Color Service was founded in 1987 and is the world leader in the development and production of Automatic Dosing Systems. The company’s long experience in the textile industry has allowed them to introduce their unique technology also in other market segments such as rubber, tire, cosmetic and plastic, meeting the necessary requirements in the manufacturing environments.

Color Service’s systems are world famous in solving the problems associated with the manual weighing of any powder and liquid product.

With more than 2500 systems installed worldwide, the company has consolidated its position satisfying customer’s need to automate the raw material dosing in several countries: America, Europe, Africa and Asia.

Easy Engineering: Which are the most digitalized products / solutions?

COLOR SERVICE: The most digitalized product is our Automatic Dosing System. Our systems are designed to abandon traditional production methods in order to streamline workflows and automate the activities and procedures that, carried out manually, would not allow the same precise and efficient result. Thanks to our systems, we can solve many of the problems present in the manual weighing of any powder product automating the dosing of the products and every single process of the production cycle.

Color Service’s Automatic Dosing System

E.E: What are the characteristics of these products / solutions?

COLOR SERVICE: Our systems guarantee High Dosing Accuracy through several dispensing devices, Batch Traceability to monitor all the processes through an identification label printed on the bag with thermal transfer printer, Environmental Respect reducing the pollution, the energy and the air consumption and Modularity of individual stations satisfying customer’s permanent and future need.

E.E: What are the benefits for the users?

COLOR SERVICE: Connect all the activities of the production cycle using new technologies and allowing to have precise information in real time, based on the processing of data, brings significant immediate and concrete benefits. Thanks to our system’s automation, we guarantee our customers more production in less time, more coordination, reduction of the margins of error in all the processing phases, more energy saving, more safety for the operators and maximum responsiveness to unexpected events that can occur on each production line. 

E.E: In what type of projects are they used?

COLOR SERVICE: Our Automatic Dosing Systems can be applied to different sectors. Currently we are involved in the manufacturing sectors of Technical Rubber, Tire, Cosmetic, Plastic and Food Industries. Our main objective is to introduce our technological innovation to new customers, in order to allow them to take advantage of all the benefits that our systems can offer and improve the production reality.

E.E: Do you plan to implement digitalization in other products / solutions?

COLOR SERVICE: Color Service relies on an R&D Department focusing on the constant upgrading of existing products as well as on the creation of new ones designed to improve the productivity, automatizing, simplifying and minimizing the human intervention.

E.E: How important is digitalization in your field?

COLOR SERVICE: Industry 4.0 technologies are transforming manufacturing across the world. The benefit of Industry 4.0 and potential return on investment are what is truly important. To stay competitive and equip your production lines for the future, the automation of the production cycle is fundamental.

E.E: In which directions do you think digitalization is heading towards?

COLOR SERVICE: The digital transformation associated to the Industry 4.0 has a huge potential. Innovation and process automation are the basis of successful industrial strategies, fundamental in maintaining a leadership position in the world market. In the future we expect the production process to be fully automatic in all sectors.

E.E: What was the employee feedback regarding the digitalization process?

COLOR SERVICE: The digitalization process is a great help to the operators who use our systems. The systems are user-friendly and software is intuitive and easy to use, allowing a quick and easy understanding.

E.E: What industries do you think will be more digitalized in the future?

COLOR SERVICE: The more digitalized industries will undoubtedly be the one of telecommunications. Just think that thanks to the technological innovation of this sector they have been able to create digital fairs in virtual form, especially with the current critical situation that does not allow us to participate physically. It will be followed by IT companies and the chemical industry in the manufacturing sector.

E.E: Did the current situation made your company implement digitalization sooner than predicted?

COLOR SERVICE: The digitalization of communications has allowed us to contact customers in a faster and cheaper way. We have certainly improved technical assistance by developing remote control software and introduced remote installation procedures to ensure production continuity for our customers.

E.E: What are your forecasts for the first half of 2021?

COLOR SERVICE: It is currently difficult for us to make predictions for the current year, the global health crisis has deeply affected the market and has generated general uncertainty that continues to characterize the evolution of the pandemic and which consequently affects the investment projects of companies. Despite the situation, we closed some orders earlier this year and we are receiving several inquiries. In the meantime, we take advantage of this year to study and develop new projects and innovations applied to our systems in order to spread our technology to a wider market.


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