looking for in comparison to other solutions on market are to distinguish people or human body parts from the material being processed and therefore avoid unnecessary machine stops. Other than that system brings advantages as in zone protection, zone configuration variability, space saving or ability to work outside. 

E.E: Tell us a short buying guide for clients who want to purchase your products / solutions?

V.R: Give a call, write an email or fill in the form on – Industrial safety. Whatever suits you best and share what you are searching for. Invanta engineers will review the situation and design solution according client’s needs with experience from previous installations.

E.E: What should clients know when they plan to upgrade their existing solutions?

V.R: If a client is thinking about how to upgrade their existing solutions, we would certainly be happy for clients to start thinking about new technologies and innovative solutions that combine elements of artificial intelligence and machine learning. And above all, they should be open to these new technology trends.

E.E: Why do clients choose your products / solutions over other existing on the market?

V.R: Health and safety is usually the highest priority for industrial companies and if there is no longer satisfactory with traditional solutions, there are needed to be improved. The features were already shared above, but let’s describe some example – the safety solution of cement plant, where there had been attempts to secure areas with light barriers, but often failed due to flying insects, falling leaves, rain or strong sunlight. In addition, forklift drivers needed to enter the area on a regular basis and the subsequent process of re-establishing the barrier, which required them to exit the vehicle, significantly slowed down traffic. Invanta proposed a solution with AI sensor to solve those issues. The implementation was managed with support of plant’s safety department within two weeks.

E.E: What sets your products / solutions apart? What innovative / special features do they have?

Our innovative feature is that we combine software and hardware. 

All-in-box we developed contains everything that is needed for the fast video analysis, recognition of unusual situations and fast reaction processed by digital signals. The safety system consists of an interface between the processor and the control system of the guarded machine. 

Wide Angle Camera – Embedded camera ensures fast and clear video stream and perfect coverage 

Computing Unit – Small and high-performing optimized for AI functions and image processing

Artificial Intelligence – Neural network provides reliable real-time video analysis and image recognition