Protect the factory’s infrastructure, secure the employees, drastically reduce maintenance costs and guarantee fastest return of the investment (ROI) to the client – this is STOMMPY® essence in a nutshell. They manage to do it with a wide range of technically developed and high-efficiency STOMMPY® Impact Safety Systems. Located in Rubiera (Italy), the heart of Emilia Romagna region, since its beginnings in 2000, the story of STOMMPY® is based on a continuous evolution of the experience shared with the most qualified and exigent clients on the market.

This has led to an inevitable improvement of their systems performance, making steel or concrete protection solutions obsolete and lot less efficient.

The company’s passion for innovation has paid off with two international patents: FIXA Block System®, the first anchorage system that actually protects the floor from damages during impacts, and the Tecklene®, the high-performance technical polymer, engineered by STOMMPY®, innovative and ideal for providing the best impact absorption level of an impact safety system and totally in compliance with the most strict hygiene regulation required in Food and pharmaceutical sectors.

Expert advice, project design, installation and maintenance – a full ISO 9001-certified process that makes STOMMPY® your trusted partner for all types of safety projects, able to guarantee the highest ratio of economic efficiency possible.

Easy Engineering: What are the main areas of activity of the company?

STOMMPY: STOMMPY® is the first Italian manufacturer of impact safety systems, playing a leading role worldwide, thanks to a network of distributors that cover over 20 counties and being a reference point for the entire industry sectors:

  • Food & Beverages;
  • Retail & Distribution;
  • Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare;
  • Automotive;
  • Logistics and Transport.

E.E: What are the ranges of products traded?

STOMMPY: It would be most correct talking about applications, in sense that customers approach to the impact safety systems starting from their need, for example: how to protect a sliding door, a wall, a pallet-racking, a machinery, a pedestrian walkway, etc. and for each one of these applications, our safety specialists, evaluating mass and speed of the vehicle used in the area (trolley or pallet-jack or forklift) can scientifically calculate the related impact energy value, matching with the most effective product to resist at such energy level.

This is a completely different approach to the market, scientific and professional, that STOMMPY® is very proud to push ahead and customers to appreciate it very much, since that it is a crucial point to transform the expense of buying impact safety barriers from a cost to an investment and in important asset for the customer’s company.

STOMMPY® has a wide range of products, like bollards, guardrails, height restrictors, pedestrian handrails, bumper plates for walls, aligners for truck approaching the loading bays, high visibility bollards, etc. With which we can respond and satisfy every customer in the best effective way to any industrial need.

In 2019, with a 7+ € millions revenue, STOMMPY® Group has produced and installed:

  • 15.000+ vertical safety systems (bollards);
  • 23.000+ horizontal safety systems (guardrails).

STOMMPY® is also the only company that guarantee its products up to 10 years for manufacturing defects and floor damages. No one else on the market can do this.

E.E: What are the news for 2020 on new products?

STOMMPY: We have long ago entered the new era of globalization, digitalization and automation, the search for efficiency in the company has become a competition that cannot be avoided in order to remain competitive on the market. STOMMPY® has sensed that in order to keep up with the times, security in the company can and must evolve appropriately, adapting its technologies to what the highest standards of the market offer, in step with the modernization underway.

If for passive anti-collision safety in the company, STOMMPY® already offers the best existing on the market in terms of Impact Safety Barriers, today it takes another great leap forward, developing a system of constant dialogue between barriers and its users, effectively inaugurating first the era of SAFETY 4.0 in passive anti-collision safety systems.

What is S.M.A.R.T. ® system – Safety Monitoring & Active Reporting Technology

It is the help that was missing and that will allow the managers in the company to better manage safety and to effectively govern the passive safety systems in the company and to minimize the costs deriving from damage due to collisions of forklifts against the infrastructures, such as walls, doors, pallet-racks, machinery and even more to raise the level of safety and protection for workers.

With new S.M.A.R.T. ® technology, STOMMPY® has inserted a small artificial intelligence inside its impact safety bollards, which acts as an always alert sentry, and is able to communicate in real time its efficiency status through Customer wi-fi net and thanks to a proper S.M.A.R.T. app installed on his computer, tablet or mobile phone, giving him the possibility to go on place and check the maintenance need, collecting data for statistics or to analyse the internal logistics.

E.E: At what stage is the market in which you are currently active?

STOMMPY: The awareness to have a safety workplace is becoming a must in every Country; even the governments have realized that the cost of missing safety on workplaces are high and are going up even more every year and not under control; basically it is not only an economic budget issue for the Country, but it is a social problem as well.

That is why European Community is paying much more attention to the issue and in the most European Countries, companies are able to receive economic incentives investing in their own safety workplace.

Starting from this, generally the safety workplace awareness is slowly growing up year after year, improving the culture of people and the companies manager approach about that.

We can say that safety workplace is exactly the mission of STOMMPY®, since that how much more the market is informed and prepared on how to approach the safety issue in the correct and effective way, much more benefits will have the impact safety systems producers that can guarantee quality, professionality, efficiency and convenience with their products and services. But for sure it is still a long way to run for the market.

E.E: What can you tell us about the market trends?

STOMMPY: The pandemic for COVID-19 has been a unexpected shock for everyone and under more aspects, economic and social and more or less everybody of us are still paying the consequences.

However, STOMMPY® has been able to react well, thanks to the wide business areas on which it is active, therefore, even if some industrial sector has visibly paid a relevant contraction, like automotive and mechanical, some other seems not to have paid too much economically speaking, like Food, Pharmaceutical and Logistics.

So, after all, we are going quite well and we are running up to respect the 2020 budget planned, keeping growing up trend and continuing to invest in research and development, as we have always done from the beginning of our story.

This is the best guarantee that we can offer to our customers that never stopped to have trust in us, in order to keep developing the most effective products and services, ensuring them the safest workplace and making them saving money from maintenance and damages.

E.E: What are the most innovative products marketed?

STOMMPY: Without any doubt, the products that more then other are leading our sales trend, belong to the impact safety systems family, specifically bollards and guardrails. Those systems have been able to conquered the market, thanks to their super impact resistance guarantee and super effective ratio quality/price, that makes STOMMPY® products the most effective and competitive on the market.

The deserves of this so brilliant performance is due by a special equilibrium of technical features: the anchoring system that equipped all of them, named FIXA Block System®, a real point of force of STOMMPY®, covered by a worldwide patent of invention; and the innovative polymer Tecklene®, with the highest energy absorption capacity, with which we produce our impact safety systems.

Thanks to all this, we are able to release a guarantee on Original Manufacturing Defects (OMD) and No Damage Floor (NDF), up to ten years to our customers.

An outstanding result that makes STOMMPY® unique and original on the market.

E.E: What estimates do you have for 2020?

STOMMPY: As I said before, despite the 2020 will be remembered like an awful year cause the COVID pandemic, STOMMPY® is continuing to receive attention by the market, since the awareness of a safer workplace in growing up even more and consequently companies are continuing investing on safety.

At last, the STOMMPY® group foresee to arrive very close to the initial budget, recording around a plus 7%.