With Timly's cloud-based platform you can access and update asset data on the go from any device.


When managing assets and inventory, clarity is key and Timly excels here. From construction sites to offices, hospitals to classrooms, businesses seek their digital solution to simplify complex asset tracking. Timly isn’t just about data points—it’s about connecting the dots to streamline operations and boost efficiency and savings. With the 360° user-centric platform, Timly stands out as the asset management partner of choice for organisations across all sectors and sizes in Europe and beyond.

Interview with Antoinette Turkie, Senior Content Marketing Manager at Timly Software AG.

Easy Engineering: Tell us about your range of products/solutions.

Antoinette Turkie: Timly is a B2B SaaS software that makes managing both physical and digital assets incredibly easy. It covers everything from keeping tabs on IT equipment and office furniture to tracking software licenses and staff qualifications. Whatever you need to monitor for location, condition, or necessary maintenance, Timly keeps it all at your fingertips with our smart and user-friendly asset tracking solution.

We have designed the Timly inventory management app to work with QR codes. QR technology comes with many advantages, including quickly checking equipment in and out by attaching a QR code label to it and scanning with your phone, tablet, or computer. This quick step opens up your Timly app and either adds a new item to your Timly system or updates the existing asset record. The idea behind QR code tracking is that they make capturing and retrieving asset information as easy as a click of a button.

Track any asset with Timly, from work tools and IT gear to perishables and digital files such as qualifications and contracts.

E.E: Which are the most sold products/solutions?

A.T: Our most popular product is the all-encompassing 360° asset tracking solution. It’s a highly adaptable inventory management system that can be tailored to the unique requirements of businesses large or small, across any sector. As highlighted earlier, it incorporates QR technology for ease of use. Customers managing larger devices and heavy machinery also value our smart GPS trackers. These IoT devices easily attach to equipment, delivering instant insights on location and performance data.

E.E: What are clients looking for when they want to buy products/solutions from your range?

A.T: People usually find their way to Timly when they’re tired of the runaround not knowing where a piece of equipment is, who last used it, or if it is in proper working condition. They need a no-fuss, friendly system to keep track of everything, make operations smoother, and keep up with compliance especially when it comes to maintenance, health and safety, and managing the purse strings responsibly.

E.E: On which aspects should clients focus when deciding to buy a product/solution?

A.T: Prospective clients should look for a solution that is as flexible and customisable as their business is dynamic. It’s important that the software can grow with them and match the specific ways they work. Also, in today’s world, keeping data safe, especially in the cloud, is a huge consideration which is why Timly strictly uses GDPR-compliant servers in Europe.

Timly boasts a user-centric design, ensuring a consistent and intuitive experience across all devices.

E.E: Tell us a short buying guide for clients who want to purchase your products/solutions.

A.T: Assess Needs: Be clear about what you want to solve with asset management, at least in the initial phase.

Ease of Use: The software should be simple to use and understand, especially if you are going to extend access to your employees, contractors, and any other relevant parties.

Value for Money: Think about what the software lets you achieve, not just the price tag.

Customisation: Ensure the software offers the flexibility to categorise and manage your assets in a way that aligns perfectly with your operational needs.

Access Anywhere: Go for a cloud-based system you can use from any device, anywhere.

Users and Permissions: You need a system where you can easily manage who sees what, but that also does not restrict the number of users you can have.

File Storage: Choose an asset management platform that lets you store all related files in one place, so you can create a “single source of truth” of sorts, especially as asset data is usually relevant across departments.

Demo and Trial: Try before you buy with a demo and a no-commitment trial period.

Simple Setup: Look for an easy-to-implement solution that offers full onboarding support and, if needed, assistance with migrating your existing data.

Customer Service: Make sure you get ongoing, real-time support and response to development requests.

QR technology enables fast and effortless asset check-ins/outs and simplifies routine inventory management tasks.

E.E: What should clients know when they plan to upgrade their existing solutions?

A.T: With Timly, everything is designed to be as straightforward as possible. Whether you are upgrading your existing package with us or are switching from another provider, our team will guide you through every step. Thanks to our platform’s flexibility, you can start with the features you need and add new features with time. And, of course, we’ll help your team get up to speed on any additional features and functions you decide to implement.

E.E: Why do clients choose your products/solutions over other existing on the market?

A.T: Clients trust Timly for many reasons: our mix of customisable, user-friendly features stands out. Our software works across your whole business, which is a real win when it comes to achieving cross-departmental efficiency and using resources effectively. So, whether it’s your IT department using Timly to manage IT equipment, your HR department using it keep track of staff qualifications and certifications or your operations team using it to track inventory — the option to implement Timly across your business is a real boon. 

In addition, with Timly you get unlimited users, detailed user permissions, secure EU servers, and an asset tracking solution that you can use in the same way on any device. In essence, our customers opt for Timly as it offers a comprehensive yet flexible digital solution for managing their business assets.

Timly’s 360° inventory software provides seamless integration for managing both digital and physical assets across your entire organisation.

E.E: What sets your products/solutions apart? What innovative/special features do they have?

A.T: Timly is special because it’s designed to be as user-friendly and secure as it is versatile and powerful. We stand by the quality of our customer service and our dedication to continuing to evolve along with their asset tracking. Implementation of Timly is very simple, and no additional hardware, software or other IT systems are required. However, if you have existing systems in place you need to connect to your asset tracking, you can easily do so with our API. 

For example, Timly has just partnered with Lansweeper, the IT Asset Management giant, to allow seamless integration of IT network and device management with wider asset tracking.

E.E: Tell us some tips & tricks that clients can use when searching to buy your products/solutions?

A.T: Book a Demo: Book a no-commitment demo to get a live look at what Timly can do for your business and how you can easily customise it to fit your specific needs.

Trial the App: Start a free trial so you can navigate your way around the platform and get answers from the team about any questions that may come up.

Think Ahead: It’s not unusual for companies to start small with asset tracking only to then realise the benefits of proper inventory management. So, choose a system that can grow with your business needs.

Timly Founders Fitim Mehmeti and Philipp Baumann shaped Timly around customer needs.

E.E: What products/solutions are you going to launch next year?

A.T: At Timly, we’re constantly at work behind the scenes, fine-tuning and enhancing our platform with features directly inspired by the feedback of our customers. While we can’t reveal all the details yet, we can offer a glimpse into the additional enhancements and solutions ready for rollout within the Timly software ecosystem in 2024. 

These upgrades are carefully designed to best address the fundamental inventory questions of our clients: What assets do we have? Where are they? And, what’s their value? Our aim is to transform inventory management into a process that’s not only effective and efficient but also engaging. As part of this, you can expect a stronger focus on maintenance management for inventory, and we have some automation advancements in the pipeline that will make operations even more streamlined and impactful. 

Stay tuned for an exciting year ahead!

Interested in transforming your asset management with Timly? Reach out to our team today at +41 44 500 35 23 or drop us an email at contact@timly.com.

Author Bio: Antoinette is a content creator with a knack for the written word and a talent for video storytelling. With a solid background in business, she writes about asset tracking and how it can help any organisation optimise their operations and save resources. When she’s not at her desk crafting content for Timly in Zürich, she’s likely hiking in the breathtaking Italian Alps.