BeEnergy SG GmbH offers a standardized live monitoring solutions for smart grids. The Smart Grid Interface Module (SGIM) is a ready-to-use system to monitor measured electrical values in sub-stations and cable distribution cabinets. 

The mechanical design of SGIM is in line with industrial standards and is especially meant to be installed in a 185mm busbar system. The product can be installed under load and can provide data through its own web portal or any existing SCADA systems within minutes.

The company offers a secure IT infrastructure with an ISO 27001 certified data centre in Frankfurt.

To keep clients’ data secure, all their IT services can be installed on the clients premises as well. BeEnergy can assist with data mgmt. but can also just provide the hardware. 

Their first point of contact with the customer is to offer a detailed look into their low voltage grid. After which the client can use his data to make grid expansions cost efficient and supported by live information from the grid. 

BeEnergy provides voltages, currents, frequency and power quality measurements and configure the “SGIM” to best fit that particular sub-station and environment. 

With their modus RTU and I/O module they also offer control of sub-stations and distribution cabinets. The company can digitize additional sensors (temperature, water levels, weather etc) and deliver this data into the requested IT infrastructure.

Easy Engineering: What are the main areas of activity of the company?

BeEnergy: Our device helps to digitize the last “dark-section” of the grid with known and familiar technologies in a ready to use proven product. 

The SGIM offers sub-station automation and measurement capabilities within the CAT IV grid. 

Another advantage is our standardized 185mm installation platform which gives us the capabilities to install underload and offer a safe and cost efficient form to retrofit the existing low voltage grid. 

Most of our devices are installed in sub-stations but we experience and increased demand to monitor distribution cabinets as well. 

E.E: What’s the news about new products?

BeEnergy: For 2022 we have followed the demand of our clients and will offer an additional module that provides full power quality measurements with conformity to EN IEC 50160 standards. 

Power quality measurements and grid analysis are more relevant today with the rise of new incoming loads from renewables in the low voltage grid. 

We were able to add these new features to our existing platform that is easy to implement and is already used for roll-out projects. We are excited to deliver these modules to our clients in Q1/2022 and are confident this will further increase our unique position in the market. 

E.E: What are the ranges of products?

BeEnergy: Our expertise lies with hardware, software, communication and IoT capabilities. 

Hardware: We offer the “SGIM” a customizable low voltage monitoring platform to digitize sub-station and distribution cabinets. 

Software: We have our own secure cloud solution which can be installed on premise in the clients own IT infrastructure. 

The cloud can be customized to the client’s requirements and we can also include data from other external sensors already in the grid. 

We also have a strong interoperability with the major SCADA systems and offer Modbus and 104 protocols. 

For a full datasheet please follow the link below:

E.E: At what stage is the market where you are currently active?

BeEnergy: We are definitely in a growing market now. The switch from most major car manufacturers to an electric portfolio will increase the strain on the low voltage grid in the following years. Therefore the demand to monitor and understand the loads and situations within this part of the grid will become essential for distribution grid operators. 

Each grid and country is in its own various stages of development but most of our clients do understand that they need to start looking at solutions to prepare for the rising activities in the 0,4kv grids. 

In our key markets we are past the “pilot” phase and our clients realize they need a finished durable product that can be installed long-term and has roll-out capabilities. 

E.E: What can you tell us about market trends?

BeEnergy: For large scale rollouts we see the trend to move away from existing SCADA infrastructures to a more IoT based solution. 

Furthermore, including grid analysis tools with power quality will become increasingly more important. 

These features need to be cost efficient and easy to implement for smaller utilities and distribution grid operator. This is one of our key strengths at BeEnergy SG, that we can offer all these features in an easy to implement system. 

E.E: What are the most innovative products marketed?

BeEnergy: Our main product the SGIM already delivers innovation in form of our easy installation process and interoperable IoT capabilities. 

The SGIM can connect with other assets already in the grid and bring that data into the cloud or any existing SCADA system. 

Additionally, our new power quality module with grid analysis capabilities will help utilities to understand their low voltage grid even better with a system that offers a lot more than just current measurements.  

E.E: What estimations do you have for 2022?

BeEnergy: The demand to monitor the low voltage grid will become more relevant in the years to come. The move towards renewables, electric vehicles and a more decentralized grid will further increase the need for products like the SGIM from BeEnergy SG. 

Over the past year we have seen many small to medium size utilities start working with our solution. Furthermore, we have been involved in the first roll-out projects from larger utilities to digitize sub-stations and the entire low voltage grid.

For 2022 we expect this trend to grow as more clients get comfortable with our product and want to learn more about their low voltage grid. Furthermore, we are excited to increase our international footprint further and help utilities worldwide understand their low voltage grids better. We look forward to any new contacts and are excited to present our solution. 

BeEnergy SG GmbH

Robin Mueller, int. Sales Manager