DOCTORIS was established in 1985 by the owner Mr. Doktoris Athanasios in Thessaloniki, Greece. From the very beginning the aim of the company was the import and export of heating, plumbing and air conditioning products. The last two decades, the company also owns a joint venture factory based in China producing its own multilayer pipes, all types of fittings i.e. brass, pex, pex-all, press and numerous types of valves.

The company distributes its products all over Greece and to more than 21 countries abroad mainly in the Balkan area, Europe and the Eastern Mediterranean countries. Nowadays, the company is running under the supervision of the daughters of the owner Ms. Konstantina Doktori and Ms. Andromachi Doktori.

DOCTORIS SA remains a family-owned company with more than 20 employees. The headquarter in Thessaloniki is based in a private owned property of 14.000 square meters and has infrastructures of 8.000 square meters.

Interview with Andromachi Doktori, General Manager of DOCTORIS SA.

Easy Engineering: What are the main areas of activity of the company?

Andromachi Doktori: The main areas of our activity are the production and supply of heating, plumbing and air conditioning products mainly for domestic use and special projects. In our catalogue someone can find all the necessary products from the smallest fitting to the biggest boiler to cover its own needs. Being able to keep ready stock of more than 7.000.000€ worth in products and supply with daily deliveries all our orders nationally and internationally give us a head up. Time is valuable. Thus, we have invested in our organization and our personnel to be able to process and prepare any request within 24 hours from order confirmation. This is truly important not only for the internal market but especially for the export activities. Based close to the borders is very important for our export activity as we have quick access to the Balkan area providing trouble-free and quick deliveries. Thessaloniki has all the main infrastructures i.e. a big port, train station, airport, is a base for all forwarders -couriers and all other transportation measures which are so valuable for logistics.

E.E: What’s the news about new products?

A.D: We are a very active company, always looking for innovative products, following the trends of the market, improving the quality and the standards of our regular products. Every time we publish a new catalogue numerous new products are included. 

If I had to point out some of them, make a small top 5 of new products and a top 5 of popular products already existing in our catalogue then for the new products I would include the multi profile press fittings, which are suitable for use with U, TH, H, B & RF profile. The Teflon cord made from 100% polyamide, that replaces the use of pastes, hemp and PTFE tape, providing quick, easy and reliable seal. The designer towel radiators in various sizes, shapes, and colors. The new stainless steel heating group manifold and finally our new inverter A+++ air condition line.

Now, from the already existing items in our catalogue I would highlight the propylene and propane cylinders, along with their torches. Our piping range including: copper pipes for refrigeration and air conditioning systems (with and without insulation), straight copper tubes sanco type and wicu type (with PVC or PE), laser welding multilayer pipes (with and without insulation), PE-Xb pipe with EVOH. Also, magnetic filters in ¾ and 1-inch connections are very popular among our products. Our range of products concerning soldering: brazing alloy, solder paste and solid fitting solders. Finally, I would include in my list the nails and pipe fixer plumbing accessories.

Those products stand out either because they bring something new to the market like the multi press fittings and the Teflon cord or because they enjoy the acceptance, the public trust and the preference of our customers due to the fact that we follow all the European standards for quality and safety.

E.E: What are the ranges of products? 

A.D: Our range of products is very big and keeps getting bigger every year. I would for sure miss to mention some of them, but I will try to be comprehensive. The biggest range of products is in the plumbing field due to the fact we have our own production line in pipe, fittings, and valves.

  • Air conditioning, air curtains and the necessary brackets and accessories;
  • Gas boilers and fittings;
  • Purification and prevention systems for water treatment (cleaners, polyphosphate systems, neutralizers, power flushing, softeners, water filters, magnetic filters);
  • Oil-wood-pellet-biofuel boilers, fireplaces, fan heaters & air boilers, oil & gas burners, nozzles, panel radiators and fan coils, towel radiators;
  • Underfloor heating systems;
  • Installation accessories, i.e. radiator valves, fittings. Boiler room accessories, thermostatic valves, installation accessories, room thermostats and automations;
  • Complete solar system range including solar heaters, collectors, boilers, tank in tank, and installation fittings;
  • Heat pumps;
  • PPR fiber pipe and fittings in green and black color, pert-al-pert / pex-al-pex/ pex pipes and fittings, collectors, valves, copper pipes and fittings, insulation products, tools, solders, brass fittings, clips, bathroom accessories;
  • Circulation pumps, press controls, drivers, and water pressure pumps.

E.E: At what stage is the market where you are currently active?

A.D: The global market has suffered a lot the last few years due to various reasons, economic crisis, covid pandemic and the isolation that broad along, the roller coaster of the raw material prices, wars… Fortunately enough, despite the general bending and depression we run with 35% increase, which leads us to the conclusion that there are still opportunities in the market to stand out and blaze trails

E.E: What can you tell us about market trends?

A.D: Ecological and sustainable products that will protect and preserve the environment, offering easy reliable and economic access to heating and cooling systems to everyone is a one-way road for humanity. This year our company participated among other exhibitions in the MCE Milan fair, one of the most important trade fairs in our field that was hold live for the first time after covid pandemic. We had the chance to interact again with people all over the world exchange ideas, knowledge, and experiences. It is really upsetting that we will all have to suffer the results of the war in Ukraine and the embargo in Russian energy sources, hopping that the leaders of the world will find a solution and wondering why in 2022 humanity relapse to past mistakes and why still does not know better.  

E.E: What estimations do you have for 2022?

A.D: As 2022 is already running positively, we truly hope that this will continue until the end of the year, especially during the autumn and winter months that heating products are requested the most. With the new personnel of our company leaving and working abroad of Greece and the fully experienced personnel of ours working in Greece we hope that our exports will expand during the following years.