Easy Engineering: Which are the most innovative products your portfolio?

AGTOS: Due to the fact that we mostly supply customised shot blasting machines nearly all of our machines have innovative aspects. These concern on the needs of the customers.

Drum shot blasting machines are very innovative. This type of machines can be used as a single solution but also in a production line. In this case several machines are linked with loading and de-loading devices. Furthermore the use is more automated.

E.E: Which advantages are linked to drum shot blasting machines?

AGTOS: This type of machine is very compact. This means it needs less space than other machines. Therefore, the installation is easy and quickly done.

E.E: Are there special advantages for AGTOS drum shot blasting machines?

AGTOS: In comparison to competitive machines AGTOS machines have less mechanical parts which means less damages, less spare parts etc. The machines are more dens which means that less abrasive falls out during the blasting process.

E.E: Are there any advantages regarding the service situation?

AGTOS: Yes! The drums can be removed quickly. This is possible as no disturbing parts have to be removed. In opposite to the machines of other OEMs the drums can be removed to the front of the machine instead of side or rear.

E.E: What is important for the blasting process?

AGTOS: AGTOS has a big experience in adapting the whole process. Many workpieces have to be moved carefully as they can be destroyed by falling. Therefore, you will find some important features within AGTOS machines to improve a gentle treatment.

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E.E: Is there a option to see machines in process?

AGTOS: Just klick to the AGTOS YouTube channel:

Or directly to the following video:

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