InduTechnik is a global company. Values such as reliability, integrity and openness are central building blocks of the company. InduTechnik develops and manufactures products related to bulk conveyor belts, based on close contact with customers. The company offers product solutions in the area of bulk goods, e.g. B. from the sectors of recycling, disposal, sustainable construction, traffic route construction and material extraction.

Interview with Dipl.-Ing. Matthias Drost, Head of Product Development at InduTechnik.

Easy Engineering: What are the company’s main areas of activity?

Matthias Drost: As a manufacturer and developer, we are present in the areas of conveyor belt cleaning, conveyor belt guidance as well as impact protection and dust protection. As a conveyor belt cleaning system manufacturer, we know that cleaning the conveyor belt is an essential part of the smooth running and trouble-free operation of the conveyor system and therefore offer a large number of solutions in the product portfolio.

EE: What’s new about new products/services?

M.D: As a conveyor roller and conveyor belt cleaning system manufacturer and original equipment manufacturer (OEM), we plan the entire belt cleaning from A to Z with you. If desired, we assemble and integrate our products into your existing conveyor belt system. This is just as much a part of the offer as individual product development for customer systems.

EE: What are the product/service areas? 

M.D: Our product range consists of various product systems, which are divided according to the area of application: 

  • carrier rollers 
  • Conveyor belt cleaning system 
  • Conveyor belt guidance 
  • Impact protection 
  • Dust protection 

Cleaning and guiding the conveyor belt is an essential part of ensuring a smooth process and trouble-free operation. Our range extends from cleaning brushes to under belt scrapers, inner belt scrapers and drum scrapers to knocking roller stations. Our conveyor belt guidance products are of immense importance for reliable operation and long-lasting service. In this area, in addition to cleaning systems and support rollers, we also have: 

  • Belt centering systems 
  • Roller stations 
  • Deflection drums 
  • Sprocket rollers

In addition, it has been shown that our offer for assembly and preventative maintenance appointments results in synergy effects that can be significantly more economical than simply purchasing a product.

EE: What stage is the market in which you are currently active?

M.D: During the recent global crisis, we have managed to secure the supply chains that allow us to meet all the needs of a market that is still very competitive. Despite the challenges faced by system operators in terms of profitability, the market for conveyor system accessories remains robust and is supported by constant demand for advanced and reliable product solutions.

EE: What can you tell us about market trends?

M.D: Recycling is to be expected, especially in the area of alternative raw material extraction, especially as the European and global trend towards more effective systems continues. Based on this requirement, system operators will turn to reliable products that increase the profitability of their systems. Conveying and refining are the new key terms in the bulk material conveying sector.

EE: Which products/services are the most innovative?

M.D: The most successful products are without a doubt the bottom belt scraper systems from the AS series and the drum scrapers from the TP series. Maximum belt protection and a long service life combine the advantages of low maintenance with maximum conveyor belt protection. Here our customers access excellent products for conveyor belt cleaning. In addition to planning the systems with the customer, preventative maintenance as a cost-reducing measure is an important component in the overall economic concept of the conveyor system.

EE: What are your estimates for early 2024?

M.D: 2024 – a year full of new challenges Intelligent solutions for all types of bulk material conveyor systems are what InduTechnik from Gladbeck offers you as one of the leading manufacturers of conveyor belt cleaning systems and conveyor belt guide components in Germany. Thanks to our years of experience in conveyor belt cleaning technology and as a conveyor roller manufacturer, we know which products have proven themselves in the long term and represent real added value for our customers. We not only act as a manufacturer and supplier, but of course we also offer you maintenance and services. That’s why we see a growth trend within the industry in cooperation with our customers.