COMI is an industrial machinery manufacturer and new technologies promoter, holding a global leadership position in thermoforming machines employed in the manufacturing of refrigerators inner liners and inner doors. More than 2000 units are installed all around the world.

Established in 1973, COMI is today a diversified group capable to design and manufacture Thermoforming machines & Molds, Presses, CNC Milling and WaterJet and Laser cutting machines, Metal Sheet working systems.

Easy Engineering: What are the main areas of activity of the company?

COMI: Its special and standard machineries are widely used in Household appliances, Automotive, Aerospace, Railway, Mold making, Marine sectors.

Thanks to its Engineering Department COMI also integrates robot, laser and other new technologies in highly customized and automated working units. Guarantee the manufacturing solution with the highest performance in every working condition has been the COMI driven since it was born. Through the development of important projects with the range today available and the acquisition of complementary technologies/partnership, COMI will pursue its growth towards a 360° offer to its customers.

E.E: What’s the news for 2021 about new products?

COMI: In 2021 we have in production a new CNC machining center called Laborstyle, a resin 3D printer machine that will build yachts but will be sold above all to companies that produce the “masters”, that is the resin models, scale 1: 1 also in the automotive sector. Furthermore, Comi have just built a press called Shuttle, a plant for the production of zootechnical rubber items. With this line, the company enters the market for processing plants for recycled materials. The plant uses recycled rubber as raw material, in particular rubber granules obtained from tires. This material is used for acoustic insulation from noise and vibrations, essential for livestock items, and is made from 100% regenerated material. Then there are more practical aspects related to animal welfare, such as the possibility of having a completely customizable product, both in thickness and in length, which also contributes to improving the hygiene of the environment.

E.E: What are the ranges of products?

COMI: Comi produces 3 lines of thermoforming machines: in-line, single station and for packaging. In-line thermoforming machines are the most advanced and highly productive machines, they reach up to 170 thermoformed pieces per hour and have four/five stations. this type of machine is in great demand in the household appliances sector due to its excellent performance and high production levels. Instead, the single station thermoforming machines, named Laborforma, are not highly productive but they are very versatile. In this process, plastification and forming take place together. The LaborForma thermoforming machines are suitable for working plastic materials HIPS / ABS / PMMA / PP.

These machines are suitable for the production of thermoformed items: for the bathroom furniture (bathtubs, tubs, shower trays, shower walls), household appliances (refrigerators, containers, vacuum cleaners), automotive parts, aerospace components, illuminated signs, helmets, etc.

Last but not least COMI, after the partnership with Amut, gave rise to the Amut-Comi brand highly specialized in the thermoforming sector for packaging.

These machines are divided into four production lines based on certain requirements on the production cycle. They produce trays, plates, lids, containers and jars in thermoplastic material such as BOPS, PP, PLA, rPET, APET, CPET, HIPS, EPS, PVC and barrier materials, as well as containers, trays and cups that will be used in vending machines.

Instead in the CNC machining centers division, Comi offers a complete range of machines for processing a wide range of materials. Labor milling centers range is dedicated to the machining of plastic materials, glass fiber, carbon fiber, composites, up to aluminum and light alloys. Ventor is instead the high performance milling centers range dedicated to machining of metals, from aluminum up to special steels and titanium. The range consists of 12 models developed to match application requirements in automotive, aerospace, molding marine, railway, industrial and appliances.

Moreover, in the press sector Comi presents a range of 8 products for composite materials, rubber and resins in various sectors.

E.E: At what stage is the market where you are currently active?

COMI: The automotive and aerospace markets experienced a decrease in machinery orders with the period of the pandemic, while the household appliances, nautical and industrial sectors in general did not experience any setbacks.

E.E: What can you tell us about market trends?

COMI: In the thermoforming sector the Market Trend is the use of recycled plastic in thermoforming packaging applications and more investments in Industry 4.0 to facilitate the operator, reduce errors in the production process, speed up the process and increase productivity. Instead, for the CNC machining centers in the automotive, aviation, nautical and train sectors there is greater attention to sustainable mobility, renewable energy and market trends aimed at greater automation of processes, digitalization and logistics 4.0.

E.E: What are the most innovative products marketed?

COMI: One of the most innovative and large machines produced by COMI was the LaborSpace, a CNC machining center designed to integrate the functions of a mobile portal milling machine with a rotating unit typical of a horizontal lathe. This special machine supports the development of Ariane and Vega satellite launchers of AVIO’s enterprise and produce bigger dimension solid motor cases which will contain the spacecraft fuel. These cylindrical cases, made by advanced composites materials (carbon fiber and epoxy resin) protected by a rubber layer and equipped with aluminum flanges, may reach up to 18 meters length by 4,5 meters diameter and 120 tons weight. A colossal machine that was one of the most important technological challenges for Comi.

E.E: What estimations do you have for 2021?

COMI: We have estimated a reduction in sales compared to the previous year due to the pandemic situation, the lack of international trade fairs and the reduction in business travel.