Assodimi / Assonolo is the Italian association which represents the rental of machinery and tools such as excavators, aerial platforms or forklifts.

Created in 1992, the association has over 430 members throughout Italy operating in sectors such as lifting, earthmoving, logistics and landscaping. Assodimi / Assonolo is one of the founding members of ERA, the European rental association. In addition to carrying out tasks of representation and participation in work tables with entities and ministries, the association provides practical services to rental companies to professionalize the sector as much as possible. Always up-to-date contracts, a periodic statistical study, information exchange services and a Technical Committee made up of experts who can give support to the renters are made available.

Assodimi / Assonolo organizes training courses and rental events including the national congress now in its 30th edition.

Easy Engineering: What are the main areas of activity of the association?

The association supports and represents companies that operate in the rental of machines and work equipment. Construction, lifting, logistics and earthmoving are the sectors in which hiring is most often used. For this we could say that these are the main areas in which our associates operate.

E.E: What are the news on the new products?

ASSODIMI: The rental of capital goods in Italy is characterized by the continuous introduction of new

machines. Over 70% of aerial platforms and 40% of earthmoving machinery sold in Italy become part of he rental parks.

Technological innovation allows for increasingly efficient and less impactful machines, which can prove to be very versatile for the rental sector.

E.E: At what point is the market in which you are currently active?

ASSODIMI: The rental market in Italy is rapidly expanding both in terms of turnover and an increase in the number of customers who use it.

In 2019 the sector had returned to registering the pre-crisis numbers and, despite the 2020 breakeven caused by the lockdown, in 2021 a growth of + 20% was recorded.

The rental penetration is around 1% compared to the Italian GDP and the possibilities for expansion, especially in some sectors, are very high.

E.E: What can you tell us about the market trends?

ASSODIMI: The Italian rental is opening up more and more to innovation both with the introduction of intelligent machines and through the digitization of processes and contracts.

Sustainability is one of the most felt themes in our country and the very concept of rental is part of this cycle. Hybrid or electric machinery are becoming part of many rental parks but it is important to raise awareness among the end customer about the use of these machines. In this period there are problems with the arrival of new machines due to the increase in prices and long delivery times.

E.E: What estimates do you have for 2022?

ASSODIMI: Estimates for 2022 forecast growth of around 12%.

There is a lot of demand for rental machinery in this period due to the numerous construction sites open thanks to state eco-bonuses, while the PNRR should start soon. Rental companies therefore have many machines already rented but the difficulties in the arrival of new machines limit their possibilities.

In general, we can say that the prospects for the next two years are very positive and it will be up to the rental companies to adapt to a rapidly evolving market.