The logistics start-up DIZZBO GmbH is the fastest-growing fully digitalised logistics provider in Europe. DIZZBO helps transporters to easily market their free capacity and thereby massively increase turnover per truck. Shippers, in turn, can dispatch their loads at attractive prices with just a few clicks and without much effort.

Easy Engineering: What are the company’s main areas of activity?

DIZZBO: We are in the space of digital freight forwarding. But we don’t compare ourselves with companies like Sennder or Instafreight because we ultimately don’t want to become a classic digital freight forwarder. Instead, we prefer to focus strongly on driving the culture of utilising free capacity at a transparent price.

We systematically try to identify and then fill empty capacity in the market.

This requires a big cultural change. We ask our clients to tell us where their spare capacity is. Then our technology does its magic.

E.E: What’s ahead in 2021 product wise?

DIZZBO: We are constantly working on new features and improving existing services. The existing platform is being improved and developed further in order to reduce manual efforts in scheduling.

Traditional digital freight forwarders have a matching algorithm that matches loads from A to B with offers available trucks in a very simplified way. In comparison, our KI calculates in real time when a request comes in: are there trucks that can take the part load faster or cheaper?

E.E: At what stage is the market in which you’re currently active?

DIZZBO: Telephone and email are still the common communication channels, paper is the standard for transport documents, and the administrative efforts that arise every day are correspondingly high. In 2020, a CMR waybill is the symbolic example of the current status; it has 5 copies in different colours and is consistently distributed to all participants in the logistics chain in paper form.

E.E: What can you tell us about market trends?

DIZZBO: We see a shift in the logistics market to being more digitized and optimised. We want to rethink business models and processes in logistics, because they have been the same for the last 25 years.

At DIZZBO, we have to initiate a cultural change and educate our customers to some extent if we want to fully exploit the technical possibilities of the platform in the future. We do not want to become a digital freight forwarder, but rather focus strongly on driving the cultures of free capacity and transparent pricing.

E.E: Why is the DIZZBO product innovative?

DIZZBO: At present, about 30% of the capacity in road logistics runs empty: Either completely empty runs (from unloading order A to loading order B) or not fully utilised loading space (truck runs only 60% loaded).

DIZZBO helps to match spare capacity with matching demand e.g. 12 pallet spaces that are currently travelling from Padua to Hamburg can be matched with an order comprising 8 pallets from Ingolstadt to Wolfsburg.

This improves the carrier’s margin with minimal effort. An additional order can be handled with just a small diversion. What’s more, the cargo can be handled using up to 85% less CO2 emissions by utilising existing capacity.

Searching and matching on the platform runs in real time, which means the booking can be made just a few minutes before the driver has to take a motorway exit to a truck stop.

The process is almost entirely digital – with significantly reduced costs for the carrier and the sender.

On the DIZZBO site, you can simply enter from where to where and how many pallets you have, and you get several offers that you can book immediately and bindingly. No waiting, no negotiations, no queries.

DIZZBO is the liable contractual partner for the entire transport order.

E.E: What predictions do you have for DIZZBO in 2021?

DIZZBO: Traction on the platform – both transport and turnover, have been growing very strongly since the beginning of 2021, with double-digit percentage growth rates each month.

We are aiming for high eight digit revenue in our second full financial year.