ATL Anlagentechnik Luhden GmbH is a family-operated company, that was founded in 1993, by owner and CEO Joern Struckmann. In the year 2000 he brought to life ATL Polska in Silesia. Over 100 employees at both locations are split in different business areas. One area is responsible for the construction of pressure vessels and silencers. The production of such vessels comprises several work steps, like laser cutting, folding, pressing, bending, milling, welding, sand & glass bead blasting and various painting works. Another area deals with the construction of explosions treatment machines, like the thermal deburring systems and RETICULATUS foam treatment machines, which are built in Tworog, Poland. 

An interview with Igor Pleis, Sales Manager ATL ANLAGENTECHNIK LUHDEN.

Easy Engineering: What are the main areas of activity of the company?

ATL ANLAGENTECHNIK LUHDEN: Besides the construction of pressure vessels and silencers, one can say, ATLs core competence lies in the build of explosion treatment machines, like the RETICULATUS Foam treatment machine and the iTEM – Thermal deburring machine. ATL is a leading company in explosive treatment, and worldwide the only company that is specialized on different materials, like metals, plastics and foams. The first explosion treatment machine for foams was delivered to Korea in 1996. The first TEM system went into service in 2008. Besides the construction of TEM machines we are offering job shop deburring as well as carry out deburring test in our research and test deburring center in Luhden.

E.E: What are the news of 2020 about new products?

ATL ANLAGENTECHNIK LUHDEN: With the 25th anniversary ATL brought the new iTEM320NG – Next Generation and the big brother, the iTEM400Plus deburring system on the marked. Both iTEMs impress with new look and several new features. The slim machine design makes the new iTEMs more handy and the integrated cooling system more space saving. We increased the efficiency through an integrated component cooling and an additional mixing block testing facility. What stays is the diversity of chamber sizes. The iTEM320NG comes with chamber sizes of Ø250xH300mm, Ø320xH300mm up to Ø320xH400mm. Furthermore maybe the last highlight in this year will be the opening of a deburring center in Tworog, Poland, where we will also offer contract deburring.

E.E: What are the ranges of traded products?

ATL ANLAGENTECHNIK LUHDEN: We carry out explosion treatments on metals, thermoplastics and foams. Therefore there is a wide range where we can apply with our machines. In the area of thermal deburring, we have customers in nearly all sectors, all over the world. Be it in the hydraulic, automotive, defense or medical sector. What makes TEM so special is the versatility of suitable materials, the variety of component geometry and their assembly regarding the apply of fixtures. An even wider range we find in the foam treatment industry, especially when it comes to permeable foam. Due to recent sales, the increase of foam production is noticeable in Europe, China, Korea and South America. There is a high demand on permeable quality foam, especially for high end filters.

E.E: At what stage is the market where you are currently active?

ATL ANLAGENTECHNIK LUHDEN: Cleanliness of components is still of great importance for companies of all sectors. Therefore, of course, thermal deburring comes into play here. Especially the hydraulic sector benefits of the TEM-Method, because even hard to reach burrs in manifolds can be removed successfully. In general one can say, the thermal deburring process is suitable for all inside burrs and soiling. The key benefits of thermal deburring are high quality, repeatability as well as time and cost savings. No wonder, there is also a great interest in thermal deburring in the automotive, aerospace, defense and industrial sector. Here the TEM-Method shows itself as an efficient alternative to common deburring methods, such as HD water jet deburring. Even the medical industry has recognized the value of TEM early on when it comes to the final treatment for all thermoplastics like PA, PE, PTFE, PUR, PMMA as well as injection molded parts without glass fiber content. Besides thermal deburring, we are also active in permeable foam treatment sector. More precisely, in the reticulation sector. We produce our RETULATION Machine for world-wide customers, because the necessity of permeable foam is almost always given. Whether we speak about high quality-filters, Isolation or respirators. Reticulated foam you can find in seating like cars seat, sofas, mattresses and many more.

E.E: What can you tell us about market trends?

ATL ANLAGENTECHNIK LUHDEN: We observe a strong increase in the plastics industry and additive processed components. Next to the medical sector, with its complex components like plastic manifolds or mixing vessels, in the meanwhile TEM is discovered by customers from various sectors with all kind of workpieces, like sealing caps, clips or brackets. Wherever many parts are produced and burr occurs, companies are looking for solutions, and find TEM. When it comes to thermal deburring of plastics, no other method is as efficient and effective as the TEM method. In less than 2 minutes it´s possible to deburr a huge amount of parts, which are then ready to use immediately. Furthermore we notice a push in the additive processing sector. Especially technics like 3D Printing and Plastic sintering have improved radically. Here we seen a big potencial, because latest thermal deburring experiments have shown big improvement according burr removal and surface polishing.

E.E: What are most innovative products marketed?

ATL ANLAGENTECHNIK LUHDEN: Even though the explosion treatment itself isn´t a recent discovery, one can say that from the technical perspective the RETICULATUS machine, the iTEM Plastics and the worldwide unique long chamber TEM machine are in same way rare and peerless. For 2020 it was the aim to bundle our construction experience and engineering know how, to produce an outstanding thermal deburring machine. The iTEM320NG and iTEM400PLUS are the most innovative and ATLs top notch products.

E.E: What estimations do you have for 2020?

ATL ANLAGENTECHNIK LUHDEN: At the beginning of 2020 I probably would have said, that it´s hard to give an estimate for this year. I belive everybody in every sector can agree with me in this point. But now at the end of the year, we are pretty happy about the final result. Considering that the deburring scene lives from trade fairs, and this year there wasn´t a single one. We are more than greatful and truly a bit surprised how fast industry and customers have adapted to the new situation. The digital fairs will definitely increase this and next year. We are curious what course it will actually take. The focus for the end of this year lies in the introduction of our thermal deburring center in Tworog, Poland. This move is also very important for us to open and establish the thermal deburring market in the countries around Poland, like Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and of course Romania. Since we are already well positioned in these countries and especially in Romania through our sales Partner “Marius Breaz“ we are looking forward to represent our deburring expertise and bring our method closer to new customers.

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For the last months of this year we still have some projects in the pipeline. Of course we would love to bring one or another project home. But the most important thing is to stay healthy. Today more important than ever.