Bronsolution delivers solutions. These solutions are aimed at companies that do not have the capacity on board to carry out maritime engineering, projects or optimization actions, but do see the need to organize this in order to keep their ship on course. However, it does not stay there and Bronsolution goes a step further. As their logo shows, partly because of our commitment and added value, a three-leaf clover will become a four-leaf clover.

Easy Engineering: What are the main areas of activity of the company?

BRONSOLUTION: Maritime engineering capacity:

We deliver quality maritime engineering work and project management, on time and at low cost! Maritime engineering lends itself well to outsourcing because:

  • it is bound by strict global regulations,
  • work is carried out according to customer drawings and P&IDs (diagrams),
  • often the same global software tools are used,
  • most customers and co-makers work in one and the same 3D model,
  • engineering can be worked out with client-specific software libraries,
  • it is a digital process.

There is a big shortage of maritime engineers in the Netherlands and other countries in Europe. So we let foreign maritime engineers come to the our country, because we do and want to keep the work here. These temporary immigrants have to travel a lot, live without their families, work a lot of hours, have to be trained and accompanied and when they leave, with knowledge learned in your company, all the extra efforts starts again in a new project. 

Bronsolution and Buoyancy Consultants have joined hands to offer you a solution. Buoyancy Consultants is a very renowned maritime engineering company from the most prosperous province of India, called Goa. The company provides global engineering projects from A to Z in ship- and yacht building, offshore and onshore.

Bronsolution has a lot of experience in European shipbuilding and yacht building and is focused on project management. The cooperation between Bronsolution and Buoyancy Consultants is called “social and green engineering” and offers a solution for the shortage of maritime engineers in Western Europe. The basis of “social and green engineering” is that employees are not taken to the work, but the work to the employees. In this way, extra costs and environmental impact are prevented and everyone works in his own habitat where he or she feels happy and can perform optimally.

Interim “Project” Management

As an interim “project” manager I use my broad knowledge, expertise and experience. In addition, I notice that it is an advantage that I have worked in different companies, branches and functions, and do know the Do’s and the Don’ts. An added value (in addition to the regular assignment) is that I can show and transfer within your organization my professional project management, efficiency, result orientation and passion for the profession.

Optimization of business processes

Optimizing processes is as old as Rome. There are countless courses, methods and tools that focus on optimization. My opinion is that innovation and continuous improvement is a must for companies to have a future. The added value that I provide in this service is that I take your employees along in this fascinating phase. I supervise and monitor the process but together we find the causes and we think of the solutions. Teamwork, acceptance and support is a very important side result.

Agent of the unique Linx-as system 

For the Netherlands and Northern Germany, Bronsolution is the agent for the company Linx-as.  An innovative coupling to connect piping without welding.

  • Boosting efficiency and reducing installation times;
  • A combined solution for driving up quality and fixing costs;
  • Cutting re-work and installation warranty costs;
  • Swage technology creates a permanent 400 bar gas tight joint;
  • Type approvals from multiple Class Societies;
  • Rapid turnaround on installation work;
  • Lower overall cost compared to traditional alternatives;
  • Smart design reduces the requirement for welding;
  • Quick and easy repairs for Pit Stop style turnarounds;
  • Pipe fitters can prepare and fit Linx joint;
  • Quick and easy installation;
  • On-site visual check to Ensure quality.

3D laserscanning

3D laser scanning is a measurement technique in which an existing situation is visualized completely in 3D at lightning speed: “as built”. The scanner generates a point cloud, from which the data can be retrieved. This point cloud can also be loaded into technical software to enable engineering from a millimeter-accurate model.

Our expertise lies in 3D scanning within ship and yacht building. This is in addition to our technical expertise in this sector. It is important when scanning that knowledge and experience is present in ship and yacht building, during the scan an investigation is often also carried out to collect all information that is required for the engineering.

Within ship and yacht building, 3D laser scanning with name is used for:

  • Retrofit projects
  • Maintenance projects
  • Conversion projects
  • New construction projects

E.E: What’s the news about new products?

BRONSOLUTION: The coupling of Linx-as is an new innovative product. We are going to introduce these coming years in the ship- and yacht building. 

VR – We have a platform for customers for VR. We scan their ship or yacht, add all required information in the model. It can be used for several purposes as training. 

E.E: At what stage is the market where you are currently active?

BRONSOLUTION: Ship- and yacht building.

E.E: What can you tell us about market trends?

BRONSOLUTION: Opportunities / trends in the conservative ship- and yacht build market should be more focused on an efficient process.

This can be done by:

  • Integrated planning (Engineering / production / supplier / building)
  • Standardisation
  • Virtual building (by virtual building a realistic planning can be made)
  • Knowledge modules (share knowledge in your company)
  • Etc

E.E: What are the most innovative products marketed?

BRONSOLUTION: Most innovative product in ship- and yacht building focus on green shipping. We focus on green engineering.

E.E: What estimations do you have for the rest of 2022?

BRONSOLUTION: In 2022 we will continue to focus on our mentioned services. Coming years the innovative coupling will get more attention in our marketing strategy.