ErreDue spa develops technologies for on-site gas generator. The company designs, manufactures and sells innovative gas generation and purification solutions for industrial lines, laboratories, medical technology and plants of 1 Mgw and more.

ErreDue has grown from all points of view: sales people, employees and customers. ErreDue looks to the future, mixing innovation, creativity and high-quality customer service. 

The company is the right partner to give customers turnkey solutions and excellent customized service. They can summarize ErreDue in few simple numbers: over 20 years of experience – 85 employees – 20,000 installed machines – worldwide sales area.

Interview with Andrea Pucci and Stefano Soladani, Commercial Managers at ErreDue.

Easy Engineering: What are the main areas of activity of the company?

Andrea Pucci and Stefano Soladani: The main areas of activity are gas generators as hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen. Our products have numerous applications: LASER CUTTING – METAL HEAT TREATMENT – WELDING – JEWELLERY – MEDICAL AND PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY – RENEWABLE ENERGY AND SINTERING – FOOD AND BEVERAGES. We design and manufacture generators from 1 m³/h to 500 m³/h. We are currently active on the worldwide market, with the aim of expanding our market areas into new countries. Gas production is a market in continuous growing. Hydrogen will be the protagonist of the new green revolution; it will be necessary to promote the new sustainable industries and automotives. 

E.E: What are the most innovative products marketed?

Andrea Pucci and Stefano Soladani: Our products  Nitrobox and Saturn are two complete and innovative kind of generators.

Thanks to the integrated purifier, the high purity of nitrogen produced by Saturn allows to cut stainless steel of 25mm and over thickness, with an excellent cutting quality.

ErreDue Saturn generators produce very pure nitrogen allowing to eliminate the use of cylinders and containers of liquid nitrogen, granting to companies a considerable saving of resources and, thanks to a very small footprint, also of space.

Saturn generators operate totally automatically, controlled by a PLC with a touchscreen interface.

Saturn generators can be remotely controlled via an Ethernet connection. Furthermore, the production capacity can be increased even after installation, simply by adding other modules. In an almost total absence of oxygen – the residual oxygen is less than 5 ppm – reaching very high levels of brilliance, the cutted piece undergoes an imperceptible oxidation. 

The Saturn nitrogen generator, thanks to the high optimization ratio of air consumption (about 75% lower than traditional systems), it also allows equipping with smaller compressors, significantly reducing the consumption of electricity.

The high purity of Nitrogen produced by Nitrobox allows cutting stainless steel up to 20 mm thickness, with a sharp and shiny cut edge. Nitrobox is a compact and easy solution to produce pressurized Nitrogen directly where it’s needed, for laser cutting and every other application where high purity Nitrogen is necessary.

Nitrobox is designed and developed to allow a very quick and easy installation, in order to get on-site

Nitrogen supply at desired pressure: a real Plug&Play system. Nitrobox requires only compressed air (usually present in your facility or produced with a compressor) and a power supply, with significant

cost and time saving. Nitrobox is instantly ready to use. Thanks to the PSA technology, Nitrogen is produced directly from ambient air, no chemicals required. Nitrobox autonomously produces Nitrogen necessary for cutting at 40 bar. Nitrogen flows from Nitrobox to the laser system with flow rates up to 500Nm3/day. Storage capacity can be easily increased by adding one or more tanks close to the Nitrobox system. 

E.E: What estimations do you have for 2022?

Andrea Pucci and Stefano Soladani: The core of the company, serving all departments, is Research and Development. In the future, R&D will increase investments for innovation.

New scenarios will open up and ErreDue is structured to continue to be a protagonist in this green revolution.

Power-to-gas, industrial decarbonization and automotive are our important new challenges. It is our intention to expand the scenario of our ‘traditional’ electrolysers, business up to 225 KW of power, ultrapure and pure nitrogen generators, mixers and purifiers, oxygen generators for brazing welding, will be offered in new virgin markets. There will be a strong expansion of the ‘Laboratory’ segment. This is a growing sector for ErreDue, where we are present with state-of-the-art products. ErreDue will enter the medical oxygen concentrator market with increasing strength. Also based on market needs, we are ready to be present in the LargeH2 (production and storage) market, which will be the biggest business in the coming years.

ErreDue spa

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