Easy Engineering: A brief description of the company and activities.

GoGaS: In a nutshell, our core competence is sustainability around B2B buildings, their save and energy efficient operation. Over the past 70 years, we have built three complementary business units, each of them centering the companies core competence in their area, making our customers more competitive. The Division Building&Solutions mission is to support the Carbon Exide neutral (CO2) operation, ensuring the total lowest energy costs at the same time. Our second division, Processing Solutions, provides energy efficient and sustainable solutions, supporting our customers in their productions. And the third division, Health & Safety (H&) provides turnkey solutions helping our customers in better infection prevention and avoiding business interruptions. In summary, all divisions are like a next Gen. Firewall, protecting our customers sustainable and long term business and profitability

E.E: Which were the best-selling products this year?

GoGaS: Overall, we continue to enjoy growth, also in 2020 and this challenging period with the global pandemic situation. However, the base of this positive situation for GoGaS, goes back for many years. Our company is always striving to look ahead, working hard anticipating the needs of our customers for tomorrow. This has helped us to provide not only a much broader and wider base of products and solutions, but all our 3 divisions work hand in hand, each of them pitching 100% focused on our customers and what helps them being better and faster, and what matters last not least, improve their profitability. Being profitable, to a very big degree also depends on a save work environment, protecting the people, avoiding business interruptions. While our Building and Processing divisions enjoy growth as well, fur sure, given the global pandemic situation, our solutions fighting Corona enjoy the biggest interest these days. Main reasons are, we provide dedicated solutions for both surface and air disinfection. This range offers modules from small to XXL, stationary, portable and fully automatic and covers basically every application from entering a building to leaving it. Another main reason, all our solutions are medically validated, proven and certified. Last not least, while many companies are popping up in the market, a lot of them have already disappeared again, what is the top of the cream in our advantage, we also understand our customers buildings, each part of it. This allows us to bring the systems and solutions together and integrating them into our customers business model, rather than just offering products of which many of them have no certificates for Europe.

Desinfection of infectious Aerosoles in Buildings, here a portable version with optional Mesh print for adds

E.E: Which are the most significant projects in 2020?

GoGaS: If we look at our Building Solutions, our most exciting project is the implementation of the most sustainable energy system with our customers, allowing them to operate 100% CO2 neutral. And 100% means 100% real, no need to buy certificates or implement compensation models. This achieved by combining the full power of our expertise and portfolio from heating, cooling venting, controls, our expertise in wavelength management and our partnerships the building and construction industry. Similar are our projects with the Health & Safety Challenge. Our customers appreciate most that we can provide turnkey solutions, that we understand buildings and that all our solutions are not only medically validated, but they can also be digitally integrated into any customer Health & Safety Compliance standards. Given this, we are currently partner of many customers, planning the turnkey solutions for their buildings and events, which is a great compliment and deep level of funded trust by our customers. Our customers cannot take a risk, and whenever this is the case, GoGaS comes into the equation.

100% CO2 neutral solar collector generating fresh air for the building as well as heating, saving 35% of energy costs

E.E: Which solutions / products were used in the projects?

GoGaS: Very clear, our combination of solar air collectors in combination with our High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) industrial fans. While projects cover all products right across our portfolio, these two categories are second to none. Our solar Collector LUBI WALL, turns sun energy and IR directly into warm air of up to 45°K above ambient, not matter how cold it is outside. The collector feeds the warm air in a controlled and monitored way into the building, the HVLS ensures a total harmonic climate across the entire building. Together they not only provide 100% CO2 neutral energy, hence warm air, reducing the CO2 footprint of every building, but also reduce the total energy consumption by as much as 35-40% and the technology enjoys Government Grants in many countries, hence, it basically pays for itself.

In the Health & Safety Division, there is no clear “winner” and there is no need or benefit in having one. As the entire portfolio is spreading across the entire building like a Spider Network, providing the next Gen. of a company firewall. This is unique in the market and allows our customers to select flexible modules on an as per need demand, allowing them to never take a risk

ensures a constant climate across the entire building, laminare airflow

E.E: What are your forecasts for 2021?

GoGaS: GoGaS has always been growing and expanding, both geographically and in revenue. More important than just expanding is to work with the best partners around the globe, each of them with a clear focus on their markets and our core mission – Sustainability. We are very selective and careful selecting the best suppliers, channel and technology partners. Each of them has to understand that customers are always first. Their success, including sustainability, safety and profitability is the base for our success, reflecting the same. Technologies and Innovations are key, but they are continuously changing and are replaced. What must always be first, customers and sustainability. Without one of them, we would all lose. That said, we are very excited, looking forward to 2021 and beyond, managing the challenges together with our partners but also enjoying the success together.