It all started as a challenge and it has become the leading technology for sheet metal cutting. As a manufacturer of fiber laser cutting and welding systems, Cy-Laser is considered to be a world leading company in the field. Not everyone knows that it all started with an idea back in 2005, in a territory such as North-East Italy, having a high technological vocation. The CYLASER product in reality is the result of thirty years of experience of Mr. Livio Campana, at the time an active entrepreneur in the special welding machine sector, who has always paid great attention and was inclined towards any possible innovation and evolution of the market. Thanks to this attitude, Livio made a revolutionary discovery which went immediately around the world and that would have changed the market of industrial application for sheet metal cutting forever.

After returning from a business trip abroad with a fiber optic generator in his luggage, Livio decides to conduct few tests. He studies and configures some special optics specifically dedicated to the purpose and gets them produced being convinced that this technology would also cut as well as weld (few previous experiences made on the field did convince him about this possibility). He decides therefore to study few cutting heads available in the market and through a reverse engineering process, he produces the first fiber optic cutting head for 1070 ƞm lengthwaves. He then installs the cutting head on a cutting machine also designed by himself and the result was surprising. The metal was cut!

This is how the first fiber optic laser machine came to the world. This is how CYLASER was founded. The Campana Livio company which was producing and marketing CYLASER products since 2005, in 2012 was officially transformed in CYLASER Srl, a lean and dynamic company, soon able to spread worldwide the innovative technology through a widely present and focused sales network, ready to sell CY2D, CYTUBE and CYWELD products designed for each specific market. As with all revolutionary discoveries, also this of Mr. Campana was not immediately accepted and understood; it took some time before the entire market was able to be convinced of its extraordinary value and consequently seeing that all competitors were forced to adopt it as a leading technology.

After hundreds of installations and several years of hard work, Martina and Federico Campana, the sons of Livio, took over the company leading it very well; today CYLASER continues to confirm its market leadership on a worldwide scale through the manufacturing and supply of fiber optic laser cutting as well as welding machines.  Its customized solutions of automation and piece handling are highly requested as they guarantee a productivity level never seen before. Not only the choice of Martina and Federico to rely on local partners, therefore oriented towards a focus on the “Made in Italy” but also the use of first class material proved to be successful. 

Moreover, CY-Laser stands out for its continuous R&D of new technologies, for the deep attention to its territory and social responsibility projects, as well as for the loyal and strong relationship with its employees, who, by operating in a calm and respectful environment, with their professionalism, competence and dedication, constitute a winning team and represent the most precious value for the company both inside and outside it.

Cy-Laser is present all over the world with various branches and offices and a large network of trusted distributors and agents. 

Easy Engineering: What are the main areas of activity of the company? What are the ranges of products? 

CY-Laser: The company has pioneered the practical application of fiber laser sources. We invest constantly in R&D to offer customers, even the most demanding ones, customized and state-of-the-art fiber laser cutting systems able to optimize and increase efficiency in production processes and to satisfy the need of costs reduction.

E.E: What’s the news about new products? What are the most innovative products marketed?

CY-Laser: Today Cy-Laser presents the CY-FAST MARK, the revolutionary galvo marking head independent from the laser cutting source that allows to mark barcodes/QR Code and images very fast, even on film-coated materials. The installation of the CY-FAST MARK, standard accessory of the CY2D LM3015 series, allows a very high-speed marking execution; if compared to that of a traditional system, it allows more than 40% saving of the time required. Moreover, the customized marking levels available and the possibility to adapt to each marking need, such as film-coated materials, makes it a very useful accessory that fits perfectly into the “Industry 4.0” context. For contractors, in fact, the parts tracking is very important and the CY-FAST MARK represents a value added to offer an additional service that generates an extra revenue.

Thanks to the CYCAMLAB software support, it is possible to manage the marking areas, the marking sequences and the marking parameters (four standard pens available or the possibility to customize them based on specific need). 

Cy-Laser also developed the CY-FAST MARK SOFTWARE to pilot its laser marker separated from the cutting laser source but coordinated in its movements during post-processing.

E.E: At what stage is the market where you are currently active? What can you tell us about market trends?

CY-Laser: In addition to Italy and USA (where we have our branch office and tech center), Cy-Laser is present in few other countries such as Germany, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Brazil and India (where we have also a branch office). Our two main markets are presently going through a “booming” effect while others despite there are several projects pending are struggling due to Covid-19.

Lately there is an increasing demand for high power sources bringing the laser to open a door where only plasma units were contemplated before with benefit to the precision, speed and economy. Yes plasma is cheaper compared to a fiber laser but has high maintenance and consumables cost versus those of a fiber laser that have a lower cost and longer life time. 

We are working on this and jointly thanks to our R&D we constantly study new devices which can help customer to increase its productivity and/or reduce his production costs. Lately we have been also introducing a revolutionary marking head which allows to reduce time by 40% compared to a traditional marking system.

E.E: What estimations do you have for 2022?

CY-Laser: For coming 2022 we strongly believe that the growth trend will continue especially in Italy thanks to government incentives while our goal is to expand our export sales network and for which we are open to welcome potential dealers/agents that wish to represent Cy-Laser.