Ampere Energy is a technological Spanish company, which was founded to support the energy model transition and the planet sustainability. The company designs, develops and manufactures Smart Batteries and Energy Management Systems (SEMS) that allows the optimum energy performance of self-consumption systems, and the interconnexion of the different systems and energy players, in an intelligent and automatic way.

Ampere has developed a suite of software solutions that combines artificial intelligence, automatic learning algorithms, Big Data analysis and blockchain technology to create tools that will be key to the new energy model.

Ampere Energy has international presence in 9 countries, through subsidiaries and distribution partners.

Interview with Alfonso Escuredo, Business Development Manager at Ampere Energy.

Easy Engineering: What are the main areas of activity of the company?

Alfonso Escuredo: Our mission is to reach the digital energy communities, developing the technology and the businesses along the way to them, creating value and supporting the global sustainability and accelerating the energy transition.

We see digitalization as the key element and create hardware and software to enable this process.

Our main areas of activity are renewable energy sector, in residential and commercial- industrial. 

In both cases Ampere offers smart solutions that combined with solar generation, offers the best energy performance for self-consumption and Energy Communities. 

Digitalization is key, and our systems offer a wide variety of energy services to our customers based on predictions, deep machine learning, AI and data processing.

E.E: What’s the news about new products?

A.E: Sems One.

E.E: What does Sems One offer to any user? 


  • Detailed monitoring of household electric consumption.
  • Analysis of and monitoring of consumption and management of contracted power.
  • Comparison of consumptions over periods.
  • Switching on/off important appliances: Boiler, heater, air conditioning..
  • Notification of power failures.
  • Calculation of photovoltaic potential – Digital planner for future installation.
  • Remote Automatic Update (OTA). System is constantly being improved.


  • Modular Smart Battery for Large Industrial and Utility scale applications 
  • SEMS ONE + Bidirectional Inverter + Modular Battery capacity + PV inverter
  • Smart solution for EV Fast Charging Station support, Industrial Self Consumption, and Energy Communities (Shared stored energy)

E.E: What are the ranges of products?

A.E: Ampere offers a wide range of products and solutions that adapts to every user.

Ampere devices are self-managed and takes automatic decisions in order to reach the maximum savings and renewable energy usage, through:

  • Solar resource prediction
  • User consumption patterns auto learning 
  • Real time analysis and prediction of electricity prices

Sems One

  • Digital energy management system to control and monitor your solar energy installation.
  • Analyse the way energy is consumed and can optimize the electricity Bill and the solar PV potential.
  • First step to digital energy and energy communities.

Sems Power 

  • The first Smart solar system ready to integrate storage.
  • Different options available. SEMS One is compatible with the main inverter and battery manufacturers.
  • Start taking advantage of your solar energy and plan digitally your next energy steps.

Sems All in One 

  • Smart All-in-One” energys to rage system, with the most spectacular design.
  • From 3kWh single phase to 3-6kWh three phase systems.
  • Buy and sell electricity in an optimal way, do peak shaving and protect yourself from power outages.
  • Become a prosumer.

Sems E-loop

  • Electric vehicle charger for domestic use.
  • Thanks to the bidirectional technology and SEMS technology, the car battery can be used to feed the house or send it to the grid (V2H/V2G).
  • Get all the potential from your electric car.

E.E: At what stage is the market where you are currently active?


  • Ampere Energy has international presence in 9 countries, through subsidiaries and distribution partners.
  • Spain, Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Benelux, United Kingdom, Chile, Colombia, Saudi Arabia.

E.E: What can you tell us about market trends?

A.E: Decentralization of energy generation, Energy Communities, Digitalization and automatic systems to achieve efficient, sustainable and comfortable energy behaviors.

  • Distributed Energy Resources 
  • Energy Services Platform 
  • User and market benefits 

Distributed, renewable generation and storage are supplementing and replacing traditional generation. Distributed energy resources are providing flexibility to a new and revolutionized grid.

As DER optimization is difficult, energy intelligence through cloud based platforms improve performance and optimization allowing aggregation and market participation. 

E.E: What are the most innovative products marketed?

A.E: Our all-in-One systems have always been our flagship products. 

Premium design, top quality and automatic decisions based on AI and algorithmds.

All our products allow you to participate in Peer-to-Peer transactions, and Virtual Power Plants, enabling our customers and our energy partners to get the highest returns from their investments.

Ampere has developed the first Virtual Power Plant, named Amperia, which is offer as as service to our customers, through approved energy providers. 

DER optimization is difficult, our energy intelligence through our cloud-based platforms improve performance and optimization allowing aggregation and market participation. 

E.E: What estimations do you have for 2022?

A.E: In Ampere we expect important and positive changes in regulation in many countries in Europe, that will open a favorable framework for energy communities, virtual power plants…that will reinforce the position of the customer, creating new revenue streams and promoting the installation of renewable energy generation systems, with storage and intelligent energy management systems.

The allocation of government subsidies is also expected for clean energies, creating a high demand during 

Therefore, we expect a year of growth in sales and relevance in the market.