Entalpia Europe has been sharing its knowledge and experience with customers since 2016. Their main areas are production, distribution and providing HVAC-R solutions as well as green technology development, including PV panels, energy storage and more.

Entalpia is one of the leading European cooling refrigerant bottlers in terms of the quantity of the refrigerants and the development stage of the process used. The bottler plant is able to process almost 100 tons of raw material.

At the beginning of 2021 the company established independent branch Entalpia Italy, few years earlier, in 2018 fully independent branch Entalpia Russia. Each year Entalpia is working on the high quality of products and standards.

The main Sales and Managing Board Office for Europe is based in Poland, in Warsaw. Entalpia’s headquarters, warehouse, production and logistic departments are located in Sieradz. Also, in Sieradz they have refrigerant bottling plant and modern laboratory where they conduct research and adjust business to European guidelines of ecological refrigerant recovery solutions, new technologies and more.

Entalpia Europe is one of the fastest growing companies of all ICOOL Group. Their HVAC business roots date back to 1997 thanks to the NINHUA GROUP CO., LTD company and since 2002 the ICOOL brand, highly specialized in the HVAC-R industry, with particular emphasis on refrigerants, and the production of components for air conditioning and ventilation systems.

Easy Engineering: What are the main areas of activity of the company?

ENTALPIA: Entalpia Europe is a reliable producer and supplier of high quality insulated copper tubes, assembly accessories for air conditioning and ventilation including e.g. valves, diffusers, grills, fittings, elbows and flexible duct manufactured in Poland. Our goal is to facilitate the work of the installer while maintaining the highest safety standards and aesthetics of the system. 

We are highly appreciated in the, HVAC-R, industry, well known manufacturer and distributor of full range of refrigerants. We provide all popular ones, as well as eco refrigerants with low GWP and rare assortment e.g. FK 5-1-12 for firefighting (3rd generation colorless fire suppressant used to protect high value assets and equipment’s that would be irremediably damaged by water or foam).

We produce and distribute high-quality PE insulated copper tubes dedicated to the HVAC industry. Our product is designed for split air conditioning systems, VRF systems and refrigeration installations. We are able to produce any size from ¼ to ⁷⁄₈. in single or double coils, with or without nuts. Entalpia delivers best quality, phosphorus deoxidized copper tubes Cu-DHP 99.9% (CW024A) in R220 material condition (annealed), internally smoothed and end-protected. Maximum silver content 0.015%. Phosphorus content: min. 0.015% – max 0.04%. Dimensions and features in accordance with EN12735-1. Product also meets the highest standards of flammability and UV performance. High quality and excellent performance were achieved thanks to 100% control of production at facilities located in Poland.

E.E: What’s the news for 2021 about new products?

ENTALPIA: Entalpia Europe product range is constantly evolving to meet growing needs of domestic and commercial industry. We introduced 4 new production lines, for ventilation and air conditioning assortment production e.g. pressed fittings, elbows and flexible ventilation duct.

In 2022 we plan to develop Entalpia Energy brand, were we focus on green technology equipment, photovoltaic solar panels, energy storage and heating pumps sector.

E.E: What are the ranges of products?

ENTALPIA: Enthalpy Europe has a wide range of HFC, HFO, HC Series, refrigerants for air-conditioning, refrigeration, heat pumps, household and industries appliances, insulation materials and automotive industries. Entalpia has the ability to adjust the size of the bottle to the individual needs of the customer. We specialized in the production and export of refrigerants on a very large scale. We are certified to operate on the largest isotanks. 

We also produce insulated copper transport tubes with PE insulation. Intended for refrigerant transport in air-conditioning systems, designed for easy assembly with full care and repeatability of the highest quality. Confirmed by a certificate, a declaration of conformity, and is both in compliance with the European flammability standard and UV-resistant standard. We are able to produce any size from “¼” to ”⅞”. The insulation is made in Poland from an innovative blend of polymers, withstands temperatures up to +90 ° C. Polyethylene foam is produced without hazardous gases (CFC and HCFC) in accordance with EU regulation No. 237/2000 and Directive 2011/65 / EU (RoHS), the coating perfectly adheres to the copper tube, ensuring high anti-condensation efficiency.

E.E: At what stage is the market where you are currently active?

ENTALPIA: It is a dynamic market. A lot has changed over the years and we constantly need to improve our products, service and adjust to situation e.g. today air condition is no longer a luxury but a necessary standard in many public places as well as “must have” at home. 

The market is more and more aware of environmental risks. We do our best to satisfy our customers, we provide good quality products but at the same time we need to keep balance and pay more attention to our environment needs. 

As a responsible producer with values we need to take action to prevent our planet from damage as much as possible for the next generations seek.

When we think about our business and comfort of users e.g. installers, who need to carry refrigerants when service AC unit, we come a cross and have in our offer small, handy bottles 0.8 or 2 kg. at the same time, we care for safety and that’s why we have an unique worldwide monitoring system for circulating bottles. This system allows to track each single bottle, along with its history of filling and possible repairs, and to meet the strict requirements of the F-gas Directive. Entalpia Europe is absolutely committed to ensuring the legality of the raw material. With the biggest diligent in complying with the quota rules in the European Union. 

In the second half of 2020, Entalpia Europe was one of the first companies involved in the EFCTC initiative, promoting the acquisition and trade of gases from purely legal sources. #SayNoToIllegalHFCs is an exceptionally valued initiative. Entalpia Europe, operates since the beginning of the company’s existence, only on refrigerants from legal sources, ensures quality and high safety standards. “We care about the legal aspect of the product, we are ISO certified, our plant is fully equipped with due care for people and in accordance with health and safety standards, so it was natural for us to join the fight against illegal HFC trade. It is very important initiative, not only for our environment but most of all for human rights as money from smuggling supports arms dealers, drug business and trafficking in human beings. We need to do our part to stop it!” – says Przemysław Matusiak, Managing Director of Entalpia Europe.

E.E: What can you tell us about market trends?

ENTALPIA: The market development trends will continue to focus on eco solutions, including low GWP refrigerants, economic solutions in green energy sector and closer look to costumers needs but with an eye on environment and technology and how to link it smoothly and use more widely.

We are ready for that ecological trend. 

Entalpia Europe supports the policy of greenhouse gas reduction through reducing the emission of refrigerants with high GWP, introducing to the market and promoting modern refrigerants with low GWP. We own modern bottling plant with a proprietary process of pumping the refrigerants. This method is economical and environmentally friendly. Most European bottling plants allow some process losses, which cause some of the refrigerant to evaporate or become trapped in the tank. In the project conducted by the Entalpia Europe Production Team, a method of transferring refrigerants was developed that maximizes refrigerant recovery, eliminating the loss of raw material almost to zero.

E.E: What estimations do you have for 2021?

ENTALPIA: As 2021 is almost over let’s look ahead to 2022. Shall we. 

Entalpia Europe will continue to grow in Europe, focusing on developing further local markets to help them grow with our high quality products. We will put focus on organizing new Offices around the Europe, e.g. in France, Scandinavia, Germany and more and let them develop export through cooperation with local markets.

Entalpia will export refrigerants and insulated copper tubes, fully legal eco refrigerants, ventilation and aircon products and full range of our new energy.

Entalpia Europe in Poland will continue to expand its business with new products and brands available in the portfolio. In our laboratory, based on the comparative method, equipped with a modern chromatograph we will continue research, develop solution that ensures the highest quality and safety of the process and offers products in the highest and reproducible quality. 

We are looking forward to hear from local market needs to make sure that all costumers are secured with high quality HVAC&R product.