Arkitech Advanced Construction Technologies is the technological leader for providing Light Gauge Steel (LGS) – also known as Cold Formed Steel (CFS) or Light Steel Framing (LSF) or Steel Framing Systems (SFS) – technology. Arkitech Technology Package contains engineering solutions including LGS framers, design software, manufacturing software, commissioning, and training on-site.

Arkitech focuses particularly on result-oriented innovative solutions paying most attention on high quality, low costs, and minimum time expenditure for their customers. To achieve these objectives, since establishment in the year 2012 in Ankara, Arkitech with their experienced and highly qualified in-house engineers has always been developing own products responding the demanding requirements of LGS market for high quality and for high performance level.

Easy Engineering: What are the main areas of activity of the company?

Arkitech Advanced Construction Technologies: Based on the over 15 years of experience of Arkitech’s employees in LGS Technology Arkitech has developed a very sophisticated solution for Light Gauge Steel (LGS) construction. The Arkitech LGS Technology guarantees cost benefits over conventional construction methods.

The quick high-volume manufacturing of LGS frames accelerates the building construction timescale resulting in greater profitability. Arkitech’s technology is used worldwide for the manufacturing of a wide range of applications for residential, commercial, modular, and multi-story buildings, as well as for bathroom pods, site units, prefabricated modules, warehouses, etc.

E.E: What’s the news about new products?

Arkitech Advanced Construction Technologies: In general, each of Arkitech’s full automated Multi Profile Framer is designed according to the requirements for a certain range of several individual profile web sizes including a high functionality of profile operations.

Using only one framer model for a wide range of profile web sizes, profile thicknesses, flange heights, lip sizes and profile operations offers a high flexibility for LGS profile manufacturing.

In addition, only the modular framer assembly concept of Arkitech allows the upgrade of number of web sizes and profile operations, even any time after commissioning.

Further Arkitech Framers are controlled by the in-house developed Arkitech Framer Software which offers the compatibility with manufacturing files from Arkitech Design Software as well as from established third-party design software solutions.

Finally, the specially developed Arkitech Design and Detailing Software enables the user to create and detail any individual LGS structure according to any self-created or imported floor plan. Since October 2021 the designed LGS structures can be easily exported as IFC file to any further BIM software solution for further processing of the building elements.

E.E: What are the ranges of products?

Arkitech Advanced Construction Technologies: For all the individual markets and LGS applications Arkitech offers the complete Light Steel Framing technology from one single source, the design and manufacturing software over fully automated framing systems up to on-site commissioning and training:

  • Arkitech LGS Framers in standard and customized configurations,
  • Arkitech LGS Manufacturing Software,
  • Arkitech LGS Design Software,
  • Mobile Viewer Application for mobile devices,
  • Commissioning and Training of Arkitech Framers worldwide,
  • Training of Arkitech Software,
  • Technical Support for Arkitech Framers,
  • Technical Support for Arkitech Software,
  • Technical Service and Parts for Arkitech Framers.

E.E: At what stage is the market where you are currently active?

Arkitech Advanced Construction Technologies: The worldwide population is growing every day, therefor the need for affordable living space is growing faster and faster, but the construction costs of the conventional building methods keep rising and there are fewer and fewer experienced craftsmen.  

Thus, a quick, simple, inexpensive, and sustainable solution for the building industry is needed. Light Gauge Steel (LGS) construction technology is the appropriate and sustainable solution. Economical building solutions, less primary energy consumption and increasing sustainability are the drive for the market growth of LGS technology in many countries worldwide. 

In addition, there are still many countries, e.g. Germany, where this market is still emerging.

E.E: What can you tell us about market trends?

Arkitech Advanced Construction Technologies: The most of the conventional construction methods suffer from a consistent high proportion of manual building processes and thus the lack of productivity increase. 

LGS supports the process of productivity increase perfectly. The smooth integration of a modern, digital building design, time- and cost saving frame production and more and more automated prefabrication underlines the fast developments of this technology.

Through the continuous further development of a progressive LGS construction technology Arkitech has become the technology leader for Light Gauge Steel (LGS) technology. 

Arkitech understands the current challenges of the construction industry and offers the demanded productivity-increasing solutions for a more cost-effective and more sustainable construction industry of the future worldwide.

The user benefits from the increase in construction speed and accuracy, the reduced labor costs and, ultimately, from the accelerated construction speed. 

LGS construction is an innovative and reliable building technology that due to its high stiffness and low weight of only 20 to 30 kg of steel per square meter in average of usable area allows enormous design flexibility for example by an increased span and a variety of external architectural facade treatments. 

In addition, steel is sustainable, once produced it can be used again and again. Steel can be recycled indefinitely without any loss of quality.

Steel is environmentally friendly because it does not age and therefore its life cycle, unlike other materials, is not limited. After the life cycle of a product made of steel, it can always be 100% recovered and is therefore a permanent resource.

Because of the permanent value of steel, there are sufficient incentives to maintain a high level of recycling. With over 500 tons of recycled material annually, steel is the most recycled industrial material worldwide.

E.E: What are the most innovative products marketed?

Arkitech Advanced Construction Technologies: The flagship of Arkitech’s product portfolio is called Multi Profile Framer MF4000P, it is the most comprehensive and most functional framer solution in the market. 

This innovative Framer solution is designed for fully automated production of any kind of LGS profiles with a unique range of an unlimited number of web sizes from 75 mm to 400 mm and an unsurpassed thickness range of 1.00 mm to 4.00 mm.

Already the standard version of the MF4000P offers the required full functionality including the range of 16 hydraulic profile operations for manufacturing profiles for wall, truss, joist, header, ceiling, and roof frames as well as length profiles to streamline the construction process and to speed up the completion of projects.

E.E: What estimations do you have for 2022?

Arkitech Advanced Construction Technologies: The recently defined global goals for more sustainability and for higher productivity for the building sector creates a further increasing demand for Light Gauge Steel applications.

In May 2022 Arkitech will open a new production facility in Ankara to further increase the capacities for in-house development and production and thus to meet the increasing needs of the fast-growing market for LGS constructions.