The Aragonese engineering startup is a specialist in forensic engineering and stands out for its flexibility, adaptation and problem solving. The Infinitia team, made up of young and specialized professionals, contribute to the support and definition of business strategies. The company expects to close the year with a turnover of 750,000 euros, 75% more than in 2019.

Like Sherlock Holmes or any of the investigative policemen in a current series, the Infinitia team is capable of solving a “crime”, but in this case in the industrial sector and not in people, but in materials. They are specialists in forensic engineering, a branch of engineering well known in the study and analysis of materials, but not so much in companies as support and definition of their business strategies.

Infinitia is made up of a young team of highly qualified professionals specialized in various areas related to design, including prototyping the market analysis. A total of 13 specialists capable of fitting all the parts that make up a problem, for example, the failure of an industrial part or putting a solution to common problems derived from corrosion in steel. From the production line, to a product that comes from a market claim.

They are considered the “fresh air” that a company needs, “its perfect ally to complement the quality department”, points out Javier Sanz, founder of this Aragonese engineering company. For this reason, they are a partner of leading companies such as BSH Electrodomésticos, and they provide their services to all types of SMEs that require “innovative and efficient solutions”. As Sanz emphasizes, “it wants to be a benchmark in the materials sector and contribute to improving the competitiveness of companies.”

The closing figures for the year support the work carried out. The balance is “very positive”, since they estimate to reach 750,000 euros, which represents a 75% increase in their turnover in relation to 2019. The workforce has also grown according to the projects, going from 9 to 14 engineers and among their Future plans do not rule out continuing to expand it, they indicate from the management.

This Aragonese startup was born in 2014 and over the years it has increased its turnover and staff. The reasons for this positive evolution are summarized by its director in three differential values such as: “flexibility, adaptation and resolution”. Characteristics deeply rooted in the thinking of a recently created company with a technological base, which despite its growth, prefer to continue taking into account because “we like to keep the startup spirit alive”, points out its CEO.

A laboratory with specialized equipment in which “to be able to investigate, formulate hypotheses and carry out trials and tests to find out the reason for a failure”, explains Sanz, is – along with his team – one of his best guarantees. Thus, they become the technological center of support and assistance for the quality areas of important companies. However, the work they carry out is not enclosed in “four walls”, as “we roll up our sleeves”, explains the founder, and “we move to the origin, to the crime scene”, he metaphorically details.

The other fundamental pillars of Infinitia are closely associated with material innovation and design and prototyping. The perfect integration between these 3 “legs” that shape what Infinitia is today, forensic engineering, innovation in materials and design and prototyping is what makes it different from other similar equipment. “The synergies that are generated between the three basic services enrich the final result,” says Sanz. “We do not propose crystal castles to the companies that ask us for help, each one of us separately and together, we take efficiency to the maximum to propose the most appropriate solution or a range of solutions to study and that can improve business approaches”.

For Infinitia, a failure is no longer a negative aspect to become an “opportunity” in order to improve and enhance a product or service, both a novelty and a second version. The innovative work that they carry out every day places them in outstanding positions in their sector, where knowing how to prevent a situation is a guarantee of success and investigation the best weapon against “crime”, yes, in materials.