The start-up fenzta COM GmbH was founded in 2021 by CEO Karl-Theo Roes in Düsseldorf. The wood technology and industrial engineering graduate has worked in the furniture, door, window, façade and glass industries since 1998. In order to offer end customers an alternative to the presentation of sample windows, window corners, color fans or brochures, fenzta COM GmbH in cooperation with App Logik GmbH has developed an app which, as a digital interface between suppliers and customers, relies on active dialogue and simultaneous visualisation of the selected components: The fenzta HOME App.

As a digital interface, the app focuses on active dialogue between suppliers and customers of windows. It enables the salesperson or advisor to efficiently and actively organize the often time-consuming exchange, while at the same time the customer achieves a high level of satisfaction, because he or she is involved in the planning and design step by step right up to his or her finished dream windows. In this way, suppliers can continue to coordinate all important aspects of the offer with the customer on site or – if time is short for a personal meeting – leave the location-independent design and configuration to the customer himself using the app.

The customer is then well prepared for the discussion with the specialist, and already brings his or her individual ideas and the important information for the offer with them via the app. 

Interview with Karl-Theo Roes, Founder and Manager of FENZTA COM.

Easy Engineering: What’s the news about new products?

Karl-Theo Roes: With fenzta HOME, consumers will in future be able to compose their desired window, from the frame to the safety glass, very easily at home and then throw it precisely onto the desired room wall via augmented reality. The customer looks at the screen of his smartphone or tablet and then sees the window on his wall – from the outside or inside. But my aim with the app was by no means just to give the consumer a realistic impression of the selected window: A window is much more than a pane of glass with a frame and handle. Buyers are often not advised comprehensively enough when buying, for example with regard to sun protection, and then only realise much later that it gets unbearably hot in their south-facing room in the summer. The fenzta HOME app queries all possible components, explains the interrelationships and thus enables customers to make an informed, responsible purchase decision. We don’t go the way from A to Z like most, but from Z to A, so we start with the end customer. In one sentence, you could say that the innovation lies in the fact that we really work at the interface with the end customer, because he or she is involved in the creation process and will also be able to view the work directly live thanks to augmented reality.

E.E: How did the idea for fenzta HOME come about?

Karl-Theo Roes: Since 1998, I have consistently looked after international clients in the furniture, door, window, façade and glass industries. Again and again, I realized how much they were stuck in the analogue age. What was missing was an easy-to-use digital tool that made it easier for end users to design and plan the window of their dreams, as well as supporting manufacturers and dealers with advice. Fortunately, I wanted and was able to change that.

Karl-Theo Roes, Founder and Manager of FENZTA COM.

E.E: How do you see the further development of the app after the launch at the trade fair? 

Karl-Theo Roes: The trade fair showed us that fenzta HOME already meets the users’ expectations well. On the other hand, we were also very pleased to receive tips on where details could be improved. Customization still works with common standard elements, but in the future manufacturers will be given the opportunity to integrate their available products into the app in order to advise customers with their own models. In an update by the end of the year, the integration of further profile materials, i.e. aluminium systems as well as wood and wood-aluminium systems, is also planned. Further display options will furthermore be added: For example, it will soon be possible to open the virtual windows. It is not only planned to add additional window components and materials, but also patio, balcony or sliding doors. In addition, it is planned that providers will be able to communicate with their customers directly via the fenzta HOME app in the future. To be in a situation where we are not only dependent on our own ideas about what the market needs, but also have a regular exchange with users is something we are very grateful for.