Easy Engineering: What industries do you think will grow in 2021?

MEGA HARDWARE: With COVID-19 led restrictions still in place in many countries and Jordan as well, I believe – since people will be spending more time in their homes – then people will tend to improve their homes and hopefully take over Do-It-Yourself (DIY) projects. Customers are also expected to spend some more on their outdoor space in case they have it, by redecorating gardens, buying garden furniture, barbeques and possibly outdoor play for children. Additionally, and most importantly is that e-commerce will continue growing which will be backed by delivery services. So, focus on fleet and after sales service will also be key to growth in the e-commerce landscape. Sanitization solutions will still be in the limelight for as long as the pandemic is present, so sanitization products for home and commercial use will still be a priority for households and commercial space owners, this in addition to personal safety like; gloves, masks and face shields.

E.E: What solutions do you provide for these industries?

MEGA HARDWARE: Well, since we are a hardware store, so all DIY supplies from hand tools, power tools and paint are within our core business and the product range is both wide and deep to serve an array of customers from households to professional end-users. As for the outdoor items, Mega Hardware has now devoted a full floor for its Garden Centre; the section includes; garden tools, planters, barbeques, outdoor furniture, pool supplies, and outdoor entertainment.

Mega Hardware will continue its supply of sanitization products from its Safety section and the also the Industrial Safety section with products like fumigation gates for commercial spaces, and fumigation sprays in addition to personal safety products.

E.E: Tell us about product innovations and what is their impact on customers?

MEGA HARDWARE: Well, at Mega Hardware we are pragmatic with our product innovation, and we make sure that we are resilient to change by having the agility to move quickly and adding new products. For example, the fumigation gate landed our store just weeks after the pandemic hit Jordan. At Mega Hardware we make sure the process of product development is not slowed by complex processes, because adapting for change, rather quick change, is a priority and a must. Over the years Mega Hardware has built the name and reputation to be solution provider, which is backed by the company’s continues development to the product range. Whether change is by seasonality, technology and consumer needs, we have got it in time.

E.E: What industries do you think will grow in the future?

MEGA HARDWARE: The past pandemic has been disruptive on some fronts, but has also opened and accelerated the growth of many businesses and sectors, like streaming, online exercising, online courses, food delivery, and logistics and delivery solutions not only will they continue growing, but they will reshape previous models and might even be disruptive for the brick and mortar business. We, at Mega Hardware, were ready for this and the online store was launched and has been fully operational before the pandemic. E-commerce will remain in the limelight and the company will keep growing the team dedicated for that business unit.

E.E: What solutions do you bring for these changing industries?

MEGA HARDWARE: As I mentioned, our online store is growing day by day, and we will be expanding our product range. We have already added heavy households, and will be adding sports equipment for home gyms. The Garden Centre has performed quiet well, deliveries from the Garden Centre are always supported by installation which is free of charge. A new facility which will be offered in the coming weeks is a financing facility to our customers through their local banks, this means that customers’ purchases from Mega Hardware can be financed by their banks without prior approval, this is because Mega Hardware has inked an agreement with the lending banks which includes all their credit / debit cardholders. Payments will be paid in full at the point of sale, and Mega Hardware along with the banks will share the cost of financing. Such facilities will also be offered to online sales as well.

E.E: How will you adapt your solutions for the future?

MEGA HARDWARE: With regards to the Garden Centre, our online store will be clearly categorized and the pictures available are both lifestyle and are on white background. This will enable customers to make better choices and selection during their online shopping experience. This is also backed by details and specifications for each product. Online chats are available 24/7, with addition to our customer service team, following up with each order. As for financed payment options; such payments will be paid in full at the point of sale, in addition to the online store before check-out. Mega Hardware along with the banks will share the cost of financing.

E.E: How will these solutions benefit users?

MEGA HARDWARE: With respect to payment facilities, this will enable users to purchase high ticket items with ease, and payment terms are stretched for 12 months. Since this will be available for both store shoppers and online shoppers, then we expect the value per invoice to be higher in addition to cross selling between sections.

E.E: The industrial internet of things is seen as the future. What solutions do you provide and how does this impact you?

MEGA HARDWARE: We have come at a time where e-commerce is not only re-shaping retail but it is also replacing physical store. For example, big clothing players in fast fashion have shut down hundreds of stores across Europe, and so will be the case for other sectors within retail. For Mega Hardware, the online store has enables customers from various geographies to become recurring shopping on one platform. And the company’s investment channeled to the online store will grow in 2021.

E.E: How do you think 5G will improve industrial processes?

MEGA HARDWARE: 5G will be the next evolution of wireless connectivity, it is also forecasted that it will grow global manufacturing Gross Domestic Product (GDP) according to a report by STL Partners.  5G will improve efficiencies, enhance productivity, increase use of data and will also reduce latency (which is the time delay between computers and/devices during the transfer of data).

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