Aquasol has emerged as an internationally recognized leader in the manufacturing of water soluble and other welding consumables, including technologically advanced pipe purging devices. Aquasol has dedicated its resources to developing patented products that enhance welding efficiency. While they continuously strive to provide welding solutions, the company is also focused on quality and convenience. Aquasol’s latest line of welding solutions showcases how they kept user performance and simplicity top of mind. As Aquasol strives to improve their products and helps welders address critical industry challenges.

Easy Engineering: Which are the most innovative products/solutions in your lineup?

AQUASOL: Recently, Aquasol launched the first APP enabled programmable oxygen monitor, POM®-100B/POM®-5B.  Compatible with Android, iOS and Windows; the patent-pending POM®-100B/POM®-5B joins other well-known innovative brands in bringing the latest technology to welders’ fingertips. 

The downloadable POM® Connect APP can transform the POM®-100B/POM®-5B, enabling viewing of Oxygen PPM in real time from a remote location using your smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. View a real-time chart right from your Bluetooth device to improve the quality control process and productivity.

More than that, with “Convertible Sensor Technology,” the POM-100B with 100 PPM resolution converts to the POM-5B with an extremely precise 5 PPM oxygen resolution with a simple factory addition of the sensor. This can be done after purchase as an “upgrade” affordably.

The I-Purge®/ I-Purge® X modular inflatable bladders are the most innovative and versatile pipe purging systems available.  Equipped with state-of-the-art features, the I-Purge®/ I-Purge® X systems enable the operator to accomplish a number of different purge requirements with one interchangeable solution; including traditional applications with two-sided tandem inflatables of the same size, reducer applications with two-sided tandem inflatables of the different sizes and one-sided pipe stopper/isolator.

The I-Purge®/ I-Purge® X modular inflatable bladder systems are equipped with several highly advanced features such as its Quick Connect Fittings that snap-in place and allow easy assembly and disassembly of components and an extended length, high heat resistant harness that allows the bladders to be placed outside the heat affected zone and can also sufficiently accommodate any pre-heating or high heat applications.

The I-Purge® X provides revolutionary Bladder Expansion Technology (BET) that enables one unit to fit multiple pipe sizes. Bladders have the ability to expand and contract to fit each piping specification and are protected by a spark resistant exterior cover that does not combust when exposed to flames and sparks.

E.E: What was the research behind the products/solutions?

AQUASOL: The mobile app development industry is evolving at quickly. Today, if you look around, we can see many smart devices being used at home and at work. Aquasol’s design engineers’ mission is to continually develop cutting-edge technology that simplifies the welding process. Aquasol’s previous generation PRO OX® 100 Oxygen Monitor had one of the first Bluetooth capabilities but only compatibility with Windows 10. Knowing that technology is always evolving and our client base is becoming more technology driven, our R&D engineers immediately starting working on a more universal platform. Their intention was to make a new oxygen monitor compatible with Android, iOS and Windows. Thus, the POM®-100B/POM®-5B oxygen monitor was developed.

E.E:Tell us more about the POM®-100B/POM®-5B innovative features?

AQUASOL: Smart Features: 

  • BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy Interface) 
  • Real-time Remote Viewing and Storing of Data 
  • Compatible with companion Apps available on Android, iOS, and Windows 

Display Features: 

  • 2.8″ LCD Color Display 
  • Intelligent Color Notification System 
  • Operates in four (4) languages (English, Deutsch, Espanol or Portugues) 
  • Device Features:
  • Internal Pump 
  • 2-Point Calibration 
  • Audio-Visual Alarm 
  • Unlimited Offline Data Logging on Device 
  • Superior Construction and Components: 
  • Airtight, Dust Proof, Water Resistant, and Impact Resistant 
  • Built-in Inline Replaceable Dust Filter 
  • Rechargeable Battery

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E.E: How important are these features for the users?

AQUASOL: With so many advanced features, the POM®-100B/POM®-5B is easily the most technologically advanced weld purge monitor on the market while always giving the most accurate measurement. Properly evacuating the oxygen before welding, is paramount in high purity welding to prevent oxyidation, discoloration and coking.

Data logging feature is critical in helping with quality control and compliance requirements. This feature allows operators receive data and create infinite permanent records of real time data and export to Microsoft® Excel and plain text format.

The POM®-100B/POM®-5B is equipped with a BLE transmitting device which allows the oxygen monitor to send the oxygen readings wirelessly to any BLE device (i.e., Smartphone/Laptop). This feature allows the user to manage other tasks on the job sites while simultaneously monitoring oxygen readings until the desired measurement is achieved. This improves efficiency and ultimately saves money.  

E.E: What industries do you think will grow in 2023?

AQUASOL: Providing eco-friendly solutions is a key trend that has been surfacing for a number of years.  Companies are increasingly challenged to create sustainable solutions throughout the production process. Stakeholders and government agencies are demanding in-process procedures and final packaging to reduce the organization’s carbon footprint. Besides sustainability, items need to be reusable and recyclable.

Digital is a growing Industry which includes the mobile app development. To survive and thrive in this digital era, you must get acquainted with the changing mobile app development trends. For some industrial products like the POM®-100B/POM®-5B Oxygen Monitors, a mobile app can enhance operation.

E.E: Within the digital arena is data science/analystics. Everything is tracked on the web.

AQUASOL: With remote work skyrocketing around the globe, cyber security is more important than ever in addition to streamlining of processes.

Space travel is the future! SpaceX announced in a article that they are teaming up with NASA to launch SpaceX Crew-6 in 2023. 

E.E: What products/solutions do you provide for these industries?

AQUASOL: Aquasol can assist with sustainability efforts by offering welding solutions which are manufactured from eco-friendly water-soluble materials. Aquasol Water Soluble Paper is derived from trees, a renewable source, that dissolves in cold water, hot water, steam and most aqueous solutions. In addition, Aquasol has the capability of designing components and packaging solutions.

If Aquasol’s water soluble paper or EZ Purge® pre-formed dams cannot be used for pipe purging; the operator can use an alternate device which is reusable, I-Purge®/I-Purge®X modular inflatable bladder systems.

All of Aquasol models of oxygen monitors are equipped with rechargeable batteries so that waste is reduced. 

Knowing that technology is always evolving and our client base is becoming more technology driven, our R&D engineers’ intention was to develop a new oxygen monitor with app capabilities compatible with Android, iOS and Windows. After years of development, the POM®-100B/POM®-5B oxygen monitor was launched in the second quarter of 2022. Using the POM® Connect App allows users to monitor oxygen levels within a range of 100 feet (30 M) from the actual oxygen monitor with Bluetooth transmitting capabilities

Aquasol is proud to have provided our revolutionary welding technology that is essential to SpaceX.  The Precise Oxygen Monitors, POM®-100B/POM®-5B APP Enabled Programmable Oxygen Monitor and the I-Purge, which provides verstile pipe purging solutions are some items used by SpaceX today. 

”Thank you, we really enjoy the equipment.” ~Joey, SpaceX Starship, Propulsion Engineering.

E.E: How will you adapt your product/solutions for the future?

AQUASOL: The current environment has been tough on most businesses. Aquasol knows It is important to find creative ways to meet the welding industry needs and offer products that can simplify the quality control process and improve productivity. Our R&D department will continue to follow trends as a whole and within our industry using technology as a competitive weapon.

E.E: What are your estimations for the rest of the year?

AQUASOL: We expect the POM®-100B/POM®-5B oxygen monitors to overtake the market for weld purge monitors internationally.

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