Powerful and the widest jaw opening on the market. The new crushers DCR 300 and DCR 100 take Husqvarna Construction’s robots to even bigger heights when it comes to demolition machines.  “Our powerful crushers widen the usage range for our robots”, says Lars Gustafsson, Global Product Manager, Construction Equipment, Husqvarna Construction Products.

Husqvarna’s demolition robots have, in a short period of time, become very popular in the construction industry. Now the company launches robotic crushers that further enhance the machines’ usability. The crushers DCR 300 and DCR 100 have a crushing force of a massive 45 and 34 tonnes, respectively. Husqvarna’s crushers are also equipped with a deep and wide jaw opening and the capacity to get through walls of 430 or 425 millimetres respectively. This means that the user can do his job both easier and faster.

“This is a welcome addition to the demolition machines. Our robots equipped with our own crushers is the most powerful solution on the market”, says Lars Gustafsson, Global Product manager for Construction Equipment at Husqvarna Construction.


Both the DCR 300 and the DCR 100 are typical Husqvarna products with a thought through, robust design and innovative solutions. Both crushers have an excellent power-to-weight ratio. The crushers can be equipped with crushing tips in the middle of the crusher, grinding the concrete even more effectively.

The metal cutters in the back of the jaw makes it possible to cut thicker rebars. The crushers are easily serviced, for example, the tips on the DCR 300 are detachable. The DCR 100 has two pre-sets for the jaws, thus giving it an even a wider range of use.