Easy Engineering: How do you think your market will develop after this pandemic?

REMACHES TUDELA: It is difficult to predict the direction our market, since we are in a new situation for everyone, in which the way of working is evolving rapidly. Therefore, the results of so many sudden changes will be seen later, when they will be considered habits and not novelties.

E.E: Have you created new products in response to these changes?

REMACHES TUDELA: No products, but we are constantly developing new bindings to adapt to current times. However, new tools are being developed to improve the flow of communication with all our business stakeholders.

E.E: What do you consider necessary to grow in the future?

REMACHES TUDELA: A situation of stability and social clarity is essential, allowing us to make short/medium-term forecasts and concentrate our efforts on growing our businesses.

E.E: How do you adapt to change?

REMACHES TUDELA: With an eagerness to excel and a desire to improve, knowing that it takes time and sacrifice to get all the axes in place.

E.E: The market is constantly evolving by leaps and bounds. How do new technologies and products affect your manufacturing? And your sales?

REMACHES TUDELA: These changes mean that we study carefully and in advance the production and logistics trends in our sector. The key is constant analysis in order to be able to adapt our products from manufacturing to use in advance.

If we talk about comercialization, our mission is the constant communication between commercials and the market. In this way we get to know first hand what their needs are. We have different digital tools that allow us to carry out this process. Today more than ever it is very important to have a professional marketing team to support you and keep your customers and stakeholders informed of all the news of our company.

E.E: As time goes through more machines are being built to automate manufacturing processes, how do you deal with this?

REMACHES TUDELA: Adapting our production processes to be more efficient and competitive, as well as creating more ergonomic and healthy work environments.

E.E: Due to the rapid creation of new systems and products, how do you manage to remain efficient and be able to adapt to new market needs with your products?

REMACHES TUDELA: Thanks to the high qualification of our I+D+I personnel, we can say today that we offer a service and portfolio of products that adapt to the needs of our customers.