MarineShaft repairs damaged rudder arrangements and propeller equipment. The company specializes in class approved cold straightening of propeller/tail shafts, intermediate shafts and rudder stocks. 

Easy Engineering: Tell us about your ranges of products / solutions.

MarineShaft is specialized in class-approved repair of rudder and propeller equipment for the maritime industry. Our unique cold straightening method of bent propeller shafts and rudder stock is our core business and without no doubt a niche, which put MarineShaft among the leading urgent repair workshops worldwide.

We use a purpose build hydraulic press for cold straightening and our straightening technique has been class approved by the leading classification societies since 1972.

We straighten between 100-200 shafts per year. The max capacity is shafts with a diameter of 1500 mm and we can press with up to 8000 tons.

E.E: Which are the most sold products / solutions?

Most of our work is based on urgent repairs, and we never know what’s in the order book 2-3 weeks ahead. 

E.E: What are clients looking for when they want to buy products / solutions from your range?

Dealing with unplanned incidents and grounding the repair time is the most important factor. And of course, our high quality and expertise. We can step in as a subcontractor providing our clients a full package solution including the in-situ machining and fitting.

We stock raw materials with European certificate for manufacturing new shafts and other components. We want to be ready for any request and our stock is an important factor of our competitive position in the repair and manufacturing maritime business.  

E.E: On which aspects should clients focus when deciding to buy a product / solution? Tell us a short buying guide for clients who want to purchase your products / solutions?

When you require fast and fully class-approved repairs, MarineShaft provides:

  • Inspection/supervision onsite
  • Technical support
  • Cold straightening of shafts and rudder stocks
  • Reconditioning of propeller and rudder equipment
  • Welding of shafts
  • Manufacturing of new shafts and rudderstocks
  • Manufacturing of couplings, liners, bushings and other components
  • In-situ machining, fitting, supervision

Our clients are ship owners, ship management companies, shipyards, ship agents, insurance companies, navy etc.  80% of our customers are from outside Denmark. We receive equipment mainly by road but also by air and sea. 

E.E: What products / solutions are you going to launch next year?

We focus on new repair techniques. Many of our lathes are manual controlled and our technician put great honor in knowing how to maintain and operate the lathes. We do have modern CNC lathes as well, but each repair/manufacturing case are never alike and require individual setup. 

We keep up with modern technologies and always look out for new and better repair techniques – also with responsible consumption environmental in mind. Laser cladding and 3D Scanning to mention.

In 2023 another laser cladding equipment has been purchased, and with 2 robotic laser cladding equipment’s we ensure enough capacity. 

We also put effort in our workforce. It is important to have qualified employees and providing a great and safe company keeping them within the company. 

In 2023, we have recruited additional administrative staff and service engineers and expanded our machine capacity with a larger CNC milling machine.

We recently invested in a new truck with a low loader semi-trailer. It has a capacity of 32-meters in length and a load capacity of 42.5 tons. We used it for the first time in December 2023 when we transported 2 propeller shafts, arriving by ship at Hirtshals, for the final leg of the journey to our workshop.