German company Dimax Int. GmbH is the founder of the Dimax Group, the owner of the TM Könner & Söhnen, offers a wide range of home-use and professional high-power generators, as well as garden equipment, such as tillers and multifunctional machines, water pumps, wood chippers and log splitters. The company not simply sell products; they accompany clients and their distributors at all stages of purchase – from the idea to buy to final installation and after sales support. That’s why more and more people all over the world trust Dimax, chose their trademark for themselves and for making business.

Positive feedback from clients, international awards and constant increasing of sales volumes even in pandemic conditions – that’s what shows that they are moving in a right direction.

Easy Engineering: How do these products / services differ from other types on the market?

DIMAX: What differs us? Quality in details! Our own engineering department pays a lot of attention to each small detail, which affects the reliability of product, its life span, ergonomics and modern design. Reliable engine is a heart of every product. That’s why we produce our own K&S engines, test each of them with multiple tests and constantly make improvements, using latest technologies, such as EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection), and modern European standards, such as Euro V.

 But small details are no less important. For example, high quality casting, reliable hermetic fixings which prevent arbitrary untwisting in the process of work, ergonomic polyurethane handles, durable components, special rubber grommets to reduce vibration and noise level, fixation mechanisms, resistant to damage hardware, corrosion-resistant coating, etc. – all this is equally important!

What else? Our philosophy differs us. Könner & Söhnen TM found its niche – we produce high quality products for fair price. We are not trying to have extra profit for “brand name”, we are trying to combine in our brand the essence of affordable high quality product. That’s why Könner & Söhnen TM becomes more and more popular. High quality product for affordable price sells itself.

E.E: What customer profiles are you targeting?

DIMAX: Our customer is smart person, who is looking for high quality product with international warranty, presales and aftersales support, but not ready to overpay for most famous brand names, which spend a lot for advertising and high cost promo activities and obviously product becomes much more expensive. Our customer understands that there is no need to overpay.  At the same time, we are trying to get customers from lower segments, who used to buy cheap items and got tired of unreliable products, which can fail anytime. So, our customer is person who makes deliberate decisions, doesn’t throw money away, but makes reasonable purchases. It’s a person who keeps up with the times, chooses modern innovative technologies, stylish design and high-quality service.

E.E: What kind of work do users who use these products / services do?

DIMAX: Our clients are small business and big corporations, private persons and governmental institutions, farmers and utility services. We supply Könner & Söhnen inverter generators to medical centers which need a reserve power supply for sensitive medical equipment, equip emergency cars with our generators, help to maintain a certain temperature regime even without people’s interference (models with built-in automatic system (ATS)), our motor pumps are used at state fire departments and for watering fields in big households, tillers help to cultivate small land plots and big areas.

Professional high-power generators are used for big construction sites, wide range or generators for home –use as a backup power source for county houses; during repairs; inverter generators make outdoor activities like camping more comfortable. We can give more and more examples of machinery usage.

E.E: How do your products / services improve user work?

DIMAX: Our products not only improve users work, but also save money, improve quality of life and make it more comfortable. For example, for construction sites our clients don’t have to buy two separate generators, they can buy one generator with innovative Voltage Transfer Switch system (for example, KS 10000E 1/3) and simply switch the mode from one phase (230V) to 3-phase mode (400V). It saves money for buying, maintaining, transportation and storing of two separate generators.

Or it’s much easier for utility services to buy one multifunctional machine (for example, KS 7HP-MFM 80E) instead of many separate units and use it all over the year as sweeper machine, snow blower or as a snow shovel.

Cultivating plants in the garden takes so much time and effort. Könner & Söhnen tillers can help you at small plots, for example, light-weighted electric model KS 1500TE and more powerful gasoline models, such as KS 9HP-1350G-3 can even substitute more expensive diesel tilker or even a one-axle mini-tractor and process 100m2 only for 7 minutes! Our tillers enable to quickly and easily loosen the soil, process both well-managed and virgin soil to desired depth, help to eliminate weeds, etc. So, value your time and let Könner & Söhnen machinery help you with difficult tasks.

Now imaging a real life story. You are living in a countryside, the heating boiler is running, you are watching TV, drinking hot tea and enjoying winter evening. Suddenly power supply is off. What does it mean? The house will cool down very soon, you cannot use your electric appliances, it’s dark and no hot tea anymore… Or it’s hot summer. What happens then? Food in your refrigerator will start to spoil, it’s really hot, but you can’t use air conditioning… You are working remotely, buy laptop is quickly discharged. Various cataclysms, hurricanes, snowfalls, heavy rains occur in the world. All this damages the electric wires. Your safety and peace of mind are most important, so be ready with Könner & Söhnen generators to face power supply problems.

E.E: What innovative features do the products / services have?

DIMAX: As Dimax Group has its own engineering department, we constantly work on developing and implementing the most modern technologies: EFI (electronic fuel injection), PVA (alternator that produces a cleaner wave), Turbo Mode (increased starting power), EURO V (modern emissions standard), etc.

For example, in spring 2021 we will present new range of inverter generators with power from 1.8 to 7.0 kW, which is expanded with new exclusive models. According to researches made, we found out that Automatic Transfer Switch function (ATS system) is really important for inverter generators. So very soon customers will have what they need. Moreover, we present new Dual Fuel inverter models, which can operate both on gasoline and LPG. It’s also innovation for DIY market. Customer can choose models in a sound-absorbing casing, equipped with wheels and ergonomic handle for easy transportation or open frame models for cost saving and use these generators for stable operation of sensitive electronics, audio and medical equipment.

And, of course, one of innovative features of our gasoline and diesel generators still remains Voltage Transfer Switch System (VTS system), mentioned above.

E.E: What are the most common problems and how did you help solve them?

DIMAX: Some customers think, that generator or tiller – it’s too complicated equipment and they will not manage to operate it. To solve this problem, we are trying to make all operation units maximum users’ friendly, so that even person without any experience can read manual and use our machinery. We make tutorial videos with detailed description of how to operate generator, change working modes, assembly tillers, customer can see at our YouTube channel a lot of useful info. And if still some questions are left, Dimax Support Team will definitely help you.

E.E: What products / solutions are you going to launch in the future?

DIMAX: We are already revealed our nearest plans for innovations in our assortment. For future we also have a lot of ideas and plans, but we prefer not to reveal them to keep leadership in innovations among our competitors in DIY segment.

E.E: What are your estimations for the end of the year?

DIMAX: Though situation in the world is not stable yet, nevertheless, DIY segment is developing. So even in pandemic circumstances Dimax Group continues to expand its sales, strengthens existing and forms new channels of distribution. Könner & Söhnen products are already available to more than 500 million customers in more than 15 countries in Europe. For all partners and customers, we guarantee 2 year international warranty, pre-sale and after-sale support, full support of spare parts, technical info and marketing assistance. We never stop. We continue to implement new technologies and upgrade existing assortment as well. Welcome to cooperate!