F.P. TRASMISSIONI S.R.L. has been operating for decades in the mobile and industrial sector, offering quality products, with experience, and with the firm determination to achieve full customer satisfaction. F.P. Trasmissioni’s highly qualified staff identifies itself on the market, not as a simple distributor of products, but as an ideal partner both on a technical and commercial level, is always ready to solve your problems in an increasingly demanding and constantly evolving scenario.

F.P.’s strong point is its fast service, able to ship goods within 24 hours from receipt of the order. They also have a fully equipped workshop capable of carrying out repairs and overhauls with the utmost urgency and competence, avoiding machine downtime to a minimum.

Easy Engineering: What are the main areas of activity of the company?

F.P. TRASMISSIONI: We are a company specialized in design, assembly and wholesale trade of gearboxes, motorgearboxes, electric and hydraulic motors and we are proud to be part of an important company such as Bonfiglioli Group that has been providing a fast and punctual support to the customers for many years, by sending each single request to the appropriate department.

Beside the direct subsidiaries, Bonfiglioli counts on our well-stocked warehouse and on our advice to the authorized dealers, in order to grant a flawless sale and assistance service everywhere.

F.P. Trasmissioni is an excellent tool for the customer, useful to guarantee a timely and efficient service for the product identification and supply with the precise application features needed at that very moment.

E.E: What’s the news for 2020 about new products?

F.P. TRASMISSIONI: Our up-to-date version of the wheel gearbox, with linear and angular versions electric motor, for track and winch applications.

E.E: What are the ranges of traded products?

F.P. TRASMISSIONI: We mainly deal with Bonfiglioli Trasmital gearboxes and motorgearboxes. We are able to offer you electro-hydraulic solutions on winch, wheeled or tracked gearboxes according to your needs, proposing competitive turnkey packages based on projects designed in close collaboration with the customer.

E.E: At what stage is the market where are you currently active?

F.P. TRASMISSIONI: The market is in continuous evolution so we notice a larger request from the customers to be offered a complete package, therefore a 100% technical and commercial service.

E.E: What can you tell us about market trends?

F.P. TRASMISSIONI: The end customer needs a high quality product with a fast delivery service.

FP delivers both as the excellent service means that the quality of the product is now one with the quality of assistance in terms of timeliness, punctuality and precise interpretation of the technical characteristics of the products and their different applications. We know very well the features of the machines where our gearboxes are to be assembled and we can even offer articles that are out of production or obsolete as we adapt them in our workshop.

Particular attention should be paid to an interesting product for underwater use such as the floating undercarriages.

Floating applications refer to the cases in which the devices are able to float on water and are used in all those interventions in lake environments (reclamation, canalization, etc.) in which the machine must not be completely immersed.

The reclamation is the balance between soil and water in the sense of providing to remove the water when there is too much (removal or drainage) and bring it when there is too little (irrigation).

More generally, it deals with the problems of the territory and the environment in their broadest sense, bearing in mind that without an arrangement of the basic elements, i.e. soil and water, there can be no social and economic development.

Considering that rainwater and surface water flow into natural watercourses such as rivers and streams, or into the network of artificial drainage canals, it is necessary a challenging adaptation and maintenance of the complex system of canals and artifacts that ensure the runoff.

The restructuring of the electromechanical equipment, which in the various waterworks allow for the conveyance of water from the hydraulic grid into the rivers, through their mechanical lifting, as well as maintaining the efficiency of the drainage channels, requires regular interventions.

Always up to date with new technologies, the competent authorities have started a series of studies and collaborations aimed at ascertaining the hydrological and hydraulic conditions of the territory in order to face climate change and the very serious state of hydrogeological instability of the territory that often put a strain on the remediation infrastructure and, in particular, those built to defend the hydraulic risk of the urban core also allowing the irrigation of the territory, through the use of numerous plants whose activation is of fundamental importance to prevent overflowing and flooding.

Similarly, the canalization of a watercourse includes the construction of a channel with a cross section, specifically designed to address the characteristics of the flow and capacity required. This can be used to control the course of a river through a built-up area, or near infrastructure. Without this managed containment, the watercourse would be free to erode and cause problems. In cases where canals carry a flow of clean water through polluted land, or vice versa, the channel can be lined to make it impermeable, such as in agricultural irrigation systems.

In FP Transmissioni, for these special conditions in which the reducers come into contact with water, we market special underwater applications for which a technical solution has been developed as described below.

A hole has to be drilled on the hub side in order to fill the gearbox with oil and connect a tank to the top hole. This tank is divided in half by a membrane, under which there is oil while above is in communication with the external environment. As a result, the internal pressure of the gear unit is automatically compensated with the external pressure by means of this membrane. Expansion vessels from 0.3 to 10lt with a corrugated NBR inner membrane can be used. The material used for the vessel is AISI 316 stainless steel, which is attached directly to the reducer and loaded at 1 bar pressure. The expansion vessel used can have capacities from 0,3lt up to 10lt.

E.E: What are the most innovative products marketed?

F.P. TRASMISSIONI: Marine sector hoisting winches.

E.E: What estimations do you have for 2020?

F.P. TRASMISSIONI: We will be commercializing the electric version of marine winches.