Wherever production processes have to run as smoothly as possible, the specialists of the Swiss ABNOX AG can bring their competence to bear.

For 75 years, ABNOX AG has been a leading system provider for integrated processes in Metering, Lubrication and Clamping Technology. 

Today ABNOX is present worldwide and generates more than two thirds of its sales in export. 

The owner-managed family business is consistently oriented towards clear and lived values: quality, precision, customer loyalty, sustainability, flexibility and service add up to the most important corporate goal, customer benefit.

For each customer, ABNOX provides the appropriate overall package of technological excellence, innovation, process reliability and economic efficiency. 

The product range, which now comprises more than 600 components, is modular. This allows systems to be individually adapted to customer requirements. For special requirements, the in-house engineering department develops customized OEM solutions.

ABNOX sees itself not only as a pure supplier, but also as a reliable and solution-oriented partner that works together with the customer to sustainably improve their processes, thus creating special benefits and additional value for the customer. 

The main fields of the company

  • Manufacturing, competent consulting and sales of high quality products and services in lubrication, metering and clamping technology  
  • Focus on efficient customer solutions (customer specific developments)
  • Maximizing and perfecting customer benefits
  • Product training for customers and sales partners
  • Worldwide expansion of sales and service centers (optimum support and after-sales service)
  • Promotion of independent and motivated employees and trainees as well as good training and further education. 

Easy Engineering: What is new regarding your products (product news)?

ABNOX: Volumetric Needle Valve AXDV-N1 – the exact solution for spot metering of low-viscosity lubricants in very small quantities in the shortest cycle time.

Electro-pneumatic Impulse Valve AXDV-P1 (V2.0) / AXDV-P50 – an extremely fast-switching high-performance valve for non-contact metering of medium- to high-viscosity lubricants

With the new ABNOX Dosing Device AXDD, lubrication processes can now be made even more efficient – simply integrate and connect to existing workstations and/or assembly lines. The component can be easily greased with the preset dosing quantity.

Electro-pneumatic or pneumatic Spray Valves AXSPV-EP / AXSPV-PP suitable for intermittent and continuous application – especially for applications of low to high viscosity lubricants.

Vario-Metering Valve AXDV-V – accurately repeatable, clean and precise metering of different volumes

Rotary Dosing Unit AXDV-R1 – for ideal repeatable metering of greases and oils in different layer thicknesses into cylindrical bodies

Cartridge Pump AXCP – the ideal and cost-effective pumping system to deliver expensive lubricants from cartridges according to DIN1284

Advanced Degassing Station ADS – the ideal system to detect and reject medium mixed with air bubbles.

Filter AFS-01- to retain impurities in the lubricant to protect downstream process components from them.

E.E: What are the product portfolios?

ABNOX: ABNOX manufactures high-quality pumps and valves for conveying, dosing and applying lubricants, grease pumps, high-pressure pumps and valves, as well as lubrication nipples and sight glasses and develops dosing systems (grease application systems) and clamping systems. 

The product range is modular like a construction kit, so that depending on the task profile, the appropriate components can be assembled or supplemented as requirements grow. And if the right piece of the puzzle is missing for a very special customer requirement, it is developed in the in-house engineering department. 

The company ABNOX AG is a sought-after partner, among others, in vehicle construction and the transport industry, in mechanical engineering and metal processing, in medical and communication technology, in the electronics industry, in furniture and household appliance manufacturing as well as in house and building technology.

E.E: At what stage is the market you are currently operating in?

ABNOX: There is constant pressure on the market, new potential savings in production processes are always to be found. Also, the demands on lubricants are becoming higher, more complex, more diverse and therefore more expensive. Here ABNOX can help with its large experience to minimize costs by exact dosing systems. ABNOX has the know-how to find an optimally adapted dosing concept for each individual customer. We have suitable conveying systems for all container sizes and also for liquid media. For the dosing processes we can offer suitable applications of all technologies (vol. dosing, time-controlled dosing, spraying or also pulses). We respond to the wishes and needs of our customers and can therefore offer everything from cost-effective to process-monitored solutions.

E.E: What can you tell us about market trends? (Opportunity/Dangers)

ABNOX: Many customers, especially in the mechanical engineering and automotive supply industries, are observed to be changing or have already implemented processes in line with Industry 4.0. With innovative products to increase productivity ABNOX is well positioned in this area. 

It can be observed that in the field of automation ever greater requirements are coming in terms of Industry 4.0. The monitoring of processes is becoming increasingly important to ensure more efficiency, fewer failures and traceability.

E.E: What are your estimates for 2022?

ABNOX: ABNOX will certainly still have supply shortages in the first half of the year in the area of electronic parts and raw materials. A recovery will certainly come in the second half of the year and we expect an increase in economic output.