Since its foundation NORIDC JONES ITALY has distinguished itself for its ability to focus its efforts on manufacturing spare parts that provide perfect substitutes for the original spares produced by leading car manufacturers, with particular expertise in steering racks. This choice has proved a winning, competitive policy throughout the world, where NORIDC JONES ITALY now occupies a role and identity that go beyond that of a first-class supplier: to represent an authentic partner able to ensure competitive certainties. The company’s ongoing growth that has successfully bridged even the most difficult times for the automotive market, makes NORIDC JONES Italy’s sector leader and one of the most prominent players on the international panorama thanks to its efficiency, constructive vision and versatility.

NORIDC JONES sells their product 60% under their registered name and the rest 40% on private label. Registered brand names are SIR automotive parts and Wilbürk chassis parts.

Interview with Silvano G. ECCA, VP. Sales -EU/ EXTAR EU Market at NORIDC JONES.

Easy Engineering: How was 2022 for your business, a short summary?

Silvano G. ECCA: The high demand of spare parts after the pandemic situation was very strong. Year 2022 for Nordic Jones was a perfect business year for aftermarket program.

E.E: What products/services did you launch this year?

S.G.E: Every year we add a lot of car applications. Also during the pandemic period, the company never stop doing R&D.

E.E: How did the market change, compared to previous years?

S.G.E: Generally speaking company “wholesalers“ that they bought products made in ASIA have returned to using them from European manufacturing companies .

E.E: What are the new challenges in your field of activity?

S.G.E: Try to offer the best quality at competitive prices to the market, find new markets and retain existing customers . 

E.E: How did you overcome these challenges in this more competitive environment?

S.G.E: Our customers aren’t a simple “ VAT company “ but a real partner . Our policy to grant to all our customers big or small the same services putting the customer’s needs at the forefront helping him to solve technical and commercial problems

E.E: Tell us about product innovation and how will it impact the future?

S.G.E: The uncertain future will always push us to continue our mission, growing and offering products of high quality standing at competitive prices.

E.E: How will product innovation help the customers?

S.G.E: Nordic Jones isn’t a trade company, but it’s a manufacturer. This aspect/ detail puts us in a position to be able to offer the maximum of service and competitiveness in favor of customers.

E.E: What are the industry trends in the markets you are currently active?

S.G.E: With the current energy crisis and current inflation, the price factor is always very important for customers and final users. For Nordic Jones will be very important not to disappoint market expectations and we will do our best be the right choice!

E.E: What do you think the trends will be next year? 10. What is the outlook for 2023?

S.G.E: Forecasts for the year 2023 are not yet very clear. We believe the demand for new cars will be weak and this should reward the aftermarket sector.