Any test and inspection provider should know that staying on top of the latest innovations within your medium is one of the most important parts of your job. And as global packaging, product, and material test and inspection partner, the team at Industrial Physics are well aware of this.

Industrial Physics is the parent company of many specialists testing brands, including TQC Sheen, C&W Specialist Equipment, Testing Machines Inc., CMC-KUHNKE, and many others. It’s our purpose to protect the integrity of our customer’s brands and products – and to do this properly, we always maintain the integrity of our own products. That means staying ahead of the curve.

Staying on top of trends

To ensure we fully understand what our customers need, we’re consistently ensuring we have thorough knowledge of the markets we serve. As everyone knows, sustainability within the world of packaging, material, and product development is a key issue.

That’s why earlier this year, we surveyed over 250+ packaging decision makers across a range of industries – to discover the biggest opportunities and challenges that are affecting quality control within the context of eco-friendly packaging. 

You can access the results of ‘Industrial Physics: 2022 Global Outlook of Sustainable Packaging’ here!

Developing creative testing solutions

Staying on top of trends is one thing… but realizing this through the development of our own products is another. It’s something we strive to do across the many industries we serve. And a good example as to how we’ve achieved this can be seen through our helpful automated system the TQC Sheen LinQ – a powerful tool that vastly enhances the testing process within inks and coatings.

What does the TQC LinQ do?

Essentially, the TQC Sheen LinQ is a communication tool that allows a user to connect our larger testing systems to their own software. 

From viscosity testing to washability testing, to film application, utilizing this component can completely revolutionize your approach to testing across a broad stroke of applications. 

Not only does this approach allow you to maximize time and resource, but it also offers integrated data connection that lets you identify points of failure across testing. This is especially useful for those operating within an R&D laboratory environment.

The TQC Sheen LinQ showcases how the development of a smart accessory can speed up your testing process. And when test and inspection experts pair their desire to create new tools with a passion to automate tried and tested systems already in play, the possibilities are endless!

Learn about the TQC Sheen LinQ here!

Find out more about our breadth of innovative solutions

This is just one example of how the experts at Industrial Physics have used their knowledge to reinvent testing methods for our customers.

If you’d like to find out about more of the advanced solutions we have on offer, or learn about the breadth of equipment available, why not get in touch? A member of our team will be happy to chat through your specific circumstances and determine the most appropriate solution!