“Quality means that the customer comes back, not the goods.” – Hermann Tietz, merchant and founding father of Hertie stores.

The mechanical and plant engineering industry represents an important pillar of the German economy and is a leader in export and innovation. With an export share of 77% and a share of 15% in world machine exports, Germany ranks first followed by China and the USA.

Despite the solid performance, mechanical and plant engineering companies are under intense pressure. A high degree of market saturation and the increasing competition on the global market lead to growing challenges for the entire industry. In order to address rising customer demand, the service business can be the decisive component.

Therefore, IFA Technology constantly invests in the expansion of its service offer. By detaching the former service department from its limited position and by treating our services as focus of the corporate strategy, the company has found a way to increase customer satisfaction and decrease costs in the long term.

The holistic approach at IFA Technology bases on a strong customer orientation. Combined product and service offerings create added value and hereby intensified customer relationships. In addition, services require a high level of knowledge about the machines – which is difficult to copy and represents an essential differentiating factor at the same time.

Well organized

Service processes at IFA Technology are organized swiftly and reliably. This requires explicitly described processes as well as trained and motivated personnel. This way, our employees are able to answer complex inquiries from international customers with expertise and kindness. Securing employee retention in the long term and attracting new highly qualified staff by offering an appropriate working atmosphere are the essential goals of our Human Resources work.

Customer Relationship Management

CRM is basically used for the documentation and management of customer relationships. In order to maintain these complex relationships, international mechanical engineering companies like IFA Technology need to involve all areas of the company. All functions of our service offer are mapped in the CRM system. That is why Customer Relationship Management at IFA Technology is not only device software but also an inter-departmental approach towards the development and maintenance of strong and sustainable customer relationships worldwide. In order to support the processes in marketing, sales and service optimally, requirements derive from our company goals. In addition, we included employees from each department in the project team and planned enough time for successful inauguration.

Digitization and modern data exchange

IFA Technology offers efficient machine software and the possibility of data exchange on the production level. We are constantly working on the improvement of our response to the most important element of ‘industry 4.0’ – intelligent production systems. Our software technology in connection with modern mobile devices enables the customers all over the world to find new ways of processing and analyzing information in real time. Our intelligent solutions promote smart production, big data management and interface integration to MES and ERP systems. Our engineers offer customized programming solutions for future-oriented action, for example through the possibility of a quick product change or the avoidance of additional waste and cleaning costs.

Sales and service team

The key objective of our company is to offer customized plant construction for the current and future needs of our customers. With our well-trained sales and service team, we always target customer satisfaction throughout the complete process including consulting, planning, engineering and production, logistics and assembly, commissioning, process optimization, replacement and conversion. The individual support in different languages enables us to bridge the communication gap between the customer, our engineers and salespeople. Our clients receive the most effective service from our sales team, which is also trained in the technical aspects of engineering services. Weather it is about understanding concepts and drawings, sales calls or the closing of a deal – the customers get all information they need from our professional and skilled sales and service team.

IFA Technology aims at providing the most effective solution to its clients. In order to do so, it is vital for us to take into consideration all the challenges the customer faces concerning retrofitting and conversion, global competition, energy utilization and regulatory expectations such as plant safety according to the globally prevalent guidelines. IFA Technology is a state of the art international technical company and is always at its client’s disposal – online and offline, through our website and various industry-relevant platforms, during our on-site visits, during trade fairs or at one of our group and representations’ locations in the EU, USA, Latin and South America, Asia, Russia and Australia.

Added value within the Deurotech Group

IFA Technology is a member of the Deurotech Group, a partnership of businesses specializing in the wood-based panels and paper industry and in environmental technologies. The merger of these individual core competencies results in advantages in terms of performance. The group uses the synergy effects and develops optimal solutions for the individual process technology of our customers. Global availability and the sensitivity of our sales and service teams for cultural diversity make this international expansion possible.

About IFA Technology

IFA Technology is an engineering plant and construction company based in Germany. For more than 40 years, we have been successfully building plants and systems in process technology for weighing, mixing, conveying and dosing solid and liquid materials – and we do so worldwide. The fully automated plants and systems are used across all industrial areas. We are a world leader in the field of impregnation resin processing.

Internationally recognized certifications of IFA Technology:

  • Specialized company according to WHG (German Water Resource Act)
  • Explosions-proof systems according to ATEX/NEC/GOST/IECex
  • Certified Quality Management System ISO 9001:2015

For more detailed information, please contact Neumann, Head of Sales at IFA Technology: Stefan.neumann@ifa-technology.de