INFENER believes in a future where energy is decentralised, digitalised and built on self-sufficient and local value creation with a focus on integrating hydrogen solutions. The company’s core business is the development of system solutions and groundbreaking products. While INFENER’s system solutions focus on the industrial sector and mid-large sized businesses, their plug-and-play product, the ECORE, is designed for the B2B and B2C markets. 

Easy Engineering: What are the main areas of activity of the company? 

INFENER: Our USP at the project level is the comprehensive integration of hydrogen solutions for existing and new buildings, the development of H2 infrastructures for mobility and industry, the planning and implementation of H2 production plants and hydrogen refuelling stations (HRS), municipal heat supply concepts with the H2 integration, as well as the development of holistic H2 energy systems for remote regions and islands. 

Our innovative system solutions, “Power Tower” and “Power Hub”, are designed for a wide range of customers from logistic centres, charging and refuelling stations, hotels and resorts, smart marinas and ports, commercial properties, communities, public transportation companies, apartment complexes, corporations, to houses and more. 

Our Product, the “ECORE”, is a holistic and containerised turnkey, all-in-one solution that contains the entire building service technology and seasonal energy storage for the secure energy supply of buildings. The ECORE is a product that can be a solution for the B2B and the B2C market. 

All our solutions focus on integrating hydrogen to create energy self-sufficiency, decentralise the energy supply, reduce loads on the centralised energy network, make companies independent of price fluctuations, and decarbonise and help corporations meet current and future sustainability goals. 

E.E: What’s the news about new products? 

INFENER: The ECORE is a fully standardised turnkey product combining building service technology and renewable energy storage into one system. The ECORE ensures that the volatile energy generation from renewable sources will be a reliable year-round energy supply for buildings. 

The ECORE contains all the components needed for the self-sufficient energy supply of a building:

  • PV connections and controls, BESS, Heat Pump, Heat/Cold Accumulators, Electrolyzer, H2-Storage, Fuel Cell, E-Charging Points, Energy Management System (EMS). 
  • ECORE enables the achievement of 100% self-sufficiency without grid connection and the use of fossil fuels. 
  • The ECORE removes the need for utility rooms in buildings. 
  • The ECORE is containerised and transportable. 

E.E: What are the ranges of products? 

INFENER: The ECORE comes in different sizes for thermal and electrical power outputs. It is a solution for houses, small and medium-sized businesses, hotels, farms and buildings. 

E.E: At what stage is the market where you are currently active? 

INFENER: The energy market is undergoing a massive transition, accelerated by environmental challenges, increasing regulations and the need to become independent of fossil fuels. Many companies feel the pressure and urge to make a big step towards the future and invest in sustainable energy solutions with the integration of hydrogen. Companies with their logistics operations are especially interested in switching from fossil (battery-powered) to hydrogen as the primary energy source. This way, both the internal logistics, like industrial trucks and forklifts, and truck fleets can operate independently and emission-free. 

E.E: What can you tell us about market trends? 

INFENER: Two main trends are dominating the market—centralised and decentralised solutions. The decentralised philosophy is to unburden global/nationwide energy networks and make people/companies independent from outside energy supply. The decentralised solution is highly interesting for companies who want to become independent and not rely on price fluctuations. There is a lot of uncertainty and discomfort among corporations and businesses about their energy future, and they feel the pressure of rising energy prices, which can put their profitability at risk. 

With such a drive within the market, a lot of investment is flowing into the industry, technologies are being further developed and are entering mass production, innovations arise, while prices of components drop and make hydrogen solutions more and more attractive for a wider range of customers. 

E.E: What are the most innovative products marketed?

INFENER: The ECORE is unique in its market segment and will expand the existing lead over competitors through its design and easy integration into the building sector. There are various advances from potential competitors, but most are still in the concept phase and do not have a market-ready product. The ECORE has been in the test phase for a long time and will come onto the market with an extensive campaign at the beginning of 2024. 

Hydrogen storage technologies are going to rapidly advance as well, with LOHC looking like it will gain major importance as a highly advanced H2 storage solution in the coming years. 

E.E: What estimations do you have for 2023? 

INFENER: We are realising multiple projects throughout various industries that will be up and running in 2023 – 24. 

We have partnered with multiple big corporations to redesign the energy system of their industrial sites and production facilities to make them self-sufficient and decarbonise their business while improving profitability. We are also initiating and realising projects to develop H2 refuelling stations at strategic locations powered by renewables to supply various industrial off-takers, public transport companies and the private H2 vehicle sector. 

The interest in our solution is constantly increasing, and we are looking forward to many exciting and trailblazing projects in 2023. 

Our Product, the ECORE, will enter the market and be sold worldwide. 

We are in the development phase with international stakeholders, partners and investors to initiate major green hydrogen production plants throughout Europe. With this advancement, INFENER will widen its already broad spectrum of activity and continue to position itself as the market leader. 

We are currently developing a second product line, “FLASH”, to substitute diesel generators used in high numbers around the globe. This product line will also come in various power outputs to be a solution for a wide range of customers and will enter the market at the end of 2023.