Europe Forestry BV started in year 2000 with selling small disc chippers to municipalities and contractors. In year 2002, the company became the sole agent for the American companies Precision Husky and Woodsman Chippers for total European territory. Ever since Europe Forestry BV has been the sole agent for total European Territory for all Precision Husky chippers and grinders and sawmill equipment.

Since the beginning of this century, Europe Forestry also introduced its own brand Europe Chippers starting with model EC 1175 with 525 hp and maximum infeed opening of 1100 x 750 mm.  Europe Chippers have replaced the position of Woodsman chippers and took it to the next level because woodsman was taken over by the Terex company. The Europe Chippers covers the full range of compact chipper with 14 horsepower and 14 centimeters diameter logs up to EC 1290 with max 1200 hp engine and infeed opening of 1200 mm wide and 900 mm high. Finally, Europe Forestry is working together with AJP in Canada for the distribution in Europe of AJP rotary debarkers.

Easy Engineering: What are the main areas of activity of the company?

Europe Forestry: The main area of activity is the wood business industry: chippers, grinders, screens, debarkers and saw mill equipment.

Easy Engineering: What’s the news for 2021 about new products?

Europe Forestry: New product in 2021 is our EC 640 drum chipper with crane and galvanized tandem chassis and 200 hp engine, less than 3500 total weight: see brochure in attachment. The engine supply 190 hp between the full range of 1800 and 2000 rpm and the crane can lift 2000 kg and have a reach of 5 meters. The infeed opening of the chipper is 600 x 400 mm and this unit can be towed by any pick-up truck, with regular driving license.

Also new is out EC 1290 drum chipper with 1000 hp Caterpillar C 18 engine, on tridem chassis with crane EFC 10100 with reach of 10 meters and capacity of 10 tons on 1 meter.

And this year we have put for the first time the 12-liter Deutz Liebherr engine inside our EC 1060 woodchipper. Deutz have just approved the total build in. Clients can choose if they want Deutz Liebherr or Caterpillar engines in their Europe Chippers. The first Deutz Liebherr engine went to Ireland last month. In Ireland, the government want to stop burning peet for energy.  Renewable energy comes from waste wood and trees.

Easy Engineering: At what stage is the market where you are currently active?

Europe Forestry: We are selling our Europe Forestry products worldwide. We have sold 13 units to Japan and 9 units to India. We are represented in Asia by several sole agents. We are selling in America and especially our Europe Chippers model 1060 and 1290 are popular on the East Coast in North America. Big chipper trucks have no problem in maneuvering with the Europe Chipper in the rear in narrow streets in big cities. Especially on the East Coast we find lots of old cities with big diameter old trees that have to been removed. In Europe you will find the Europe Chippers where-ever the trees are or where ever tree surgeons are active. We have big market in the Baltic: Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia are buying Europe Chippers more than 20 years now.

Easy Engineering: What can you tell us about market trends?

Europe Forestry: Market trend is to replace fossil energy by renewable energy.  No more oil and gas and go for wood.

To remove big trees in big cities by a crew existing of chipper truck and chipper including crane and engine. When the crew is finished, the clients hardly see where the tree stood and no damage of garden and asphalt.

Production of micro-chips, either for gasification or for insulation in the buildings.

Easy Engineering: What are the most innovative products marketed?

Europe Forestry: Most innovative products are our EC 640:  you will not find any other manufacturer that is able to put strong engine of 200 hp, in combination with chipper infeed opening 600 x 400 mm and in combination with strong crane that can lift 2000 kg and have a reach of 5 meters, all mounted on galvanized chassis for the max weight of 3500 kg.   this simply not exist anywhere in the world and we are manufacturing that chipper combination.

Easy Engineering: What estimations do you have for 2021?

Europe Forestry: Estimations is that environment will get more and more important.  We loan planet earth from our children. Let us take care better. Go for renewable energy, go for durability in the wood business, be sure that wood stay in the chain for longer time. Stop the production of plastics and plastic insulation. Use more wood with zero carbon footprint. Use wood for building, insulation and construction and use the waste wood for energy. We have to stay away from the fossil industry, therefore if mankind wants to be sustainable, we have to store carbon dioxide, for example in the wooden constructions and in the production of cemented wood for insulation.