Alfa e-Parts is a new and modern concept of electronic and electrical components for the automotive aftermarket. Valves, sensors, switches, pumps, connectors… their extensive catalog continues to grow to meet the market needs, expanding it frequently.

In Alfa e-Parts, they combine a lot of years of experience in the market, especially in this product family, with an advanced technology in design, manufacturing and verification of the products. Alfa e-Parts’ catalog is really extensive and they constantly update the range with new families and new part numbers. 

The company knows that customers need the products as soon as possible, so they have all into stock to provide a good service. They also provide technical services to support customers.

Alfa e-Parts is a new brand of BBB Industries group. BBB Industries, founded in 1987 and with headquarters in Alabama, United States, has a long history as a global manufacturer of new Tier-1 parts and remanufactured for some of the customers world´s largest OEMS, including a long experience in electrical products such as alternators and starter engines. BBB Industries commitment to the development of electrical and electronic products throughout a highly qualified team, is backed up by a large investment in advanced technology.

In Europe BBB Industries have several brands, in addition to Alfa e-Parts, has important Spanish brands in its portfolio: Metalcaucho, STC (Servicio y Tecnología del Caucho), Cautex and FARE, leading companies in Europe in the supply of aftersales rubber and metal spare parts for the automotive sector; Italy’s Red Line, Germany’s Mapco and Denmark’s Budweg are also part of the group.

Interview with Cristina Fumero, Business Development Manager at Alfa e-Parts.

Easy Engineering: What are the main areas of activity of the company?

Cristina Fumero: At Alfa e-Parts, we follow the philosophy of BBB Industries: we are committed to embrace innovation and invest in the most advanced technology. We offer the three pillars that customers are looking for: range, quality and service. We know that workshops need a wide range to find the specific part they need, the product is of high quality and that it arrives quickly. And we can offer them all those services. These three aspects are what works, and today there is no one else offering these advantages in electrical and electronic spare parts.

E.E: What’s the news about new products?

C.F: Alfa e-Parts is launched in May with about 5,000 part numbers. The brand is committed to a product that is 100% designed, manufactured and tested under rigorous and demanding quality tests, a wide range that will not stop growing (about 6,000 new part numbers annually), and a service that meets the expectations of its customers (taking advantage of the logistics of the BBB Industries group brands). Recently, we have made our first product release of 137 part numbers: 93 MAF sensors and 44 intake manifold modules

E.E: What are the ranges of products?

C.F: We currently have 10 product families and 13 subfamilies, classified by type and function. From Alfa e-Parts we want to make it easy for our customers, and that is why our offer is very well structured. With the initial launch of the brand of 5,000 part numbers, the families that Alfa e-Parts works with are: Sensors, Switches, Actuators, Control units, Locks, Thermostat housings, Pipes, Flanges, Radiators, and Connectors. And it is also associated with a subfamily for its function within the automobile: Engine management, Safety, Lighting, Comfort and vehicle interior, Chassis Steering, Refrigeration, Fuel system, Intake, Emissions, Electrical, Air conditioning, Ignition, and Gas dissipation.

E.E: At what stage is the market where you are currently active?

C.F: On the one hand, the global scenario that surrounds us: the geopolitical tension that has a direct impact on our business through the global economy. On the other, the problems of supply and shortage of raw materials: many manufacturers are suffering, and we, as aftermarket suppliers, are witnessing the alarming drop in the construction business. While, instead, the aftermarket business is increasing unexpectedly. We have never had such a brutal growth in aftermarket indices as we are currently experiencing, as a result of the fall of the first team. And it is that the brands buy and produce less because they do not have products to produce their vehicles, and the aftermarket is benefiting from it, it is a direct consequence.

E.E: What can you tell us about market trends?

C.F: Now we are living in a kind of fantastic bubble, we have recovered from covid quickly, we have spent a year and a half worrying and now we are experiencing a growth spiral. But the current situation, as good as it may be, should not isolate us from the consequences that it may have in the medium term, since it could become a problem, because our vehicle fleet is aging, already being one of the oldest in Europe, old cars are not they leave money in the aftermarket and the drop in vehicle sales today, we will suffer it in ten years, and it does not seem that this trend is going to change.

On the other hand, we are witnessing a change in the model of society, accustomed to immediacy and which has come up against problems of supply and scarcity of raw materials, something that was unimaginable years ago, which also coexists with the increase in generalized prices, lead to an impoverishment of society, because salaries do not grow at the level that the costs of products increase, and consequently the use of the private car can decrease as there is no money in the families to support that cost.

E.E: What are the most innovative products marketed?

C.F: After the initial launch of 5,000 part numbers in May, recently we have made our first product release of 137 part numbers: 93 MAF sensors and 44 intake manifold modules. 

However, in terms of innovation at Alfa e-Parts, stands out our diagnostic tool, the Valve Tester Alfa HT1. This patented tool is an innovation and offer a special technical support to our customers, who can directly check the performance of an EGR valve or throttle body and diagnose a possible fault in the valve system. This will avoid unnecessary procedures for incorrect warranty returns.

The tester, when is connected to the valve, the verifier performs a series of openings and closings of the valve at different speeds, thus covering all the possibilities of working speed. During the test, the verifier records the sensor position signal over the entire valve path. This signal is displayed graphically on the screen and is compared to a previously recorded standard signal. After the comparison, the result obtained is shown on the screen of the tester, to know in a few minutes if the valve has a correct operation.

E.E: What estimations do you have for the rest of 2022?

C.F: The consolidation trend is going to continue, although I do not expect major changes in terms of market structure: our market is very traditional and has perfectly absorbed phenomena or threats such as the new distribution or the e-commerce channel: many of our clients already work the B2C and the B2B. This sector is very robust and can perfectly assume these channels as its own.

The increase in used car sales is, a priori, good for the aftermarket. Of course, part of those buyers of second-hand vehicles are those of necessity products, very cheap cars, with many kilometers. These drivers, therefore, want to invest very little in the maintenance of their vehicle, which becomes a double-edged sword for the sector: more operations, but less expensive.

For us this is our first year, so our goal is to start to be known and recognized. We have to keep in mind that we are struggling to make a niche for ourselves among many competing brands with a consolidated market. However, our forecasts are positive for the end of the year, and we have high hopes for the year 2023, when we are sure to grow and there will be a lot of talk about Alfa e-Parts.