ECOcero is a very young company in all senses. They are 6 years old and their staff has an average age of 33 years. Perhaps this has allowed them to do things differently, to change the way of understanding both acoustics and business operation itself. The company is dedicated to making sound-absorbing acoustic panels, with the particularity that these panels are made from recycled bottles. For each square meter of material, they recycle 75 plastic bottles. This year the company has managed to recycle a whopping 4 million bottles. 

More and more companies are concerned about creating comfortable environments for their customers and employees. All projects already take acoustics into account as a fundamental element in the design, both in the prescription phase and in the remodeling of spaces. But ECOcero knows that taking the first step is the most complicated and for this reason they make for clients a free acoustic study that allows them to know the acoustic needs of the space.

Interview with Jorge Bellido Pérez, CEO & Francisco J. Gomez, Export Manager in Ecocero.

Easy Engineering: What are the main areas of activity of the company?

Jorge Bellido Pérez & Francisco J. Gomez: During the last years ECOcero has focused on the implementation of acoustic conditioning in common rooms and hospitality. For two years ago we have expanded our business to Contract, Retail and large spaces. Our R&D team has made it possible for us to have a wide range of products adapted to each of the spaces without limits. We can bevel, cut, die-cut, adapt to curved wall shapes, use single or double panels, paint panels in any color without any loss of absorption, etc.

E.E: What’s the news about new products?

J.B.P & F.J.G: In the last year we have implemented a new concept of acoustic ceilings. It is true that we are the acoustic conditioning company that has had more influence in the absorbent ceilings market. The models we have designed are completely customizable, being able to vary colors and shapes to generate liquid spaces that can vary according to the needs. The most popular model has been FLAP, a ceiling that is able to rotate 360 degrees, changing color whenever we want and varying the absorption of the ceiling depending on the requirements of the space at all times.

E.E: What are the ranges of products?

J.B.P & F.J.G: ECOcero is dedicated to create acoustically comfortable spaces. For this we use two different ranges to adapt to the needs, requirements and economy of our customers. The products of the Acoustic FOAM range are made of open cell melamine foam, materials with high acoustic absorption. This material can be painted and cut, although only in basic shapes such as circles or rectangles. It is a relatively delicate material, so we only recommend its installation in ceilings that cannot be accessed. It is a very economical material and widely used in large spaces and restoration. It can be perfectly compatible with the ECO range, as long as the FOAM is installed on the ceiling.

The ECO range is made of recycled plastic bottles and has a great versatility. This material can be completely customized, cut with very complex shapes, beveled, painted, printed, etc. It has great resistance and is very easy to clean, so it is highly recommended for both ceilings and walls. The fact that it is made from recycled material and that there are countless design possibilities makes it the star product for companies that want to differentiate themselves through design and sustainability.

E.E: What can you tell us about market trends?

J.B.P & F.J.G: The market is increasingly inclined to sustainable designs and solutions that generate comfortable spaces in all senses. Not only a spectacular design, but also a functional space. Therefore, more and more, combinations of recycled and natural materials are among the most trending. Our ECOnordic model is a wood blockboard with a 9mm recycled PET base. It is a model focused on generating spaces that require special design care. The acoustic absorption characteristics are very similar, but in certain cases it improves the sound diffusion in our room. It can be combined with other ECOpanel models to divide spaces or generate volumes. The new office designs that try to bring nature closer to the company manage to combine, with recycled material and wood, an image of modernity and sustainability.

E.E: What are the most innovative products marketed?

J.B.P & F.J.G: In my opinion, FLAP is the most innovative product in our catalog. It is a ceiling composed of double slats that can rotate 360 degrees on its own axis. It has meant a before and after in the way of understanding the multifunctionality of spaces from the perspective of acoustics. Until now we understood spaces in a static way, whether they had more or less functions, they remained immovable. Now with this new ceiling we incorporate the concept of TIME to our design. Now we can vary when we want the acoustics of the room, we can generate spaces differentiated by shapes and colors, and that all this is continuously transforming. Thus, the same space can meet specific conditions but quickly adapt to other characteristics or needs. It can also change color, generate volumes, divide sections, change classic designs by industrial designs and many more features that have meant that this ceiling has come to be the most technically advanced ceiling so far.

E.E: What estimations do you have for 2023?

J.B.P & F.J.G: In recent years ECOcero has become the leading Spanish firm in acoustic conditioning. We have managed to have around 60% market share in the sector and work with leading brands. Internationally we work in 22 countries and every month we are adding new market niches. In this way we have become one of the reference companies at international level, tripling our turnover in just two years. Next year we foresee an important increase in our internationalization process, which could mean an exponential growth of potential clients. In addition, our design team, as well as alliances with designers and some of the main European product design companies, will allow us to bring out a wide range of new designs, functionalities and materials.