DaoAI Robotics is a market-leading provider that crafts and provides powerful hardware and software in 3D Vision and AI systems for robot guidance.

Easy Engineering: How was 2023 for your business, a short summary? 

In 2023, our business celebrated outstanding success with over 100% growth, solidifying our presence in the European and Japanese markets, particularly within the automotive parts manufacturing sector.

E.E: What products/services did you launch this year? 

This year we introduced some groundbreaking products. Our new cameras not only boast an improved exterior design but also feature stainless-steel power connectors, increasing durability in corruptive environments. The next-generation Vision Studio, now a web-based application, simplifies project integration with robots and cameras. To derisk for end-users and facilitate the initiation of automation projects, we introduced a free version. This initiative not only helps users start automation but also has the potential to catalyze a revolution in the machine vision industry. Additionally, our smart annotation tool, harnessing AI, enhances productivity by over 70%, while upgrades to the training cloud server empower users to annotate and train directly on the server.

E.E: How did the market change, compared to previous years? 

The market landscape underwent a significant shift, transitioning from predominantly pilot projects to more commercial applications. This shift reflects a growing confidence in technology’s ability to revolutionize automation processes.

E.E: What are the new challenges in your field of activity? 

In the post-pandemic era, one prominent challenge was the shortage of deployment employees. To streamline this process, we concentrated on simplifying deployment through innovative software solutions.

E.E: How did you overcome these challenges in this more competitive environment? 

Navigating the competitive terrain demanded strategic adjustments. We embraced online operations, focusing on heightened productivity and simplified training methodologies. This strategic shift has substantially increased our deployment rates in the fiercely competitive market.

E.E: Tell us about product innovation and how will it impact the future?

Our latest AI detection algorithm, achieving performance in less than 3 seconds, marks a transformative leap forward. This innovation will shift operators’ primary tasks towards data collection and generation, eliminating the need for specific AI or vision skills and ushering in a new era of increased automation.

E.E: How will product innovation help the customers? 

As end-users prioritize productivity and return on investment, especially in manufacturing and the automotive sectors, our innovations aim to simplify operations and encourage higher rates of automation. The emphasis on user-friendly solutions aligns with the critical factor of scalability.

E.E: What are the industry trends in the markets you are currently active?

In addition to the growing trend of robots replacing workers for efficiency, sustainability has emerged as a key focus. Companies now seek automation solutions that align with environmentally conscious practices, reflecting a broader industry commitment to sustainable technology.

E.E: What do you think the trends will be next year? 

Anticipating economic considerations, the emphasis on return on investment is likely to intensify for capital and corporate entities. Simultaneously, external factors such as labor strikes may contribute to an increased demand for automation solutions.

E.E: What is the outlook for 2024? 

In 2024, we anticipate not only achieving over 100% growth but also diversifying our offerings and fostering innovation through strategic partnerships. Our focus extends beyond numerical growth, aiming to exceed customer expectations and positively influence the automation industry’s trajectory.