GemOne is a global provider of smart telematics systems that empower material handlers, dealerships, mixed fleets, and end users of industrial machinery to track their vehicles, boost efficiency, operate more safely, and avoid unexpected downtime.

GemOne took its first steps 10 years ago in Australia, developing a powerful system to monitor industrial equipment remotely.

Since then, the company has established partnerships that add more than 50 years of heavy machinery experience to its teams. It’s accumulated 20 years of expertise in digitisation. It has specialized in telematics for 10 years. 

Today, GemOne uses that combined knowledge — in business and in machines — to serve a range of customers in the Americas, in EMEA, and in Asia Pacific from their 3 global headquarters, empowering businesses around the world to make their warehouses safer and more efficient. 

The GemOne products and services are built on four pillars. Track and trace are about knowing where your vehicles are at any moment. Security and safety are about seeing who is using your machines and whether they are using them safely. Operational efficiency is about measuring the use and efficiency of your fleet. And service and maintenance are about avoiding unexpected costs and downtime.

With its safety innovations and telematics technology, GemOne delivers systems that meet the needs of companies today and respond to the challenges that businesses will face tomorrow. 

Easy Engineering: What are the main areas of activity of the company?

GEMONE: GemOne provides smart telematics solutions that empower you to track your vehicles, boost efficiency, operate more safely, and avoid unexpected downtime.

Whether you are handling materials in a warehouse, a rental company, dealership or an end user, telematics are essential to give you the information your business needs to manage your machines.

GemOne can connect any make or model of machine on one single platform, maximising what you can do with an individual vehicle or a fleet of thousands.

And through that one single platform we offer you valuable business data, great user experience, continuous support, and worry free scalability.

Through our one single platform we offer you valuable business data, great user experience, continuous support, and worry free scalability.

GemOne’s product solutions are the next generation of telematics for the industrial machinery park aimed at making your warehouse safer and more efficient. It implements itself easily into the material handling industry and logistics market. The solution is designed for both dealers and end users of machines.

E.E: What’s the news about new products?

GEMONE: We’ve just added cameras to our safety management solution meaning that owners of forklift fleets can get rid of dangerous blind spots in operator visibility. Cameras reduce the risk of equipment damage, increase productivity, reduce operator fatigue and stress, shorten training time for new drivers, and increase work area safety.

We’ve also recently added a forklift weight scale feature to our safety management solution so you never overload your forklifts again. Designed to fit any forklift model, our digital forklift weight scale has the ability to accurately read your current load weight to within 2% of the forklift rated capacity. Know the weight of your load, at any time. Receive alerts when forklifts surpass weight limits set by you. Track how long operators drive with loads on their forklifts.

E.E: What are the ranges of products?

GEMONE: Sapphire is a premium safety management solution for the material handling industry which has unleashed the potential of tens of thousands of industrial machines across the world.

Whether you’re an equipment dealer or the owner of machines, Sapphire increases the safety and efficiency of your fleet today and future-proofs your business for tomorrow.

Sapphire puts safety first. Help your business comply with OSHA requirements or other country-specific safety guidelines.

Sapphire brings you:

  • a safety checklist with customised questions per machine, in varying order;
  • licence management and verification of training requirements;
  • access control via PIN code or RFID; and
  • automatic collision lock-out.

Sapphire hardware utilises Android technology, so your employees can easily operate the 7” colour touchscreen. Choose the communications option that suits you, whether that’s WiFi or 4G. Thanks to the corresponding connectors, installation is a breeze.


Onyx is a fleet management solution for mixed industrial fleets which accommodates all makes and models of machines and integrates different types of trackers, whether they’re from GemOne or from other suppliers. 

Onyx monitors your mixed fleet in real time. Know where a machine is located, when it is being operated, and when it is due for maintenance.

Track & trace is one of the key features of ourOnyx solution. We fit each machine with a robust tracker which constantly communicates with the GemOne platform. GemOne tracks your fleet in real time and stores the data so you can use it for reporting or business decisions. 

The track and trace function also means you can find a machine quickly for pickup at the end of a rental period or for maintenance. With this software you can also set geofences as virtual boundaries for the operational area of your machines and you’ll immediately receive a notification if a machine exceeds these limits. Even machines not in operation are protected with the tracker’s internal battery. 

Battery Monitoring

We offer a Battery Monitoring System with a focus on preventing downtime and optimising the performance and lifetime of industrial batteries. The GemOne BMS captures the information from the batteries and alerts service technicians and operational staff about anomalies and the actions to take so they can maintain a good battery health.

Proximity Warning

GemOne’s optional 360° Proximity Warning system, based on state-of-the-art ultra-wideband technology, equips you with the alerts and actionable insights you need to reduce forklift incidents and make your workplace environment safer. Avoid damage and downtime by minimizing forklift to forklift impacts. Safeguard your employees by minimizing forklift and pedestrian collisions. Get reports on all near-misses so you can see which operators and pedestrians are most prone to accidents.