OctoFrost is a globally recognized supplier of food processing equipment with a deep focus on thermal treatment such as blanching, cooking, chilling, and IQF freezing. Their machines are used for processing a wide range of IQF products – fruits, vegetables, berries, seafood, meat, poultry, pasta, cheese, and grains – and are designed with keeping customers’ needs in mind: a natural appearance of the products, optimal food safety, high yield, and energy efficiency. 

Interview with Sana Rehman, Digital Marketing & Communications Specialist at OctoFrost.

Easy Engineering: Which are the most sold products / solutions?

Sana Rehman: The OctoFrost IQF Freezer is a flagship product that is currently being used by hundreds of processors around the world to individually freeze smaller pieces of food products. This type of freezing method is known as IQF, short for Individual Quick Freezing. Processors use it to freeze all kinds of smaller applications such as shrimps, berries, small fruits, vegetables, pasta, grains, and cheese. The main benefits include a compact design which leads to a small footprint, use of bedplates that enhances product quality and food safety, and customization options that ensure the lowest operating costs.

The OctoFrost Processing line includes IF CookerIF BlancherIF Chiller and IQF freezer. Many processors choose the OctoFrost Processing Line to have complete control over their processing, starting with cooking or blanching all the way to freezing. This factor also facilitates seamless project implementation, support, and production. Automated lines also help processors cut down manpower, maximize their production capacity, and product yield.

Depending on individual requirements, many processors also opt for standalone equipment such as IF Cooker or Blancher, or IF Chiller in combination with the IQF Freezer. This is determined by their unique needs and the type of products they process or freeze. Our equipment is always designed and configured according to the specific needs of the customer to ensure the best possible IQF result.

E.E: What are clients looking for when they want to buy products / solutions from your range?

S.R: When buying IQF processing and freezing solutions, customers are looking for a compact design, lower operating costs as well as premium product quality. Food safety is also a major concern for frozen food manufacturers regardless of where they are located.

E.E: On which aspects should clients focus when deciding to buy a product / solution?

S.R: When deciding to buy a product or solution, the most important aspects to consider are operating costs, cleanability, and product quality. Our equipment is designed in a way to ensure that our customers get the quickest return on their investment. In addition, our unique bedplate and fluidization technology is instrumental in ensuring a premium looking product that is easier to sell. Processors also need to factor in food safety and cleanability, which is guaranteed by the open and hygienic design of the OctoFrost equipment.

E.E: Tell us a short buying guide for clients who want to purchase your products / solutions?

S.R: As all our solutions are tailored to fit each processor’s specific needs, the buying process always starts with discussions about the customer’s needs and goals. After clearly understanding what solution can help the customer achieve their goals – we tailor a technical solution together with our engineers and application specialists. Sometimes, when the customer wants to see the equipment in action before taking the final decision, we organize reference visits to other factories using the same solution for same or similar product. And the lats part is obviously closing the deal, purchasing formalities, manufacturing on our side and startup at customer’s site.  

E.E: What should clients know when they plan to upgrade their existing solutions?

S.R: The client should know their needs, and even with that, many times we gladly help them. What product will be processed, what are the specifics of the product, how is the pre-processing done, what capacity is desired to be achieved, what would the infeed temperature be, what output is desired – these are usual things we need from the customer to start analyzing optimal solutions together. 

E.E: Why do clients choose your products / solutions over other existing on the market?

S.R: When asked why they choose OctoFrost, our customers always bring up that they find the OctoFrost equipment to be more efficient in terms of operating costs compared to other equipment on the market, especially in terms of energy and water consumption, but also in terms of high production volume per hour. The compact size and easy transportation of equipment from one production room to another – is another unique benefit we hear from customers.  Our customers also claim that the product dehydration is very low, and the quality of the final product truly stands out.

One important and often mentioned unique benefit of OctoFrost equipment is the ease of cleaning that saves them time and ensures a food safe production. The exchangeable bedplates allow them to remove and clean them outside the freezer, which aids easy inspection that would not be possible inside the freezer. 

Finally, the control panel is another appreciated aspect. Its user-friendliness allows our customers to become acquainted with the machine quickly and learn to operate it well in very little time.

E.E: What sets your products / solutions apart? What innovative / special features do they have?

S.R: The OctoFrost IQF Freezer is the most unique solution in the market due to its patented bedplate technology. While other similar equipment uses belts, OctoFrost uses bedplates that don’t cause any damage to the food products, facilitating fluidization, natural looking appearance, and easy cleaning outside the freezer.

OctoFrost equipment can also be customized according to the type of product being processed. By using adjustable fan speed, processors can reap the benefits of energy efficiency. 

Unlike traditional steam cookers and blanchers, OctoFrost uses a water-based cooking solution involving a rain-shower. This ensures even cooking or blanching, high product yield, and the highest level of food safety.

E.E: What products / solutions are you going to launch next year?

S.R: OctoFrost is always looking to expand the business. With the recent launch of impingement freezing, OctoFrost is making continuous improvements to the existing product lines while adding new innovative solutions to the product portfolio.