Easy Engineering: A brief description of the company and its activities.

CYPRUS GLOBAL LOGISTICS: Let me welcome you to our world.

A world built around a capable, energetic and flexible team of talented individuals with the ability to instantly respond to any need by making the most of our experience and know-how. Providing a vast range of international transport and logistics services since 2006, we are able to offer worldwide coverage via our network, while we maintain a friendly and personal approach.

Famous as the most consistent and reliable freight consolidator in Cyprus, we offer 10+ weekly arrivals from Athens, Thessaloniki, London, Hong Kong and Antwerp to Limassol, while offering 4+ departures per week to 200+ destinations worldwide.

With a fully equipped modern warehouse strategically located next to Limassol port, we provide a secure and efficient service for receiving and storing almost any type of cargo palletised or not. Cross-docking operations, consolidating services as well as special and sensitive cargo handling form part of our everyday warehousing tasks.

During the last 2 decades logistics & freight forwarding has evolved and is much more than simply storing and moving cargo from here to there. We treat cargo as if it was our own. Our clients have personal, individual needs. Our team is enthusiastically dedicated to providing effective solutions – personally, in a capable, flexible and involved manner.

Everything that we do is geared to offer benefits to our customers – experience means quality, and that’s what you can expect from us. We are committed to our customers and that commitment is what makes us one of the leading logistics provides in Cyprus.

Our aim is to offer a hassle-free service, providing prompt and economical solutions to any transportation and logistics needs.

Our commitments to maintain the highest possible standards of service in every aspect of our business, thus we are always actively seeking ways to further improve the service that we offer. Always standing up to expectations, but at the same time prepared to face consequences on problems incurred.

E.E: What are the main areas of activity of the company?

CYPRUS GLOBAL LOGISTICS: Our company offers a wide range of services with the utmost attention to detail in order to maintain a seamless flow for all operations undertaken. These include but not limited to Seafreight, Airfreight, Event & Exhibition Logistics, Customs Clearance, Insurance, Vehicle Logistics, Warehousing & Distribution, Removal Services as well as self-storage.

Cyprus Global Logistics is your specialist vehicle logistics provider. By the use of innovative racking systems, we are able to practically move vehicles, motorcycles, caravans and boats all over the world in the safest and most secure way, while providing the highest efficiency and a seamless service.

E.E: What’s the news for 2021?

CYPRUS GLOBAL LOGISTICS: With a proven 14year hands-on experience and plenty of passion for innovative end-to-end solutions in all areas we operate in, we are frankly considered as one of the noticeable service providers for the Cyprus market. Our reputation for trust yields unified support even amongst other freight forwarders and this essentially fuels up our ambition to expand the coverage of our areas served alongside with organizing some new additional services to the market.

E.E: In 2019 it was a local company. Now it’s IKEA.

CYPRUS GLOBAL LOGISTICS: In early 2019 we have been awarded the tender for the distribution of the products for a local furniture and accessory company who are proud to provide their customers products according to the highest quality & design standards at the lowest possible market prices. This tender covers the distribution of all their orders throughout the country. Cyprus Global Logistics overruled 5 of the top-providers in Cyprus and we have been successfully fulfilling the distribution for over 2 years now. It was this primary attempt which has sent the message to all directions that Cyprus Global is here to make an impact to the national distribution needs. Proposing a fresh approach, adding quality to the services offered and above-all: prove that we are here to stay.

In late 2020, the world-famous IKEA of Sweden via the local presence in Cyprus approached us with a request to participate in their transports & distribution tender. This is evidently the step we were expecting to grow even bigger based on our market expertise, our customer-oriented approach and our enthusiasm in all we do make us stand-out from competition. These skills are what makes us an overall success story throughout time. Welcome IKEA and we are committed to build on these values and skills and adding another interesting service to our itinerary: IKEA transports partner.

E.E: What are the most innovative products marketed?

CYPRUS GLOBAL LOGISTICS: Looking into the future, and considering the pandemic is well under control soon, we can clearly see into a boost in all areas of the economy. For us it will be a return to normal which will gradually bring everything back within 2022.

Our Events & Exhibition team shall take action to plan and implement the next big shows around the globe. Experts in all aspects of logistics, with the proven ability to confidently resolve customs restraints and move equipment worldwide. We have been planning and executing the logistics behind world-famous events & exhibitions for many years now and with our systematic, personal involvement, we ensure that material is always on time and in pristine condition for the big show.